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Adhuri Sanyasin

Kalu's house in the middle of the village. In Kalu's house lived his daughter, fair complexioned, beautiful, well behaved, playful, with playful eyes, skilled in household work. Kalu was a labourer, a farmer, who worked in other people's fields to support his family. His wife Narangi was ill due to a long illness. Both father and daughter took care of her. She could not walk. The village doctor was treating her. In those days, people did not take English medicine and treated themselves with herbs. Kalu used to bring wood and herbs from the forest for the doctor's house. The doctor was a good man and did not ask for anything in return for the treatment. He used to say that he had not done anything. The herbs of the forest had done everything. I am just telling the names of the herbs. But people used to bring grains and fodder for the animals to his house. This was how the expenses of the doctor's house were met. There were very few concrete houses in the village. Most of the people had built houses with wood. The main source of income was agriculture and animal husbandry.
In the village, marriages are usually done at a young age. Kalu had married his daughter when she was nine years old. Lacchi is now 16 years old and Kalu is worried about sending her off. Lacchi is yearning for the first meeting. She is eager to meet her husband, but she is also afraid of going to an unknown in-law's house among unknown people. Narangi's health deteriorates due to the departure of her daughter. Kalu wanted to send off his daughter Lacchi. Just then, his wife dies. Kalu is grief-stricken. He knew that Narangi can leave him at any time. Kalu was not very saddened by her death due to prolonged illness. He started saying to himself, "Oh Narangi! You should have gone right now, if you had stayed for four or five days more, your daughter would have left. Your daughter's departure has been postponed now." I had even sent information to Samadhi Ji. The very next moment I started answering myself… Perhaps you could not bear the pain of separation from your daughter. The news of death had spread in the entire village, people started gathering at Kalu's house. The villagers made preparations for the last rites. Vaidya ji put his hand on Kalu's shoulder and said, Kalu! The time for the last rites has come. Tears welled up in Kalu's eyes. Kalu got up and came out. Some women made Narangi take a bath, put mehandi on her hands and feet, a bindi on her forehead, and kajal in her eyes, did her full make-up, put a red colored shawl on her mother's hairline, put sindoor in her mother's parting, put jewelry on her, then hugged her mother's corpse while crying. The women pushed her away. Narangi's body was laid on the bier. The bier started moving. After a while, except for a few women, there was no one at Kalu's house. The women are consoling Lacchi. About three hours later, Lacchi's father had returned home after performing Narangi's last rites. The thirteenth day was celebrated as per the custom. Lacchi's father-in-law had also come there on the thirteenth day. He was whispering something to Kalu. Lacchi had put her ears in that direction. She heard something. The father-in-law was saying, now we will take the daughter-in-law with us, the thirteenth day has also been celebrated. Kalu folded his hands and said, Samdhiji, the daughter-in-law is yours, how can I refuse? But after a month and a quarter, I wanted to send off my daughter with great pomp and show. Lacchi's father-in-law smiled and said, okay, we will come to take Poonam next month.
Hearing all this, Lacchi's heart started pounding.. she was happy to see her husband but she was not showing her happiness on her face. Time passed and one day the full moon day also arrived. Lacchi was made to wear the bridal base. Her mother had prepared that base herself while sitting. And she had said, daughter you will look very beautiful wearing this. This was true too, Lacchi looked very beautiful wearing it as if an Apsara had descended from heaven. The women of the village sang auspicious songs.. gave gifts to Lacchi.. on the other hand the men gave gifts to Lacchi's father-in-law. All the gifts were kept in the bullock cart. Someone gave a basket of paper, someone gave a handmade bamboo basket. Someone gave a basket made by melting paper. Lacchi's eyes filled with tears as she looked at her father..she was thinking that my father is now alone..the very next moment her father-in-law's voice came..daughter-in-law, there is some food and fruits in the doli, please eat it. Lacchi left..
After about three hours, Lacchi reached her in-laws' house, where her mother-in-law welcomed her daughter-in-law. Lacchi was shown her bedroom, kitchen...but she could not see what her eyes were looking for again and again. Just then a young man entered the house, Lacchi saw him and started thinking if it was him. She asked her sister-in-law who was passing by. Who has come? Seeing the young man, the sister-in-law said, he is the servant of the house. Father had sent him for some work...that is why he has come. Lacchi asked again...where has your brother gone? The sister-in-law said smilingly...he has gone to the nearby village. He will return by evening.
Lachhi thought that it was almost evening. Lachhi went to her room. She started looking around her room. The courtyard of Lachhi's bedroom was plastered with cow dung. The wall was made of stones, the wall was plastered with mud and lime was applied on it. There was a thatched roof. A rope was tied to the thatched roof, a basket was tied to the rope on which there was an earthen pot, probably curd or ghee was kept in it. Rangoli was made in the courtyard which looked beautiful. The floor of the room was completely empty. Because in those days people used to sleep on the floor. The cot was kept outside in the courtyard. Lachhi's in-laws were richer than Lachhi's parents. They had good agricultural land. Lachhi took a deep breath and started thanking her luck... well, there is no shortage of anything here. When it was evening and the full moon rose in the east. Lacchi's curiosity to see her husband was increasing. At that time a man came running. He was out of breath. He said something in broken words and on hearing it Lacchi's father-in-law started running after him. Lacchi did not understand. She went to her mother-in-law. On the other hand Lacchi's husband was coming down the hill in excitement to see his wife and slipped and fell into a deep drain. There was no water in the drain. He died on the spot. The man from his village who was walking with him somehow got down in the drain, he shook him and looked. He called for help loudly. Hearing his voice two people came from the house built on the mountain. All three together took him out, a lot of blood had flowed from his head. The men who came from the mountain asked, do you know him? The man said, yes he is from my village, I will inform his family and come back. He ran and brought Lachhi's father-in-law with him. Lachhi's father-in-law took Vaidya ji with him while coming. Everyone reached the spot, Vaidya ji checked his pulse, his pupils and shook his head and said, Narpat ji take him home, nothing can be done now.
Lachhi's father in law Narpat started crying bitterly. Vaidya ji supported him and said, you are wise, you are the eldest in the family, be a little courageous. What will happen to your wife if you do this? God had given you only this much life. Your son Dinesh was with you only this much. Vaidya ji's advice had no effect on Narpat. He started shouting loudly and taking his son Dinesh's name, hey son Pappu! (Dinesh) you were not of the age to go, I had to go before you..look..your wife is waiting for you, what will happen to her now..get up son! I swear on your father, get up. Vaidya ji signaled the people who had come with him, take her away. On the other hand, Lachhi and her mother in law were watching from the door..the people in the neighbourhood also started asking, what happened Bhabhi? Where has Bhaiya gone? Lachchi's mother-in-law told her just this much... I don't know... Lachchi's mother-in-law saw some people bringing a cot from a distance... When the picture started becoming clear, Lachchi's mother-in-law said... what happened to Pappu? Lachchi's mother-in-law started crying... Lachchi is also standing nearby watching everything... She is confused, what should she do... Lachchi's face had turned pale... how can she have pain in her heart for a husband whom she has never seen.
The villagers had performed Dinesh's last rites at night itself. Now it was morning.. Lachhi's father was also sitting outside, he also got the news. Everyone was crying about Pappu.. Suddenly the mother-in-law's crying turned into anger.. She pushed Lachhi and said, "You wicked woman, my son went away as soon as you stepped on him.. Get out of my house.. If you stay here, who knows how many people you will eat.. Outside, Lachhi's father-in-law said to Lachhi's father.. Take your daughter away from here.. What will she do by staying here now.. Before Lachhi's father could say anything.. Lachhi's father-in-law's face became stern.. Lachhi's father signaled Lachhi to come.. Lachhi came as soon as he said.. Her father started walking with Lachhi.. On the way, Lachhi said in a casual tone.. Bapu! What is my fault in this? Lacchi's father said, son, everything is a game of luck. Lacchi saw some nuns going on the road, on seeing them a feeling of renunciation arose in her, she decided in her mind that I don't want to live in this world which is full of sorrows. Now I will search for that God. Leaving her father she went with those nuns. Father tried to stop her. Then a nun said, don't stop her! Let her know herself. If she is yours then she will come back to you in a few days. Har Har Mahadev!! Don't worry worldly man! She is coming to Mahadev's shelter. Lacchi's father thought that what Lacchi will do by going home is also right. Kalu said daughter.. when you get peace in your mind and wish to meet your father, then come. Tears started flowing from Kalu's eyes. He started crying sobbingly.. looking towards the sky he said.. I have lost everything.. wife, son-in-law and daughter.. now I am left alone, what will I do by going home? He is remembering those words of Samdhan.. he started saying that she was saying such bitter things to my flowery daughter.. take Samdhan, now my daughter has left this world. You have lost only one son, I have lost three - daughter, son-in-law and wife. Is your sorrow bigger than my sorrow? Should I blame my son-in-law.. I should also say that as soon as I got into a relationship with my son-in-law, my Narangi started falling ill and when the time of Lacchi's departure came, she passed away. But it is not your fault, it is my fate. I have never seen what happiness is in life. And now I don't even want to see it. Kalu was about to stumble and fall, when a passerby held him. The passerby asked Kalu, "Are you alright?" What happened? Kalu started telling him his story. And while walking Kalu reached his home. And the passerby said Ram Ram and moved ahead on his way.
After 15 years, Lacchi came to her village with the nuns. Lacchi set up her Dhuna outside the village. The number of concrete houses in the village had increased. Lacchi would stay in a Dharamshala outside the village. The villagers came to know that the nun had come. The villagers started arriving to see the nuns. Lacchi was a great nun and she had 8-10 disciples with her. Sermons would be held in the afternoon and prasadi of ashes and batasa would be given to the devotees. Lacchi sent her favourite disciple to her home to enquire about the well-being of her father Kalu. When the disciple reached Lacchi's house to beg for alms, she found out that Kalu had died. Animals were sitting in place of the house. A tree which Lacchi had planted herself was standing there. People told that this land has now been taken over by the Panchayat. The disciple came and told the whole story to Lacchi. Lacchi took a deep breath… tears started flowing from her eyes… saying Om Namah Shivaya, she told Priyamvada… leave me alone for a few moments… the disciple left from there. Lacchi kept crying the whole night… I left the world but the world did not leave me. If the world had left me, I would not be crying today. In fact, I did not leave the world because of detachment… I left only because of my sorrow. My detachment is incomplete. It was the fourth quarter of the night, all the nuns have woken up, Lacchi also did her daily chores… all the nuns have gone to the village for alms. Lacchi kept one disciple who was dear to Lacchi with her… Lacchi said now the time has come to leave the world, you stay with me. Priyamvada started looking at Lacchi with sad eyes and said, what are you saying?
I am telling the truth. Lacchi goes and sits in her room. All the events of life start flashing in front of Lacchi. Her breathing starts changing. She calls Priyamvada with gestures and says will you do one thing for me..the disciple said yes yes I will definitely do it, you order.. Lacchi said go to the nearby village (where Lacchi's in-laws lived) and bring my bridal clothes for me in alms. The disciple looked at her with surprise and left from there immediately. Priyamvada reached Lacchi's in-laws, she asked for alms and said I want the bridal dress of your daughter-in-law who has become a sanyasi in alms.. Lacchi's mother-in-law looked at her speechlessly..what is she asking for..then with tears in her eyes she said has our daughter-in-law sent you..Priyamvada nodded yes. I am guilty of her, tell her to forgive me. Because of me his house got ruined.. Priyamvada didn't say anything, just kept looking..
Lacchi's mother-in-law gave her the bridal dress and her jewellery. Priyamvada left from there with quick steps. It was evening by the time she reached there. Lacchi's eyes sparkled after seeing the bridal dress. Lacchi said, "Have your meal and stay with me today." The second quarter of the night was about to start. Lacchi said to Priyamvada, "Priyamvada! Make me wear this dress, dress me up like a bride." Priyamvada said, "You are a nun, is this all right?" Lacchi looked at her with pleading eyes. Priyamvada started making her wear the dress. She applied kajal in her eyes, sindoor in her hair parting and bangles in her hands. Lacchi asked, "How am I looking?" The disciple said, "You are looking very beautiful."
Lacchi's breathing becomes heavy. She says Priyamvada will you do one more thing? Yes yes you order. You become the groom. Lacchi gets shocked to hear this. Lacchi again says I don't have time. I don't want to go with any unfulfilled wish. Lacchi's face starts turning pale. Priyamvada draws her moustache and wears a turban on her head. Lacchi said is it full moon today? Yes it is full moon today, the disciple said. Lacchi said come to me I want to sleep in your lap. Priyamvada sat down beside her Lacchi put her head in her lap and was trying to smile when her breathing stopped. Priyamvada saw that Lacchi has now left this world. She quickly removes her bridal attire and makes her wear the attire of a Sadhvi. She gives the information to all the nuns and everyone's eyes become moist.