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Basic foundation of good health
by Rajnarayan Bohre
  • 90

 Basic foundation of good health During my stay in Kota Rajasthan recently, I went to a shining mausoleum restaurant selling all kinds of snacks and one evening, and I ...

by Subbu
  • 99

Health is something everyone in this world craves for. No one likes to be fat or malnourished. But to have a healthier body, people need to have proper balance ...

by Subbu
  • 93

Music for many is like a medicine. People hear music to let go of their worries and rejuvenate. In fact a lot of people keep a playlist for happy ...

by Subbu
  • 222

Declining hair line is among the number one problem in men and women in today’s age. Unprecedented increase in pollution and hectic lifestyles contributes majorly to this growing problem. ...

by Subbu
  • 180

Insect bites can become notoriously annoying. Not all stings and bites are same and can be treated differently as per the bugs you get it from. Histamines are proteins ...

Increase immunity-Change the habit:
by Rajnarayan Bohre
  • 285

Change the habit: Increase immunity                          Rajnarayan Bohre                         We were on the climb of the Guru Shikhar of Mount Abu and were realizing that our children ...

by Subbu
  • 177

An alternative form of medicine that treats various ailments through colour is known as colour therapy or chromo therapy. It uses light and colour to treat various mental and ...

Organic food for a healthy life
by Subbu
  • 276

Organic Foods for a healthy life Organic foods are healthier to eat – t\his may have caught your attention.  If you are uncertain about making the switch to organic ...

What causes Dizziness in pregnancy
by vasika ghoshal
  • 261

Dizziness is characterised by a sensation of feeling vague, unsteady and fainting. Dizziness gives you a delusion that your surroundings are moving and you are wavering around, which is ...

Tobacco a deadly leaf
by Sheetal
  • 486

IT IS BETER TO VISIT A PSYCHIATRIST THAN AN ONCHOLOGIST A child is heavy heart when his kite is cut off and he is watching his kite floating on ...

Pregnancy Journey - Week 9
by Dr Kinjal Shah
  • 726

???? 9⠀ ⠀ Welcome to your pregnancy journey !! So #Mommytobe , you have completed 2 months officially and entered in  third month of your pregnancy . ⠀ ⠀ ...

Pregnancy Journey - Week 8
by Dr Kinjal Shah
  • 621

Welcome to your pregnancy journey !! ??????? ??? ??? ? ?????? ???????? at ???? ???? .⠀ ????? ??? ??? ???????? ???? ???? ??????? ???? ???? ???? . ⠀ ⠀ ...

Pregnancy Journey - Week 7
by Dr Kinjal Shah
  • 639

Welcome again to the journey of your pregnancy !!At week 7 , you are already pregnant ? .? But all your pregnancy symptoms may not be visible yet .⚡ ...

Pregnancy Journey - Week 6
by Dr Kinjal Shah
  • 787

Week  6️⃣⁣ Hello friends ? Welcome to your pregnancy journey ? . This is week 6 of your pregnancy , that means you have completed almost 1.5 months of ...

Pregnancy Journey - Week 5
by Dr Kinjal Shah
  • 784

?Week 5️⃣ :⁣ ⁣ Welcome again friends , " to your Pregnancy Journey " ? . Hope ? , You all are enjoying the series of the pregnancy journey ...

Pregnancy Journey - Week 4
by Dr Kinjal Shah
  • 674

?Week 4️⃣⁣Hello friends , Welcome again to your pregnancy journey !!!? Hope , You all are enjoying the series  to " know more about pregnancy " . It is always better ...

Pregnancy Journey - Week 3
by Dr Kinjal Shah
  • 812

? Week 3️⃣⁣⁣Hello friends ?? Welcome to your Pregnancy Journey .. ⚡In this week 3, you can know , Is there any specific symptoms of pregnancy in week 3 ??You ...

Pregnancy Journey - Week 2
by Dr Kinjal Shah
  • 964

Welcome again!!!Join me to know about your Pregnancy Journey!!This is the time to know about week 2 . You can read here about changes in week 2.?Week 2️⃣:⁣ But ...

Pregnancy Journey - 1
by Dr Kinjal Shah
  • 3.1k

Welcome to the Pregnancy journeyWeek 1You are not technically pregnant at week-1. But It is a precious time for the preparation of a healthy pregnancy. Baby Development:There is not a ...

Pre Conceptional Counseling
by Dr Kinjal Shah
  • 1.2k

Pre Conceptional Counseling is the counseling in which a Gynaecologist guides the couple to plan a healthy pregnancy. This kind of counseling is normal in western culture but now ...

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
by Dr Kinjal Shah
  • 1.2k

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a multisystem disorder that affects mainly women of reproductive age (15-45 years age group). In PCOS, there are various metabolic disturbances & a wide ...

सेक्स वेदोकी नज़रमे
by Jensil Kankotiya
  • (23)
  • 3.2k

                 सेक्स !!!!!!!, सेक्स ?????? , सेक्स........., में जानता हु आपके मनमे यह सब भाव उठ रहे होंगे मगर ये बात भी ...

Dealing with depression..
by Anuja Kulkarni
  • (12)
  • 1.4k

Dealing with depression.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After a long time I met my close friend. We started our conversation. I was talking to him and

by Yash
  • 930

Today we are living in a world of technology  where all kind of works are easy to do with small amount of that we forget the value of ...

Sleep on left side- health benefits you might not be knowing....
by Anuja Kulkarni
  • 1.2k

Sleep on left side- health benefits you might not be knowing.... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everybody needs a good sleep. Sleep is very essential for healthy

Stay healthy...
by Anuja Kulkarni
  • (11)
  • 1.1k

Stay healthy... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Staying healthy is everyone's concern these days.. Everybody wants to live a perfect life.. but when you think of s

Say no to stress..
by Anuja Kulkarni
  • (11)
  • 1.8k

Now a day s life has become very hectic. We live in a fast-paced life. Everyone is running behind something to become successful. There is no relaxation for ...

Positive thinking- way of life...
by Anuja Kulkarni
  • (18)
  • 3.5k

Always be positive... Your positive thoughts and positive attitude directs you to lead a successful life. An old saying!! and so true!!! Positive thinking and positive mindset is ...

Start your morning positively...
by Anuja Kulkarni
  • (13)
  • 1.3k

How does your day start Happy, frustrated or sad You don t have any answer Mostly you might not have thought about this earlier. But ...

The Etiquette of Eating and Personal Hygiene from Islamic Perpective
by Muhammad Vandestra
  • 1.3k

The religion of Islam is a holistic way of life. It is not separated into physical, emotional and spiritual areas rather it teaches that all aspects of ...