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Dear Smile and Precious Tear
by Krisha
  • (12)
  • 429

Dear smile & Precious Tears,                 Totally weird isn't it? Simultaneously experiencing conflicting emotions at once! You call them both enemies of each ...

Your You!
by Hemanth Karicharla
  • 696

To my dearer, I don’t want to name our relationship. Because it is something more than friendship and beyond love. I share everything with you like there is no ...

To My Love..!
by Priyanka Kumbhar
  • (15)
  • 2.1k

My dear love, You told me to take 2 months. See, it's been 2 months today. And I still have the same feelings for you that I had 2 ...

The Story of a Womb
by Maitri Shah
  • 1.5k

The story of a womb who is pleading for its survival, for its existence and for its life.A prayer to my To-be-Family,Inside your womb and inside the hidden comfort, ...

Letter to MYSELF
by Sagar
  • 2.4k

[AGGRESIVELY MOTIVATED] YOU are the person who can drive YOUR life in the direction YOU want.   Don't listen to anyone. Because, everyone has made you to listen always. ...

A glorious country - India
by Maitri Shah
  • 1.7k

A glorious nation with diversified culture, variant humans, abundance love, discreet emotions and magnificent beauty. All about a versatile country named India.India, the name itself gives goosebumps to many ...

A letter to a Girl who is now stepping in her new Life
by Maitri Shah
  • 1.6k

A new Life, a new Relation, A new Family, A new Responsibility and a new Commitment. Time to step into a life-changing phase.Dearest Daddy’s Princess,Finally, your most dreamt day is ...

a letter to no one
by Shreya Mahesh Patel
  • 2.1k

Dear no one,Because  apparently now you are no one to me after giving you chance to be my it goes for you for the last i say.The first ...

Extracts of Two Letters
by Valibhai Musa
  • 1.1k

Happiness and Gloomy An extract from a Birthday Greeting Letter to my niece residing in States:- “My dear Child, Today is your Birth Day. I, on behalf of our rest ...

Letter to my Valentine
by Yash Raja
  • 1.7k

O Love! Thy true delight lies in longing! This letter describes an Army officer’s longing for his wife. It gives a glimpse of his life in the Army, and also ...

Mom is uncommon - Letter to your Valentine
by Parth Panchal
  • (18)
  • 2k

You have to be the confident one and I have to you rock. Mom, your trusts are the most important to me, Mom, please stay at my sides until ...

A Heartfelt letter to mom
by Pooja Bagul
  • (11)
  • 2k

This is all about mother the feelings i share which can relate to all.

A Daughter s Love
by Shivani Gokani
  • 4k

A cute conversation showing the bond of Mother-Daughter Friendship...

A Letter to Beloved
by Abhi
  • 5.4k

A boy is in deep love with a girl and so is she. Both had plans to get married and stay together for the lifetime. But, as always, life ...