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The Policewoman - 5

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The Policewoman - 5

It was taking some time for Madhu to return. Possibly she was being given feedback by her chhoti bhabhi. I utilized my time in gathering my thoughts together on what all was happening. It was just 3 days back that I met Madhumita and today I am having to seriously consider marrying her. Was everything moving too fast ? Can I take some time to slow it down ? Or in such a case, would Madhu and her family think that I'm not serious about the relationship ? I don't know. I don't even know whom to ask. I didn't have any such close confidantes. But the way the discussion went just now with Chhoti Bhabhi, I more or less had to commit my willingness to marry Madhu. The way she was asking the questions, one leading to the other, I had no alternative but to give my commitment. And her holding of my hand while asking the questions. I didn't know what spell she cast over me, but I just HAD to tell her about my fantasy about taller, stronger girls. It's not that I do not like Madhu or that I do not want to marry her. But isn't everything happening too fast ?

The door flung open and Madhu came in. Or should I say, she burst into the room, with a broad broad smile on her face. I was looking at some photographs framed on the wall. They were Madhumita's school photos of different classes over the years. I was quite amused seeing Madhu standing right at the back row in all of these pictures, head and shoulders above all her fellow students. There were some pictures of school sports, where she was receiving prizes from her school principal and teachers. It was funny how Madhu, wearing her school skirt was dwarfing all the teachers, even the male teachers.

Madhu came and stood right behind me placing both her hands on my shoulders. I looked back to see that she was dwarfing me now. My head just reached her shoulder blades. I smiled up at her and turned back to enjoy the pictures. I was finding them funny.

I suddenly saw Madhu's head appear from between my thighs. Before I could realise what was happening, I felt myself going up and up. And then I realised that Madhu had sat behind me and put her head from under my thighs. She held onto both my thighs and slowly stood up. I was astonished. She has taken my full body weight on her shoulders and was standing straight with me sitting on her shoulders. I was losing my balance and panicked. I somehow held on to Madhu's head and steadied myself. Madhu was laughing away to glory seeing my plight. I was constantly asking her to put me down and she was laughing away. She went and stood in front of the mirror of the dressing table. But I couldn't see myself, because my head was much above the mirror level. Madhu knelt down with me sitting on her shoulders. I was losing balance again. She extended her hands up and caught my hands. What a sight it was ! I was looking like a kid sitting on his very tall mother or elder sister's shoulders. She started to get up.

"Madhu put me down please", I pleaded.

"Arrey dar kiun rahey ho ? I'll not drop you, you are so light." She assured me. "Listen, Mummy was asking, would you prefer Puris or Parathas for dinner ?"

What a question to ask, with me so high up in the air on her shoulders. I said, "I'll have to go back by the evening, Madhu. I have some work at home. I had told you this earlier before coming here. Please ask aunty not to prepare anything for me for dinner."

"No, no, you are staying back for dinner. I have told Mummy and Bhabhi already." Madhu was insistent.

"Nahi Madhu, not today. I'll have it next time. But first put me down. It is difficult to talk to you like this sitting on your shoulders." I was in no mood to relent.

Madhu became adamant. "No, I'll not put you down. You first say that you will stay. Then I'll let you down." She left my hands and held onto my thighs tightly, as if to prevent me from jumping from her shoulders. I lost my balance and had to again hold on to her head.

This was getting too much. "Madhu, I told you I've got work. I cannot stay today. Next time I'll definitely stay back for dinner. Please put me down."

"If you don't agree, I'll hold you up on my shoulders like this till evening. You will not be able to get down on your own, unless I put you down. I'll carry you like this all over the house and in front of all others to see you sitting helplessly on my shoulders, unable to get down." Madhu was behaving childish now.

I had reached desperation level. "Madhu, this is becoming too much now. You can't bully me like this. You may be taller and stronger than me, but you cannot use your strength on me to negotiate terms. This is not a healthy sign in a good relationship. In a relationship we must be equal. Neither will I ever force you to do anything using any power I may have over you, nor will you use your height or strength to dictate terms to me. In that case one will start losing trust and respect on the other and he or she will start feeling threatened by the other's power. Let that not happen between us…."

I had not finished what I was saying, but we heard claps coming from behind us. Madhu turned around, with me still sitting on her shoulders. Aunty and Chhoti Bhabhi had come inside the room and were standing inside the door and listening to our odd argument. We had not seen them as Madhu had her back towards the door and I was sitting on her shoulders.

Madhu got flustered. She carried me to the bed and bent her body down, so that I could get off her shoulders and stand on the bed. I came down and stood beside Madhu. Aunty and Chhoti bhabhi came closer and stood in front of us. Aunty (Madhu's mother) placed her hand on my shoulder, "We were standing there and listening to your fight. Sumit, the more we are seeing you the more we are getting impressed. What you said just now is so valuable. You summed up the meaning of a healthy relationship in just those last few sentences. You are absolutely correct when you say that one partner should not feel threatened by the other's strength or power over him or her. I think Madhu now understands what she is not supposed to do." Aunty turned towards Madhu and pul goled her close to herself, hugging the tall girl who really seemed ashamed of the situation.

Then Aunty continued, "Sumit, I think you should forgive Madhu. Today's a special day in her life when she has found her man. She actually wanted her father and brothers to also meet you, so that they would also get impressed by you, like you had impressed us. That is why she had gone overboard and used her strength to not let you down from her shoulders. But just look at her face now. Look how sadly she is looking at you."

I looked at Madhu. I also felt bad seeing her sad face looking sheepishly at me. I smiled at her and extended my arms towards her. She came running to me with a big smile, bent down and picked me up in her arms from the front and went into a spin. She spun me three times and put me down. With the sudden and fast spin, my head went into a tizzy, and I couldn't stand straight when she put me down on the floor. She hugged me to her body and steadied me. I felt so small standing inside her body. My face went between her two firm breasts. Her two big hands engulfed me totally. She had bent her head down to look down at me, so her hair had fallen over her face and also covered my head and shoulders. So for a couple of minutes, I was totally hidden inside her huge body. When she released me and I turned to face Auty and Chhoti Bhabhi, I saw them with big smiles on their faces looking at me lovingly. They had come close to Madhu. And as such I was encircled by three tall women. Imagine a 5'3" adult man with a 5'11" young woman standing behind his back hugging him from the back with her long arms. A young woman of 5'9" and an old woman of 5'7" standing right in front of the short guy, that is, me.

Then Aunty did something strange. She bent down and picked me up from the front. She put her hands under my butt and jerked me up, so that I had to wrap my legs around her waist. I was now straddling her belly. Instinctively my arms went around her neck for support.

I was just amazed. Yes, she did lift me earlier also once, but that was just a bear hug for a short time. But now she has lifted me like a big, tall young or middle aged lady might pick up a small boy of 5 years. And to think of it she was 57 years old and I'm just 28. Imagine an old lady 5'7" in her slippers holding up a young adult man 4 inches shorter than her like a small child, hugging him to her breasts, with his legs wrapped around her big waist and his arms around her neck and shoulders. My face was now right in front of hers. Our faces sometimes touched, they were so close. She was bouncing me lightly and rocking me in her arms, which made me feel so small and weak and helpless in the arms of this strong old woman. I felt totally weightless and completely overpowered in her arms, even though I was a young adult male and she was an almost senior citizen lady.

The two other girls came and stood beside us and put their arms around both Aunty and me. Madhu's one arm went over her mother's shoulder and her other arm was over my back. Similarly Chhoti Bhabhi had one arm over aunty's shoulders and her other arm was around my back touching Madhu's hand. I was right in their middle, looking up at their faces. All three of the tall women were looking down at me lovingly as if I were a small boy hiding inside them on Aunty's lap.

Aunty looked at me and said, "Thank you Beta for accepting my daughter. I'll remain ever grateful to you." She held me with one hand under my butt and with the other, she pulled my head down to her face and kissed me on my forehead. Then she pressed behind my head with her hand and buried my face to lie on her shoulder with my face touching her thick neck. She was patting my back lightly and rocking me slowly as if trying to put a baby to sleep. Her hair was all over my face. A faint aroma coming from her hair made me feel as if I'm a baby being put to sleep on his mother or aunt's breasts. Imagine a young adult fully grown up man being carried and babied by a big bodied old woman right in front of his almost 6 footer girlfriend and her tall young bhabhi.

I felt as if I was in my dream land of big, tall women and I'm their centre of attraction.

(To be continued in the next chapter..…)


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