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21 DAYS - 1
by Priyanka M
  • 264

Introduction Date – 25th March, 2020 Time- 8:15 pm Location – Somewhere in a 1BHK apartment in Mumbai Suburbs The otherwise quiet living room was filled with the cracking ...

Justice Will Deliver
by Ammy Dave
  • (35)
  • 1k

આ કહાની અલગ છે બાકી ની જે મારી કહાની છે. તેના કરતાં તદ્દન અલગ, બની શકે છે કે અમુક લોકોને મારી આ કહાની પસંદ ના પણ આવે. તો પણ ...

by Sahaj Sabharwal
  • 360

CHARACTERS IN THE PLAY Bampu is a boy of 19 years Chintu is Bampu's cousin Gautam is Bampu's fatherMundu is Chintu's father and Bampu's uncle The story begins with ...

Gandhi vs Singh
by Sohil Ashvin Shah
  • 1.5k

What if Gandhiji and Bhagat Singh themselves discuss face to face the most controversial and debatable topic that Why did Gandhiji not Save Bhagat Singh?

Free Stuff Grapes
by Rohit Sharma
  • 1.1k


The final verdict...
by Dr Narendra Shukl
  • 983

“What is your name?”the Public prosecutor asked the ferocious looking accused standing in the dock. “Vicky Ustad” he replied, while biting his lips “So, did you shoot the collector?” ...

Brix-yan - 1 (faster then the light speed)
by Steetlom
  • 763

Checking all the thrusters, now you are going to be separated from the Maddox space shuttle. You have to check all the systems. Tie your seat belt. At the ...

The Mysterious Girl
by Zeenat Mansuri
  • 1.3k

Sara was a very kind, sweet-hearted girl. She was beautiful , honest and a trust-worthy girl. She lost her parents when she was a kid of about 10years . ...

by Ajay Amitabh Suman
  • 718

Rakesh was playing football with his friends in the playground. He was 10 year old. They were shouting and trying to hit the  ball in the opposite side. It ...

by Sai Kumari
  • 907

It was dark as they were immersed in the project work. They didn't knew what time it was.Their teacher Suman noticed the time was up and so, he asked ...

Imperfect Flowers - chapter 2
by Sai Kumari
  • 973

" You should have persuaded him Ravi!!" She adviced.Huh! I did so many things to make him understand Sia! And you know what he says at last?What will he ...

Imperfect Flowers - chapter - 1
by Sai Kumari
  • 2k

When Gauri heard the news of her son and daughter-in-law’s death she felt knifes piercing in her heart. She doesn’t wanted to live anymore, but looking at their grand ...

Mere nishan hain kaha - 2
by JayaRC
  • 931

This is story about Sharma family. How one incident change their life and how they cope up with that. It is divided into 3 person POV. Deepak s POV, ...

by Abhijit Chakraborty
  • (44)
  • 2.4k

Every year thousands of girls take admissions into famous colleges to fulfil their dreams. But few casanovas victimised them as their prey. This story based on such incident and ...

Mere Nishan hain kaha
by JayaRC
  • 1.2k

This is the story about Mishra family. They were happy family but one incidence change their whole life. this is divided into 3 persons POV. Deepak POV, Jyoti POV, ...

The waves of Life - chapter 1
by Sai Kumari
  • 1k

" What happened to this girl?! I don't know what she is thinking. Everytime she is zoned out looking out and thinking about past. If she will be like ...

Be the Change
by Ghanshyam Katriya
  • (24)
  • 1.6k

This book is about a drama of conversation happened between boy girl. When boy came to see for a girl. Their conversation regarding our current things which ...

Euthanasia- A crime
by Yagnesh Chokasi
  • 1.3k

Euthanasia- A crime. story about God justice.

by Darshan chavda
  • 1.5k

A short story centered on two best friends and how their exciting journey of addiction turns into a devastating nightmare.

by Dhaval Thakkar
  • 1.5k

A short play about getting an important lady in your life.

Kalidas - Shakuntala
by Kalidas
  • 13.9k

Kalidas - Shakuntala