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Into 2090 World's Climate

"Dad, you can't go out, try to understand the doctor has refused, day or night you can't go out for 15 days" said Rohit.

90-year-old Sudhir Mishra was insisting to go out at 1.00 pm, his son Rohit was stopping him from going out, when Rohit's mother and Sudhir Mishra's wife Vandana Mishra, also 89 years old, came there.

Vandana: "Hey, why are you insisting on going out? Why don't you understand that there is a hit wave outside? , you were discharged from the hospital a month ago."

Rohit explained to Sudhir and made him sit on the sofa.

This was the scene of India year 2090, the Mishra family lived in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, the temperature of the earth had increased a lot, due to the almost disintegration of the ozone layer, the ultraviolet rays from the sun were falling directly on the earth, due to which the temperature of the earth rose by 2.5 The degree was increased. This situation happened for the last 5 years because of that, the Government of India made drastic changes in working hours and made time table of citizen and every activities vice versa. According to those changes, government offices, schools, Banks, stock exchange, private offices, service institutions, hospitals, shops, all private sector institutions and companies, shops etc. would open on evening aftet 7.00 pm and remain open till 7.45 am the next day, where they would have to close by 8.30 am at the latest. Everything is strictly closed from 8.30 am onwards, the government strictly prohibits the common citizens from going out during these closed hours.

Almost all the nations of the world have implemented the same law ever since the WHO published guidelines for this type of law in the year 2084 and people have been accustomed to living like this for the last 5 years, people rest during the day and work at night. Even citizens can't go out from home exactly 7.00 o' clock, first government would announce the daily radiation level and then announce the time, at that time only the people would go out, it was mainly between 7.00 to 7.15 where radiation level would decrease.

65-year-old Dr. Rohit Mishra was a life scientist, his father Sudhir Mishra was a 90-year-old retired teacher, his 89-year-old mother Vandana Mishra was a housewife. Dr. Rohit Mishra's wife Dr. Dikshita Mishra was also a researcher in biology. 1 month ago there was an accident with Sudhir Mishra, the rule was that if a person wants to go outside the house during the day in UV radiation then he has to wear a special suit over the clothes to cover the whole body, the name of that suit was "UV Protective suit" and It was a bit difficult to wear, once Rohit and Dikshita were not at home and later had to go to withdraw money from an ATM machine, they tried to wear a suit over the clothes they were wearing but soon as they went out, the suit fell open and he exposed with UV rays directly on the skin. The inflammation started on his hands, feet and face, so that he had to be admitted to the hospital, after 3 days of treatment, seeing his age, the doctor advised him not to go outside from home either day or night for one and a half months (45 days) and strictly implement it.

Now this was the scene at Sudhir Mishra's house, everyone had slept soundly during the day as like it was night, at 5.00 pm everyone woke up and started their day as per the routine like early morning, Rohit's mind was not looking anywhere as his father had to go out. And he was forced to stop them. At 7.20 pm the government announced that the radiation would be reduced and people can go outside, Rohit went out at 8.30 pm, he turned his vehicle towards his best friend from college days, Dr. Shivam Rajput's house. Going to Shivam's house, he rang the door bell, Shivam opened the door. Shivam Rajput was a handsome and tall person, his tall and lean body would make anyone look like an athletics champion at first sight, he studied in the same college with Rohit but both had different subjects, Shivam majored in Environmental Biotechnology and PhD in Ecology. Rohit and Shivam's friendship had been very good, they both stood by each other's bad times, now it was bad time for Rohit. Shivam welcomed Rohit, made him sit on the sofa and asked about Sudhir's health:

Shivam: Rohit, first tell uncle what's up?

Rohit: Dad has some radiation effect, still 15 days of quarantine period left. Yes, but where is your wife and Uncle - Aunty?

Shivam: They have gone to one of our relative's house. Tell me, how are you?

Rohit: Shivam I am tired of this inverted sequence of day and night.

Shivam: It is true bro, I remember once upon a time when the night, a man would sleep peacefully, today the same man wakes up at dusk.

Rohit: Night is for man to sleep, even in the city, man is awake at night, but in the village, during night they sleep under the open sky. Even in the cold air, sleep would be over, Dad also misses the village a lot, since this time has come around, he has not gone.

Shivam (angry): Generations ahead of us are responsible for this situation today!! Rivers are receding, ice is melting on the continent of Antarctica, work has to be done at night instead of day. In the 20th and 21st century, only industrialization was given importance, but no one preserved the environment, that's why we have to suffer now.

Rohit: True bro, I studied history in school who wanted to open an industry or set up a factory, he did it only by giving money or bribe and whoever raised his voice.
Yo would have suppressed it.

Shivam: Today, when this destruction has happened for so many months, now it can be said that the world has been plunged into darkness.

Similar discussions were taking place between the two, the same problem happened in the world, not only in India but also in the world big rivers were on the verge of drying up, citizens were saving rain water and running it all year round, the sun rose every day in the world but darkness covered the life of human beings.

To be continued....