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4 Elementals Of Solar System - 6
by Ved Vyas
  • 207

After a few months Vyom and Naman were now fully trained. Grandmother of Vyom took them to the Himalayas and gave them different training. Their powers increased and also ...

4 Elementals Of Solar System - 5
by Ved Vyas
  • 348

 Hello Viewers I hope you all are good.If you like my stories please give a small review or feedback. Other than content it takes time to type it out, ...

4 Elementals Of Solar System - 4
by Ved Vyas
  • 426

So viewers which country you thought of? After 2 months on 15 October, on AET, All Earth Television results were going to come out. All countries in Asia were tense. ...

4 Elementals Of Solar System - 3
by Ved Vyas
  • 600

Vyom was happy to help Mars. But After 1 month the trees died. President took help of the animal again and as Vyom saw that animale he knew who ...

4 Elementals Of Solar System - 2
by Ved Vyas
  • 846

When Vyom entered a big hole, and when he passed it he was amazed to see Humans and soil was lava red. He understood he was on Mars. He ...

4 Elementals Of Solar System - 1
by Ved Vyas
  • 1.3k

Let us start story with a riddle;Largest Continent,Largest postal network in the world,Largest gathering of people with over 75 million pilgrims,Wettest inhabited place in world,Highest cricket ground in the ...

4 Elementals Of Solar System - INTRODUCTION
by Ved Vyas
  • 4k


The Men From T.E.A.
by Pratham
  • 1.6k

Far beyond our time, somewhere in 2127 a scientist, named John, was doing a research on time. He was also a Timology professor. Timology is the study of time, ...