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Mystique life of a girl - 2

Dhara has never thought her life would take turns like to test her strength. Her life was very dramatic that she never realised of living free at every moment. She always has to acted like everything is normal.but it was not.she has been conflicting with her life since childhood. She was born with a golden spoon but never got a love from her parents.Dhara and sonia were too close to each other they shared everything together.when Dhara become weak sonia always become ready to strengthen her up.As does Dhara. They were not allowed to go anywhere. Apart from being a part of a family who were well settled in India since 1983,India got independence but they were not independent due to her father’s orthodox behaviour.
Both the sisters were never understood that their friends can do whatever they wanted to but they have to begged for their freedom. One day Dhara went to watch movie With her friend zoya. At the theater she saw her father with someone. She told Zoya that she did not want to recognise him but what could she do! She told her mother about this but apart from being furious about her husband she yelled at Dhara that why she went to watch movie. This incident made Dhara stunned and made her realise that marriages are not made in heaven but bad marriages make life hell.
That day she decided that she would never marry anyone.... (Does anyone get what they decide?...)Once she made a promise to herself that she would make love only after her marriage. She wants to give her love only to that person who really will worthy of.No doubt she was beautiful but she was very much clear about her choices. After being hurt by her father she decided not to marry. But her life... it never went easy...and it would never be.....
Dhara now grown up she was 18 now. Beautiful age of life!!! You could have love, hate , expectations, grief, affection, anger ,every emotion of life you can feel in this age. Dhara went in collage. Made new friends but she was missing her school friends. ( we also can not forget our school buddies they always stay in our heart forever) however Dhara was that kind of a girl who make friends in one conversation but she never liked to pretend about being true and loyal. She was what she was. This is the reason about being famous in her collage. Everyone in her college knew her not because of her exotic personality but she was true animal lover she rescued many street dogs and gave them shelter.
Every angle got their deductive part in The form of partner. But in Dhara’ s life there was only Devils and demons. She was kind and make others life heaven but she never dreamed that she invited Devil from hell... someone who stalking her and dreaming of her beauty to be hammered. Who was he? What happened then?
To be continued........