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Eight Emotional Echoes - A poem collection

Eight Emotional Echoes

A poem collection



  1. Feelings


     Your smile is like a prize.

Your eyes made me realise.

Forget Everything and Listen your voice.

It felt like heaven's joy.

When you're talking.

I miss nothing.

As for you I'm nothing.

But you're everything.

Whenever you recall me,

Your smile takes place on your face.

It's a great power for any phase.


  1. Friend forever

 I understand from you.

   I'm nothing without you.

Our friendship is never ending.

I wish God may give you happy living.

Your life may be the best life.

Your smile and sweetness stay forever in life.

I learnt to laugh because of your fun.

This fun may shine in your life like sun.

Your smile is medicine for me

Having you, I'm lucky.

I love you a lot my dear friend.

I want to be your lifetime friend.


  1. Nature


Have you ever seen Nature?

The rising sun and shining moon

Colourful rainbow in monsoon

Nature is the mother of each creature.


Have you ever enjoyed the Nature?

The beautiful scene on the hills.

Calm river and naughty rills.

Nature's lap makes us mature.



Have you ever loved Nature?

The wonderful blessing is the tree.

But to care this, none is free.

Nature's pollution is human's failure.



  1. My Words


There was so dark

I was full of fear

And impossible to bear

You became the light


There was no vision.

I was blind person

And impossible to see

You became my eye


There was no life

I was withered flower

And impossible to grow more

You became my gardener.


  1. Smile


I love my smile

I like my smile


Smile is sign of happiness

It's power to win weakness

This smile make happy you

Your smile happy many too


The greatest gift of god

Smile deals with any odd


When I smile , I'm guessing

God's waiting for my


Keep this moment in his heart

Tell me to smile is art.


I smile for nothing

As I'm happy and Willing


  1. Unity


      Humans can not live alone.  Progress isn't possible in isolation.

    Then why do they do contention,

   If he must need someone,

Supreme power has granted to everyone.

Water and air without discrimination

As God views us with the same vision.  

Yet he is divided by many religion.


 A finger can be twisted by the wee.

 Whereas fist can be punch like mighty.

Same flow can destroy whole jungle.

Single Drop loses its existence in tree.

Problems kneel down in front of Unity

BookUnity is the power that defeats trouble.


  1. True Friend


O' my dear one

TRUE friends stay till the end.

While facing problems, they stand.

Please when by situation one offend

Be helpful & stop from false track,

Encourage for one's daring act.


The beautiful place of my heart.

 Your Smile is my life's precious part.

Touches my heart , your voice's art.

The Gift of God's to be your friend.

you proved yourself as a TRUE friend.


  1. Dear Children



You are our life

Because, we gave you life

Since your childhood, our aim

Was to make you SMILE.


Your sobs and tears

Definitely able to tear

Our heart still you’ve fear

 We’ll spoil your life


In your worst pain,

Please never see at fan

  Embrace still has warm that can

Absorb your every pain


Dear, you gave us new name

Mummy-Papa. that’s our fame

No expectation, No another aim

Just your smile is our claim.


Dear-ones, you’re modern

Let ‘us’ be modern.

Let you free to love

Feel free to share your love


Let you choose your partner

But make us also partner

In deciding your happiness,

Caring, concern and wellness


 Dear daughters, you’re

Completely our own

Being wife, you’re daughter

As before ‘our own’.


At last, we, your parents

Want nothing at all

Just little care as own

‘Those’ love and support


As given to you

To make your life happy

Need, to make death happy

For ‘ Happy Ending’.


-Urvi Vaghela