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X : Khoj Shuru - 3 - The Selfie Killer
by Neeraj Chand
  • 204

                                       Chapter 3: The Selfie Killer   Two months since moving ...

Buried Treasure In Deserts of Egypt - 3
by Ved Vyas
  • 273

Thank you” Animax Lot of fun anime” for your valuable comment… I will surely try to make it more interesting… Aditi was found near a steep slope and suddenly a ...

Buried Treasure In Deserts of Egypt - 2
by Ved Vyas
  • 678

Hello Viewers I hope you all are good.If you like my stories please give a small review or feedback. Other than content it takes time to type it out, ...

Harshada's Bravery
by shubham gaming YT
  • 285


X : Khoj Shuru - 2 - Only Friend
by Neeraj Chand
  • 453

                                            Chapter 2: Only Friend   One early ...

Buried Treasure In Deserts Of Egypt - 1
by Ved Vyas
  • 1.3k

Hello Dear Readers, Thank You for your support! This is my new novel. I hope you like this one too!! The Egyptian TreasureGenre- Suspense The thriving areas where plants cannot have ...

X: Khoj Shuru - 1
by Neeraj Chand
  • 855

                                  CHAPTER 1: The First Meeting   "FAMOUS PRODUCER GRUESOMELY MURDERED" The front-page ...

Ventures of Gem Land - 2 - The Gorgon's Curse
by Janushi Raichura
  • 633

The wind was howling and twirling around her. But even its sound could not hide the screams of despair. She was walking down a glass bridge. Covering her eyes ...

Ventures of Gem Land - 1 - The Black Time
by Janushi Raichura
  • 1.5k

I was walking down an old street, filled with different houses; some covered with DO NOT ENTER sign written in large bold red letters. I stopped as I reached ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 48 - Last Part
by BS Murthy
  • 342

Yuddha Kanda  (War on Ravan)  Canto 01 Embrace of a Gift   Pleased no end was Rama then Hope thus Hanuman could infuse  In his forlorn spouse Seetha.    ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 47
by BS Murthy
  • 219

Canto 67 Hanuman’s Replay   Moved no end by Rama’s plight   Spoke with ardour then Hanuman.   Narrate I would verbatim Tale she told me to tell thee.   ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 46
by BS Murthy
  • 246

Canto 65 News in Brief   Followed Angad suit Hanuman Paid he respects to Lord Ram.    Such was vanars’ state of mind Spoke they out of turn they ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 45
by BS Murthy
  • 300

Canto 63 Sugreev’s Reading   Fell as Dadhimukh at his feet Spoketh vanar Lord perplexed.   What’s thy fault that makes thee fall At the feet of thy nephew? ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 44
by BS Murthy
  • 372

Canto 62 Orgy in the Garden   At length on the same coin  Paid as Dadhimukh trespassers Went then Hanuman to save them.   Sending Dadhimukh then packing Goaded Hanuman ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 43
by BS Murthy
  • 261

Canto 60 Angad on Rebound   Spoke thus Angad Vali’s son: Found as Hanuman Seetha now Why not we fetch her to Ram?    How it feels if we ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 42
by BS Murthy
  • 243

Canto 59 Pep Talk to Peers   Having told the main story Fillips these then gave Hanuman.    Heartened that I found Seetha Glued I then to Rama’s thought.  ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 41
by BS Murthy
  • 237

Canto 58 Odyssey in a Nutshell   Where to start and what to tell  Felt like Buridan’s ass Hanuman.    For their part then all his folk Sat there tight ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 40
by BS Murthy
  • 285

Song 57 Flight sans Hassles  Airborne as he so he seemed Like a mountain with huge wings. Nagas all from stratosphere   Saw him then in his flight route.    ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 39
by BS Murthy
  • 267

Canto 56 Havoc of a Take-off   Finding Seetha in fine shape To her Hanuman prostrated.   As bade Hanuman her goodbye Spoke in fondness Rama’s spouse.   Wish ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 38
by BS Murthy
  • 342

Canto 55 What of Seetha?   Died as embers in Lanka So to quench his burning tail Went upto beach then Hanuman.    Cooled as he tail by seashore ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 37
by BS Murthy
  • 255

Canto 54 Arson to Hurt     Having had his way thus far Thought of future course Hanuman. Why not I give them in kind For what they did all ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 36
by BS Murthy
  • 309

Canto 53 Tail on Fire   Sibling as his stood so firm Spoke then Ravan changing tune.    Spare as we may life of him Let him not go ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 35
by BS Murthy
  • 330

Canto 52 Placates the Sibling   In rage Ravan then ordered Hanuman be to put to death.   Stood up Vibhishan in dismay The sibling fair of Lankan king.  ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 34
by BS Murthy
  • 288

Canto 51 Advice to Deliver   Unnerved continued Hanuman With Ravan who scared all gods.  Wishes Sugreev thou all well With the message that follows. Help as it would ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 33
by BS Murthy
  • 306

Canto 49 Ravan’s Darbar   Stared as Ravan in dismay    Looked at him in awe Hanuman.     Studded as it with rare diamonds Had king Ravan crown of crowns.   ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 32
by BS Murthy
  • 339

Canto 48 It takes Indrajit   Aggrieved as by Akshay’s death   Thought then Ravan of sending   Son his eldest who subdued Indra himself in battle. Addressed Ravan his eldest ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 31
by BS Murthy
  • 294

Canto 47 Akshay’s Life on Line   Heard as all of Durdhar’s fall  Akshay truly itched for fight.   Fell as Ravan’s eyes on him Bowed his son with ...

by Nivas Injeti
  • 828

3.Belief and doubtIt is almost midnight and there's a place with a ruined building,where no one exists or approaches frequently.The environment in residence with it is so calm and ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 30
by BS Murthy
  • 327

Canto 45 Marshals in the Mire   Like the balls of fearsome fire Forthwith set out seven Marshals.   Famous for their fighting skills Went thy all for Hanuman’s ...

Sundara Kānda: Hanuman's Odyssey - 29
by BS Murthy
  • 333

Canto 43 Itching for Fight   None there left to give battle Prahastha’s son as not yet reached  Thought of future course Hanuman. Thought he fit to despoil Hill ...