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Mystique life of a girl - 3

Dhara was on back stage of her college’s auditorium.she was exited about her perfomance. She was going to enact about how people neglect life of animals. As they are life less, if a person is dying on the road everybody would get together and trying to help that person but when an animal is dying they just pass , look over and pray for that animal and showing that they care... but it’s just a big fat lie. Nobody wants to help dumb animals. Dhara just wanted to show that there should be an another way to treat them.
Now it’s Dhara’s turn to perform. Her team went first and saw something disgusting on the stage. Everybody shocked to see a dead dog on the stage. Dhara saw and started sobbing because it was her first dog whom she rescued from the market. Their friends were holding her. She weeped a lot that was the worst day for her she buried that dog and arranged ceremony for him.
On the day of ceremony she noticed that one guy was holding a bunch of white roses And giving them to the guests. She felt good because it was the sign that she was not the one who was suffering inside. She found someone who was sharing same feeling. She went there. Dhara said, “hey! Do I know you?” He said, “ a person who cares for animals they don’t have to be known to anyone their love should reach to the heart of another animal lover ultimately.” Dhara was impressed by his honesty and his charming personality.she said, “ I’m Dhara and you?!” Sameer he said. But you can call me sam. She smiled and went back to her friends.
Next day morning she noticed him again but sam didn’t look at her like she was not there. She didn’t mind. She kept her self busy in her routine. She went home she told sonia about the whole incident happened on the day of annual meet. She asked, “ sonia ! if you meet a person who share same thinking process about animals then Don’t you want to know more about that person! Positive she said. She told Dhara , “what if you go and talk to him?” Dhara said she was not talking about herself. Sonia laughed and said I started to walk before you did Okay so don’t you dare to move me again.
Next day she directly went to him and said. “ Hi, Sam how are you doing?. He replied with a puzzled face he directly insulted her and said please don’t try to talk to me. I m not interested and also I don’t like to be a part of your prank. He thought she was the prankster that everyone is talking about.Dhara didn’t say a word and went away from there. Someone informed Sam that she was Dhara mehra not mehta Sam confused between mehra and mehta. But Whatever has to happened it had happened !! it is not going to be easy for Sam to get back on Dhara. Now what would he do? How he would say sorry?
To be continued........

This novel has two face. in forward chapters we will see another side of the coin....