The Red Fairy: Learn English - Story for Children and Adults

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Little Meeto dreams about cars and knows everything about them. One day she meets Red Fairy, a car that can do things that no other car can. The Red Fairy By Kamla Bhasin I could not believe my eyes when I saw her for the first time. ‘This is incredible! Such a tiny car. Yet it can seat four passengers,’ I thought. I was sitting on a wall with my little sister Neeta, counting cars. I love cars. I dream of them. Bright yellow, her headlights blinked. She looked like a red fairy. Questions whirled in my mind. I cycled to the colony gate. I asked Guard Chacha if he knew anything about this sparkling little red car. He laughed and said, “You like that car? That car and its owner have recently moved here. They live in house number 112.” “Thank you,” I said and cycled home again. That evening, I went to house number 112. Then I saw Red Fairy behind a gate. There was a cable attached to her left. Ooooo, Red Fairy moved with electricity, not petrol or diesel. The next day, I saw Red Fairy whizzing past. I ran behind her and raised my hand to stop her. She stopped! Sitting inside was a white-haired lady who smiled at me. She looked like my Nani. I gently patted Red Fairy and told Nani, “I am a car expert but I have never seen a car like this. I really like her. Can I call her Red Fairy? “You have given this little one a wonderful name!” said Nani. Nani offered to take me for a drive. I was so excited. I ran home and asked Ma for permission to go with Nani. Then I jumped into Red Fairy’s lap for a ride. As we whizzed down the roads, I could hear no roar, only a purr. I asked Nani why the car was so quiet. She said, “Red Fairy makes no noise and emits no smoke.” Red Fairy zipped between cars. At a red light, an auto rickshaw driver was curious about Red Fairy and asked questions about her. The light turned green and we drove on. Soon we were at India Gate. Nani bought ice creams for us. Everything was grey. Nani said it was the smog that made things grey. I told her that my papa said that the air in Delhi was very polluted. “The smoke that comes out of cars adds to this pollution, which is why my mother doesn’t like my interest in cars.” Suddenly I felt that Red Fairy was whispering to me. “Meeto, I do not pollute the air like other cars do. Also, I take very little space to move and park.” I was now convinced that Red Fairy was magical. No smoke, no sound, no petrol and no diesel. And she was talking to me. “Cars that use alternative energy can reduce air pollution. Who knows, you could become a scientist and invent cars that cause no pollution at all,” said Nani. I decided that I would invent a new car and call it Vibgyor Fairy. Author : Kamla Bhasin Illustrations : Tanvi Bhat Narration : Neha Gargava Music : Rajesh Gilbert Animation : BookBox

The Red Fairy: Learn English  - Story for Children and Adults