Contagious - The Short Film

Hindi   |   10m 19s   |   1.5k Views

Contagious is a 10 minutes short film.The story revolves around a poor girl kid who is deprived by the world. She keeps on wandering in the city to fetch food and in the course she faces rejection, and disappointment from the society and people. There is another girl in the story who belongs from well to do family. The rich kid is fortunate enough to live all the luxuries of life but still she is not happy. Suddenly something takes place which leaves a dimple smile on the rich one. Find out how it happens...explore the reason behind her envious smile... This film has won 3 Awards at GIFF 2013 (Gujarat International Film Festival).. This Film is really very special for us. CAST :- Divya Purani, Sweta Khatik, Ranjit Purani, Govind Khatik

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