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Queen's Lodge - Trip Planning

It was Shefali's birthday month and she had the liberty to choose a place for small vacation which her husband was planning.It was Vishal's idea to celebrate his wife's birthday out of town.It was August and was raining every now and then.Shefali was a wildlife lover and was crazy about jungles,waterfalls ,and silent greenery.Whenever she had time she urged her husband to plan a jungle trip.Although Vishal was not so fascinated about jungles but he was a lovely husband to never say her no.Two months back they had visited KISHANPUR SANCTUARY and had the luck to spot a tigress ,her name was Beldanda.The tigress was a beautiful being and they were amazed to see her slowly coming towards their jeep.They had a thrilling time watching her and delightfully shared the experience with their family and friends.Vishal was in the living room calling for Shefali..She was in her own thoughts busy deciding the place for their vacation.Shefali was a pure nature lover and a passionate traveller.She took her time to decide their destination,search hotels,know about the place of their visit and the tourist attractions it had.It was 18 th of August and they had to leave on 23rd as her birthday was on 25th of August.Vishal gave her another call and then she came out of her room.he asked her about the destination and she smiled.He was sure that she was still uncertain about the place, as he was thinking about Goa while she was thinking about jungle.Then he asked her to sit by him..she sat down on the sofa ,then Vishal asked their domestic help to get her a cup of coffee.Then he turned to her and said," Let's go to Bandhavgarh"..the moment he said Bandhavgarh she hugged him and said ,"you know me so well".Although it was upto her to decide the place yet she did not talked about another jungle as she also wanted Vishal to be as excited as she was.But listening about Bandhavgarh from Vishal was overwhelming for her.Bhandhavgarh is in Mandhyapradesh and yes it is a jungle.Bandhavgarh National park is famous all over India.It was not too far from their place.They both decided to go by their own car.Shefali was reluctant to take driver along but she finally agreed when Vishal insisted.But still one surprise was left for the birthday girl,it came wrapped in a white envelope and was like icing on the cake.Vishal was eagerly waiting for Shefali to open the envelope as he had been planning for this one since two long months,and it was safari ticket and that too there were three bookings...Shefali was thrilled to see the safari bookings as it was very difficult to get bookings for jungle safari at such a short notice.Finally the couple was leaving for Bandhavgarh after five days.Shefali was left with her birthday shopping and Vishal had some important meetings for the next two days,so both of them went to bed after having their dinner as they had to finish their errands before leaving for their awaited vacation.