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The Angel Inside - Part 1 - The Savage lady

A 15 year old boy stood crying near her grandma and she took her last breaths in this world. The doctors believed that there's no chance of her living. The boy was a crying mess as his grandma was dearest to him . He had all his sweet memories of his grandma and he grew up under her love and care. He stood there holding her hand and she caressing his hairs by her other hand with a weak smile on her face. And then his beloved grandma left the world.

Jay stood up on the bed waking up from the dream. And some beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He came to his senses as it was a dream. Suddenly he got a phone call from one of his colleagues 'noah'. He picked up the call.

Noah:hey! Jay! There's an emergency case you need to get here ASAP.

The call ended.

Jay got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up as he rushed with the car keys to reach the hospital.

He walked down the stairs as he saw his mother.

Mom: Jay have some breakfast!

Jay: sorry! (Grabbing his coat and leaving the house)

Mom: this boy!

Jay reached at the hospital and rushed to the room as there were his colleagues running around and checking the patients. He joined them and started treating the patients.

It was a total chaos as a car accident occurred and 4-5 people were injured. Well things were under control as the accident took place at the nearby road which was close to the hospital. After one hour of continuous chaos things were settled. The doctors rested in the cabinet exhausted.

Emma: finally ! Huff...!(resting her head to the chair)
Noah: huh! We did it!

Well Emma and Noah are Jay's collegues as well as friends since college. They were all resting when Jay's enemy Max entered the room . Jay and Max were enemies since childhood. They both acted like friends in front of their parents but behind, the story was something else.

Max: ohh! Dr. Jay Conor is at rest! (Mocking tone)

Jay ignored him. Well it's one of Max hobbies to mock Jay . And sometimes he really gets on Jay's nerves. They both were competitive when it comes to proving themselves. And that's how they both ended being in the same hospital. However they hated each other but when it comes to helping people they both come together. Their hatred didn't bothered their professional lives. As Max was going to speak something further, they heard screams outside the room. As they stepped out of the room . They saw a woman laying on the strecher screming in pain. She was pregnant and was on labor. There was another lady who had snatched the phone from Dr. Jameson.

Dr. Jameson: hey! give it back!(angry tone)

Lady: first treat her!(pointing at the woman)

Dr. Jameson: first give me my phone back!

Jay's p.o.v
Seeing the woman in pain Emma and Noah rushed to her and started checking her. They took her to the operating room while our 2-3 staff members joined them. I and Max stood there from far, looking at the scenario. And it was the first time someone raised a voice on Dr. Jameson. Well he's our senior and he's really arrogant.

The lady stood there as she saw the staff members helping.

As the receptionist asked her to fill out the form. She threwed the phone on Dr. Jameson and he somehow catched it. She stood there filling up the form. And Dr. Jameson burst out in anger. It was the first time someone treated him with disrespect.

Dr. Jameson: you! First of all! Apologize to me! And learn to respect someone who saves lives.!(Pointing the lady)

She turned around with a blank face. She looked badass and Savage in shirt and a black jacket with jeans and having some purple highlights on her black hair bind in a ponytail. She stood there with a stern look as if she didn't cared about anything.

Lady: really?! Literally not caring about a woman screaming in pain and having a good conversation with your friend on duty, does deserves respect?(cold look)

Dr. Jameson looked her in disbelief. But still he's egoistic.

Dr. Jameson: excuse me! First of all it's a hospital many people come here to treat themselves and it's not a big deal! That women is just on her maternity.! (Rude mocking tone)

That's it! Hearing that! Her brown eyes darkened. Seeing her it felt like she will eat him alive. But the next thing she said made all of us, shocked!.

Lady: a kick in the balls is above 9000 del (units) of pain which is similar to giving birth to 160 kids and breaking up to 3200 bones at a time.!(cold deep voice)

Dr. Jameson: huh?!(confused)

Lady: well it's a fun fact, wanna try?! (Raising up her jacket sleeves)

He gulped in fear.

Dr. Jameson: (scared and suttering) h-hey! Violence-e is not allowed! I will sue you-u!

Lady: I was just asking....(piercing gaze and cold look)

Suddenly Emma arrived and Dr. Jameson sighed in relief while sweat beads form on his forehead.

The lady's attention went to her.

Emma: miss are you her relative.

Lady: no . I was just passing by, I found her...

Emma: Miss you bought her in right time or her condition would have been worse. She's out of danger now and has given birth to a baby boy. (Small smile)

Listening this ,a small smile crept on her face.

Emma: you can go and meet her.

She nodded and glared at Dr. Jameson , she went inside the room.

Looking at Dr. Jameson face we all wanted to burst out laughing but we all were trying hard to control it. As he left in annoyance we all laughed like crazy.

Noah: (laughing) woah she's Savage!

Max: I liked her attitude!(grinning)

After that, our whole day went out hectic. As we runned through the floors up and down and keep a check on patients. Sometimes it's really difficult to handle things ,But I love it.!

At evening I got a phone call , it was mom. I picked up..

Mom: Jay ! Did you had something!

I stayed silent. My silence made her knew that I didn't eat anything.

Mom: (sigh) have something right now or I'm going to come there , pull your ears and drag you home to eat.(funny angry voice)

I chuckled.

Jay: fine! (Giggling)

Mom: don't stress yourself too much baby. Ok take rest when your duty is over.

I hummed and cut the call.

Jay's p.o.v over....