DHWAJ | ધ્વજ | Short Film | Motivational Short Film | Nisarg Trivedi, Ruhan Alam | By ProMovie

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"Dhwaj" Gujarati short film, motivational short film is based on Fight Against The Corruption, Fight For The Truth, Fight For Nation. This short film is releasing on 15th August 2019. This Gujarati film is not related to with any person, society or government. --- Subscribe to channel for more updates. --- PRO MOVIE PRESENTS ધ્વજ Produced by: Bhavdatt Patel Directed by: Kalpesh Vyas | Gopal Prajapati | Viral Kapadia Act by: Nisarg Trivedi, Ruhan Alam, Heman Trivedi, Smit Patel, Harshal Shah, Jaimin Pandya, Dhaval Patel Script by: Narendrasinh Rana DOP: Viral Kapadia Assistant DOP: Vismay Pandit Makeup: Hasmukhbhai Makeup Assistant: Dipika Kapadia Editing & CC: Viral Kapadia, Kalpesh Vyas Sound Dubbing: Musica Studio, Vijay Darji Sound Editing: Gopal Prajapati Music: Gopal Prajapati, Jaimin Suthar Art Design: Bhavdatt Patel, Ashish Patel, Dharmesh Suthar Behind The Scene: Jaimin Pandya Poster Design: Gopal Prajapati, Nehal Mehta Lights and Equipments: Kamleshbhai (Space Communication) Production: Devank Patel, Dhaval Patel, Meet Patel, Tirth Patel, Yash Patel Social Media Marketing: Abbas Kapasi (W3 Marketing School) Special Thanks: Abhirang Shree Rang Yuva Sangathan, Bhavdatt Patel, Ashish Patel, Pratik Jain (GlobalVox), Jigar Patel (boggy), Sahil Parsala (CA) youtube: www.youtube.com/promovievfx Facebook: www.facebook.com/promovievfx Instagram: www.instagram.com/promovievfx/

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