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શબ્દોના કિનારે....
by NishA_Rajput
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આવ્યો છું હું...!!આ જીંદગીની છેક સુધી ફરી આવ્યો છું હું...સમનદરની એકે એક તરંગ તરી આવ્યો છું હું...!તરતાં-ડૂબતા શ્વાસો છે હવે જે રાહે...એ, રસ્તે રસ્તામાં તારી યાદોને મળી આવ્યો છું ...

by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 174

Keep talking slowly. Listeners will listen Will understand ********************************************** Aashiqui, I will not meet you again. Life will not meet you again ********************************************** Don't be too fragile, a lover! ...

by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 279

Would you stop on thoughts? So the tongue will automatically remain silent *********************************************** The memory gave you the courage to live. Love gave you the courage to live Rafta ...

by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 303

Depart was your wish. I have only obeyed ***************************************** I did not even think about the dream He has got a gift ***************************************** The dream has become a reality ...

by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 363

Promise not to live together. I had to live with my life Whose news of tomorrow? Had to hold hands for a lifetime ****************************************** Your silence has increased discomfort. ...

by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 447

Let the half past two and a half. No less no more    *********************************   Past passed Don't lose heart peace  *********************************   Take lesson to play laugh Live ...

Can I Not Shun...
  • 456

Can I Not Shun...     By JIRARA   © JIRARA, February 2021 Published by JIRARA on   All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be ...

My Star, I'm not a Star
by Krishna Timbadiya
  • 417

#rhyme#Thirstday#atheistic #mystarDon't Judge The DevilI don't intend to reveal my heart. Some cold weapons made of steel, my scars.No holster should ever wield my scars:If so, enemies might trigger to spill ...

by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 471

  Wait on my feelings if I feel guilty. Will you ever mention my  poetry?   *************************************   Got cheated on seeing the face Inside, the loud lava was ...

Brighten A Day
  • 561

Brighten a Day   JIRARA   © JIRARA, February 2021 Published by JIRARA On   All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced, stored in ...

by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 516

There are no lines in the hands. He has a tattoo in my heart ************************************************** ** Do not hurt me in small matters. Don't burn your life every time. ...

I Had Lost My Path...
  • 612

I Had Lost My Path...     JIRARA     © JIRARA, January 2021 Published by JIRARA on   All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may ...

I Still Love You..!
by Priyanka Kumbhar
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I still love you... Maybe you forgot me, But every day I miss you... Maybe you don't think about me, But I still have feelings for you... Maybe you ...

My two poems
by Abhijit Vyas
  • 585

My two poems -  Abhijit Vyas                   (1)   *                 My room is charged                    with your hush,                    I know you converse                              only in silence ...

by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 681

Automatic person forward in life Increases, Self support makes life happy Is. ************************************* Let me taste the taste and see, Let me see you with a little love. ************************************* ...

by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 684

The soul should cultivate oneness with God, Then there will be realization of bliss from bliss. ********************************************* The world is full of diversity, There is uniformity in diversity. ********************************************* ...

मातृभूमि - हिन्दी ग़ज़ल शायरी
by Bhagirathsinh Jadeja
  • 1.1k

देश और दुनिया की खबरें पढ़कर, जब भी मन में व्यथा बढ़ती है; शब्दों को ढूँढती है मेरी धड़कन, और उँगलिया फ़ोन लिपट कर चलती है। आपके पेशे ए नज़र ...

Happiness - 13
by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 666

The burden of memories has increased, The eye is overflowing. ***************************************************** Feel the pressure on the eyelids, Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. ***************************************************

Straight from the heart - 2
by Ambaliya Anjali
  • 807

1."Strangers can become best friends,Just as easy as,Best friends can become strangers".2.Is it don't know the story,Then shut up!!3."Some people will hurt you alottt,And they will act like,You hurt ...

Happiness - 12
by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 879

HAPPINESS  PART 12 Why did the talk stop on the lips? Why did the storm in the eye stop? ************************************* Heart talk came to her lips, There was also ...

Happiness - 11
by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 852

Happiness 11 It's hard to accept reality ********************************* It is difficult to live life without you.  It's hard to live with your memory.  ********************************* The beginnings are hard.  Hard ...

From Bottom Of Heart - 9
by Jiya Vora
  • 1k

1.जो टूट जाए वो संकल्प नहीं होता, जो खो जाए वह जुनून नहीं होता,  जो ना कर पाऊं वह असंभव नहीं होता,  जो याद ना रख पाए वह सपना नहीं होता| जो भूल ...

After My Death
  • 938

        After the last resort, the ventilator was finally unplugged,And my body was declared dead. It was now lying numb,On the hospital bed.My entire family was standing around me,Crying and ...

by NishA_Rajput
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_સફર™નમેલી સાંજથી ચાલ્યો હું....અશબ્દ રાત્રી સુધી.પણ, તારીખના ઘરની એ બારી આજે....ઉઘાડી જ રહી ગઈ !એક ખાલી નાવથી વળ્યો હું....કાગળના સમુદ્ર સુધી.ને, બેહદની બારખડીમાં એના સ્પર્શ વગરની....આ રાત પુરી થઈ ...

My Evangeline
  • 1.3k

Dark gloomy sky was weeping above,Pouring torrents of rain.As if nature was empathising with me,And crying alongside, in my pain.My clothes and my heart were equally drenched,As I stood ...

Happiness - 10
by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 975

HAPPINESS 10 Eccentric people put new discoveries into the world ********************************** Can't trust eccentric behavior.  ********************************** The world is full of Eccentric. ********************************** The tribes like

Happiness - 9
by Darshita Babubhai Shah
  • 940

HAPPINESS -9 A beautiful azure eyes robbed my heart. **************************************************** Beautiful colors of Azure sky is  God's the most beautiful gift. **************************************************** For beautiful life the only

verse of love by MEH
by Patel Mansi મેહ
  • 1.1k

    This poem are near to my heart. Revealing my new poem on effect of love on different topics.MANSI PATEL " MEH " . There're many people who ...

From bottom of heart - 6
by Jiya Vora
  • 867

1.मेरे लब्ज़ से जुड़े वो अल्फाज हो तुम, मेरे दिल से जुड़ी वो बात हो तुम| तुम्हारे बिना अधूरी है मेरी सारी खुशी, क्योंकि मेरा हमसफ़र, हमराही, मेरे हमदर्द ...

Straight from the heart.?
by Ambaliya Anjali
  • 2k

1. I ignored so many people for one person,Now look at me,I am single...2. Every girl is a doll the only difference is,Some are Barbie,And some are Rapunzel...3. Dim ...