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by Nandini
  • 572

Three words with different meaning sometimes consider to be same but not always they are same.As human we always get attracted  to new things ;infact now it's became the ...

पढ़ना एक ज़रूरत हे।
by Jensil Kankotiya
  • 286

               अगर आप इस पुस्तक को पढ़ने की शुरुआत कर चुके हे तो इसका यह अर्थ हे की आप पढ़ने के बारेमे पहलेसे ...

by Rutvik Wadkar
  • 495

THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT SO SPECIALImagination!Creativity!Creative Fancy Thoughts!Mind's Eye!Insight scenes!Conception!Have you ever knew about the Terabithia? It is an imaginary kingdom. The Kingdom was plotted in the novel Bridge to ...

by Chandresh Kumar Chhatlani
  • 444

In the evening after the father's funeral, the two sons were sitting in the courtyard outside the house with their relatives and neighbors. At this point, the wife of ...

by Nandini
  • 504

SOCIETY:What is the real meaning of society?Let's start with a story; when a child is born in one's house the child first see their parents . when child grow ...

Strategies in Bearish Stock Market
by Valibhai Musa
  • 193

In recent days, we have observed that Indian and non-Indian stock markets are not stable in their usual standard ranges. Constant little ups and more downs of the markets ...

by Sahaj Sabharwal
  • 177

PERSONALITY OF JAMMU NAME:  Sahaj Sabharwal  He loves writing poems and thoughts. He lives in Jammu city, Jammu and Kashmir, India. He is 17 years old now a young ...

Rivalry of two retail trade sectors in India
by Valibhai Musa
  • 129

It is very interesting to observe the people divided mostly into two groups of competition for one or the other goals of their own. From individuals to nations, all ...

A Letter to Parent - 2
by Bibhudatta Bhatta
  • 159


A Letter to Parents
by Bibhudatta Bhatta
  • 151


NADI ASTROLOGY - A miracle of an astrology world
by Snehal malaviya
  • 396

          Hey everyone! Astrology always been an interesting topic from years and it's obvious because who don't like to know about their future life!? do ...

Parables and Fables
by Valibhai Musa
  • 134

These are the literary forms of short stories or folk tales. They may be in prose or poetry ending with moral or religious lessons to the listeners or readers. ...

The art of our Ancestors
by vastu healing foundation
  • 271

      The Art of our Ancestors   Art is the way of representing reality in an attractive and charming way. Think of a candle. The work of ...

journey of the year
by Ravi
  • 274

The First one year journey how to be completed succesfully i don’t know? But it’s great. The journey started one year ago. I think 15 January started to doing ...

Amdavadi only snackd
  • 171

  Mouth watering amdavadi only snacks Amdavad is known for its business, its ever increasing prosperity, its people, their typical food habits, the road side eateries etc. Here you ...

how does music affect teenager's emotions ?
by Ayushi Bhandari
  • 287

     After a lot of thought and brainstorming I finally came to a decision that I wanted to my topic to be on something to about music. I ...

by Ajay Amitabh Suman
  • 173

What is God?What is proof about existence of god? Since time immemorial , lots of people had been vouching in support of existence of god, however nobody is able to ...

by r k lal
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  • 284

REMONSTRATE FOR SOCIAL BETTERMENT R. K Lal It is our right to say whatever we feel and want to express. It is intended as a tool to communicate some ...

Education for all
by Valibhai Musa
  • 131

Abraham Lincoln’s definition of Democratic Government is well known to all that it is of the people, for the people and by the people. In my today’s blog post, ...

Goals of the generation
by vishal thakarya
  • 179

I am not a writer I am student of engineering and I want to share the thinking of mine about goals. Now people are deciding their goals by only ...

Life Partner
by Valibhai Musa
  • 548

Marriage is not only a social custom but a culture also. Most of the human societies, all over the world, agree unanimously that the persons reaching the matured age ...

What is SEO and how it works? SEO for beginners
by Bharat Garachh
  • 161

Where does the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) come from? The first search engines emerged in the early 90s. Until Google appeared in 1996 many were created, including Yahoo. ...

The Square World – IV (Final) (Zindan-e-Shaam–Syria)
by Valibhai Musa
  • 129

In my previous three parts of this cyclic Article (Part- I, II and III), I had presented some characters named as A to E. Their tragic stories are not ...

The Square World – III
by Valibhai Musa
  • 117

Now, my Readers, stop breathing for a while if you can; just to resist yourselves to hear the greatest crime to humanity. Here, you can see ladies seated in ...

The Square World – II
by Valibhai Musa
  • 116

Before I proceed further, I would like to clarify why I have selected the title “The Square World” in these cyclic Articles. When I was a college student in ...

The Square World – I
by Valibhai Musa
  • 144

The title of my post, today, may seem to be surprising and perhaps misleading to my Readers. It has been proved and established, geographically and astronomically, that the earth ...

International Non-violence Day
by Valibhai Musa
  • 176

Today is the 2nd October, the 138th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, a super human of the era. He was born on this day in 1869. After six decades ...

Divorce - Legal but Undesirable
by Valibhai Musa
  • 149

Relatives have been gifted by the God by our birth in a certain family to His wish whether they suit us or not. But, we must thank Him in ...

by Ravindra Radadiya Rcube
  • 121

Hello friends this my first lekh on this app i am not good in writing but just want to share my thought with all you guys write this story.Recently ...

(1) Charity (2) Demise of a Gentleman
by Valibhai Musa
  • 143

(1) Charity Charity is emphasized in every religion of the world. Somebody said, “Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven.” This may be true for a religious ...