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Mystique life of a girl - 1

One day in the morning Dhara was so exited and ran to her friend zoya and wanted to share her feelings that she discovered yesterday night. She fell in love with her classmate whom she never meet in personal. She was avoiding her self to fall in love since she had bad memory for same kind of situation.
But now she was confident that she has selected the best one and no one can reject him for any reason. She went in a computer lab and whispered in zoya’s ears “ i’m in love!!!” Zoya jumped in joy and they hugged.
Zoya asked “ is he the one that i’m thinking about?” Dhara nodded and smiled...Dhara has been busy thinking for whole day about whom she fell in love..
Dhara was a girl who was never clear about any feeling of her own because when she was -18 she started to earn for her family so she never got a chance to discover her emotions but this time she was sure that she is going to marry him.
After three days Dhara came to Zoya and take her in the balcony and told her that everthing is over i m not going to carry forward this. I can’t be with him any more. Zoya was shocked because she read all her messages that she forwarded to him and it was very intensive. Any body can be shocked.
Dhara was not looking sad, but it can be predictable that it was not her decision. what had happened ? Who was manipulating her? From whom she needs to get permission? Many mysteries behind this. Or she is the one who is allowing someone to take decision for her...
That night was very dramatic. The boy was calling her, texting her but she was acting like nothing had happened! Dhara was not like this! She was very caring. She always respect love and lovers. She was the one who helped her own sister soniya to getting married to her love.
Once Dhara texted to her love that she is now ready to welcome him in her life and never betray him for anyone. That day she was introduced to his mother by him.
He was asking Dhara about sending a gift and really he was on seventh sky but Dhara refused by saying that she can not accept as she is not with him for money it can impact on their relation she thought.
Zoya was not only one who knew about this situation of Dhara’s. Dhara told about this to her sister soniya. Soniya was happy but at the same time she was protective so she told her husband about this. Dhara’s brother in law was Dhara’s best friend he was also very protective for her because he knew Dhara since childhood.
Dhara’s love was very calculative, reason behind this was an another mystery. How was Dhara’s childhood? Why she has to work at the age of 18?
Mysteries to be continued...................