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Do Come To The Wedding - 3

When Parvati reached her home, she became very sad as she was unable to bear the sorrow of
Shiva's separation. Sage Narada arrived there. Her father Himalaya narrated the whole story to
Sage Narada then gave the five lettered mantra - "OM NAMAH SHIVAY' to her and he also
instructed her to do penance. Parvati heart was filled up with new enthusiasm.
After taking the permission of her parents and relinquishing all of her ornaments and royal
apparels, Parvati went to the same place where Lord Shiva himself had done penance. This
sacred place was situated at the Himalayas, from where the holy Ganges originated. Parvati
companions too had accompanied her.
Parvati commenced her penance which gradually became severer day by day. She dpidenance
for three thousand years by chanting the five lettered mantra- OM NAMAH SHIVAY and
performing other kinds of austerities. Becoming impressed by her tremendous penance even the
deities flocked to see her. Parvati did her penance, surrounded by fire on all her sides during
summer. In rainy season she did her penance without any shelter and during winter she used to
do penance by immersing herself in neck deep water.
Parvati's power created such heat in the atmosphere that the whole world started to burn. All the
deities and sages went to lord Brahma and told him about the effects, Parvati's penance was
having on all the three worlds.
Lord Brahma accompanied by all of them went to Vishnu. They visited the place where Parvati
was doing her penance. They realized that lord Shiva was the only remedy and hence all of them
went to lord Shiva and made salutations to him.
Lord Shiva enquired about the purpose of their arrival. Lord Vishnu then revealed to him that
how distressed and tormented were the deities by the activities of the demon - Tarakasur.
He also told Shiva that he could be killed by such a person, who is born out of the parentage of
Shiva and Parvati. Lord Vishnu then told Shiva about Parvati's penance.
Initially lord Shiva refused to comply with their request but when the deities continued with their
insistence, he ultimately gave his conscent. The deities became very pleased.


After the deities went back, lord Shiva summoned the Saptarishis (Vashishtha etc) and instructed
them to test Parvati's love for him. The Saptarishis went to Parvati and tested her resolve to
marry lord Shiva. They tried to deter her by all means, but Parvati was firm in her resolve. They went back to lord Shiva and narrated the whole story .Lord Shiva then himself went to Parvati in the guise of a brahmin. Parvati on seeing a brahmin
welcomed her with full honor.
Shiva asked Parvati as to why was she doing penance. Parvati told him that she wanted to have
Shiva as her husband. Lord Shiva, who was in the guise of a brahmin started cursing Shiva to see
how Parvati reacted to it.
Parvati replied that inspite of her penance Shiva did not appear, so she has decided to give up her
life in burning pyre. After saying like this Parvati requested the Brahmin to go back and she
herself entered into the burning pyre but remained unharmed Lord Shiva was very pleased to see
her firm resolve and devotion. He again asked her as to what was the purpose behind doing such
a tremendous penance.
Parvati told the brahmin; who in reality was Shiva himself that, she wanted to have Shiva as her
husband at any cost. She said-
"You say that lord Shiva does not possess anything - not even wealth. He does not put on clothes
on his body. You also say that he is not fit to be a bridegroom of me. But all of your utterances
prove your mean intelligence."
Parvati continuing with her statements said that Shiva was the most capable deity in all the three
worlds. "There is no sin greater than condemning Shiva." said Parvati.
As Shiva, who was in the guise of Brahmin was about to say something Parvati said to one of her
"This condemner should be killed, if this is not possible then we must leave this place at once."
As she was about to leave that place, lord Shiva revealed his true identity and by holding her
hand said- "You have been my wife since time immemorial where are you going 💕✨?"
Parvati became very pleased and her heart was filled up with extreme joy.💕💕 She requested him to
take to her father regarding their marriage. Lord Shiva agreed. He went back to Kailash
mountain and narrated the whole story to his Ganas - Nandi, Bhairav etc. Everyone became very
happy and awaited eagerly for the day Shiva would marry Parvati.🥳🥳