Ghoome Ghoome Reprise Song - Luv ni Love Storys | Santvani Trivedi | Aakash Parmar | Gujarati Song

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Here we present \" Ghoome Ghoome Jay Re \" Reprise Cover from the movie \" Luv ni Love Storys\". Beautiful Composition of Parth Bharat Thakkar and sung by Siddharth Amit Bhavsar & Yashika Sikka. Here our version of this song. Hope you all enjoy and comment below. Original Credits : Movie : Luv ni Love Storys Singer : Siddharth Amit Bhavsar &Yashika Sikka Music : Parth Bharat Thakkar Lyrics:Niren Bhatt Cover Credits : Singer : Santvani Trivedi Music : Aakash Parmar Recorded at Ahmon Studio Mixed and mastered by Aakash Parmar Digital Partner : Webstreamlive Video shot and edited by \"living with Sagar\" Productions Location : Eq Jam Room by Shubham Kamat Special thanks to Shivam Raval

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