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Be happy every moment. 1.
by Hiten Kotecha
  • (17)
  • 2.7k

Happieness is the word beautiful. Each and every person wants happieness. Every effort, every work man does  to find happiness. But it is hard to find a happy person. ...

Is number 13 unlucky?
by Subbu
  • 1.2k

A few days ago while I was talking to one of my friends he said that he hate number 13 like anything as on a day 13 he went ...

by Ajay Amitabh Suman
  • 1.1k

It is said that the wheel of the chariot of Dharmaraja Yudhishthira never came in contact with the Earth. This is because Dharmaraja was always remain established in religion. ...

by Deepti Khanna
  • 1.3k

Next morning, Radha's mom saw her lying on the floor and when she walked her up,she said to her mom "Maa ,he came and he ate the butter and ...

by Deepti Khanna
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  • 3.2k

One by one she stringed the flowers into a chain of happiness  . The colour of flowers reflected on her face , as she tied a knot after completing ...

when you die....
by Hiten Kotecha
  • 1.4k

When you die,or  the time of dying if anybody say how was  your life, have you lived your life bravely?. At that time if you can say yes I ...

God is everywhere
by Dr.Pratik Nakum
  • 1.3k

There was a small village by the river. Everyone lived happily and offered regular prayers at the village temple . Once during the monsoon season, it rained heavily. The ...

by HAppY BoY
  • 1.6k

હેલો બધાને    હું હેપી બોય પહેલી વાર તમારી સામે મારા મન ની વાત કરવા જય રહ્યો ચુ એન્ડ આશા રાખું છું તમને સારું લાગશે અથવા ના પણ લાગે  ...

Leela samgraham :A Travel Beyond Time and Space (lagu yogavashitta)
by Gowri
  • 1.2k

The secret creation and Maya is beyond the imagination of human mind.Maya has the potential to create that which is not created before. It is difficult to measure the ...

what is god - 3
by Hiten Kotecha
  • 1.3k

What is God 3 Dhoomketu thinks when he was small his father and  mother used to take him In temple of lord Rama and Krishna  Now&n

What is god - 2
by Hiten Kotecha
  • 1.6k

Dhoomketu seats in the office and decide I will find the truth I will find The god whatever may happen everybody says there is god but is it Necessary that I ...

What is god - 1
by Hiten Kotecha
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  • 4.8k

this book is for researching of God man always is in duality what is god where is god. dhoomketu tries to find the god

Islamic Folklore The Price of Jannah Paradise English Edition
by Jannah Firdaus Mediapro
  • 1.2k

This is a story about the people that came before us, amongst them were two men from the Children of Israel who were partners and who are included in ...

હવે તો આ શિક્ષણ પદ્ધતિ માં ફેરફાર થાય તો સારું...
by Khyati Panchal KITTU
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  • 1.2k

આજના સમય નું શિક્ષણ જોતા તો એવું જ લાગે છે કે ખરેખર આ શિક્ષણ માં ફેરફાર થવો જોઇએ. આજના સમયમાં ફક્ત શિક્ષણ માં જ નહિ પરંતુ વેપાર વાણિજ્ય, નોકરી ...

Prayer to Death
by Ajay Amitabh Suman
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  • 1.5k

Title of this Poem is prayer to death as it is based on the conversation between the lord of Death, YAMRAJA and a Soul who is longing for a ...

Eid-e-Milad prophet Mohammed (PBUH) the paradigm  
by Riyas MA
  • 2.1k

Eid-e-Milad; prophet Mohammed (PBUH) the paradigm     Eid-e-Milad which is known to be one of the most important festivals marks the birthday of Prophet Mohammed who is referred ...

F is for Freedom
by Anuja Kulkarni
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  • 1.8k

F is for "Freedom"... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For most of us , when we think of letter "F".. the most important word that comes to mind is "Free

by Abhijit Chakraborty
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  • 1.6k

After a few stations, a gentleman boarded on the same bogie of the train where I was there with very few passengers. He sat down on the opposite side ...

Philosophical Similarities in Bible and Gita
by Bhupendra kumar Dave
  • (13)
  • 1.7k

Philosophical Similarities in Bible and Gita                                                                --- Bhupendra Kumar Dave             I had given an article क्या गीता और बाइबिल में एकरूपता है for the departmental magazine विद्युत ...

Who Controls the World ?
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  • 1.4k

Friends , what do you think , who controls the World ? What controls the acts of all the living beings ? Do you have any opinion ? Friends ...

by Ajay Amitabh Suman
  • 1.4k

Now a days it has been becoming a fashion statement on the  social media to blame Lord Krishna. Every one is presenting Lord Krishna as per his own perception ...

by Ajay Amitabh Suman
  • 1.2k

    There are many unique stories mentioned in Mahabharata, which are little known. This story is also one of them. Howsoever strange it may sound but it is ...

by Ajay Amitabh Suman
  • 931

  (1)   PEAK OF VIRTUE  POEM  Diving I am deep into, ocean of bliss O' thy,Now no conflict here and nothing is hue & cry. Heart my got broken ,  ...

Interplanetary dust zodiacal light. Appendix IV
by Alberto Canen
  • 1k

APPENDIX IV   Interplanetary dust, zodiacal light  Astronomers have detected remnant and new interplanetary dust - the product of the arrival of interstellar dust and comets - in our ...

The location of Eden. Apendix III
by Alberto Canen
  • 836

The location of Eden - Extract from an article published by Fernando Cohnen (16/12/2007) on discoveries made in Gobekli Tepe, Turkey.   Despite how controversial the proposals of the ...

Valley of the Whales. Wadi Al Hitan Egypt
by Alberto Canen
  • 988

APENDIX II   Valley of the Whales [15](Wadi Al-Hitan, Egypt)   15 - Extract from a note of the National Geographic magazine in which Philip Gingerich, one of the ...

Soul – Its nourishment
by Valibhai Musa
  • 966

Previously in my Blog “Soul – A brief study” we had discussed that human life is composed of body and soul. Soul is a creation of God without any ...

The Bible. Apendix I
by Alberto Canen
  • 811

The Bible  The Bible is a compilation of texts that were originally separate documents (called "books") first written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek for a very lengthy period, then ...

Soul – A brief study
by Valibhai Musa
  • 975

Some of my Readers, having gone through my previous blog ‘Inspired Knowledge’ contacted me by various means and requested that I may write some more Articles like that of ...

THE SPIRITUAL PATH. Religions. Chapter 12
by Alberto Canen
  • 851

THE SPIRITUAL PATH Religions  Although the intention of this book was simply to compare Genesis with science, it has been inevitable to analyze Eden; and while analyzing Eden was ...