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Girl Friend - The key of smile

Short story Girl Friend

Rajnarayan Bohare

I am sick of sleeping at night. Despite the 'tapp tapp' sound of the raining water, the sleep of the outer door of the yard broke, I was sleepy. I felt two pairs of feet coming to the drawing Room door. The next moment there was a knock at the door - knock knock!

I left the bed and hurried to the drawing room.

Shocked by the flick of the door, Kishor da's face was filled with water just in front, I immediately got into action and opened the door with heat.

While requesting Kishorda to come in, I saw a young woman standing behind him — a healthy woman with a sharp nose-nose of twenty-five years wearing a salwar suit. He smiled at me when I saw him.

... while answering the greeting, I thought that the girls grow up very quickly, this girl is probably the eldest daughter of Kishorada, somewhere in this town, there will be talk of her marriage and engagement, so she must have brought her to show.

I told him - "You too come in early, a wetness can cause a cold."

When they both came inside, I brought them inside and gave them a dry towel.

I was in awe at the kitchen filling the pot - Hey, have we grown so much that our children have become eligible to get married. This girl will be the eldest daughter of Kishor Bhai, it was a good name, maybe what. Yes, its name was Ksalaya. I had seen it quite small, ... it was the nose and nose, ... Yes, the color was a little clear at that time.

'Pani' when I took the tray and placed it in front of those people, she was removing the dry clothes from the bag. I showed him the bathroom door and went inside to awaken the butterfly.

When I got awake, I entered the fourtext and I just changed and sat near them and said, 'From where now?'

'I will tell everyone. Meet them, they are - Vanya! Vanya Singh!

I was astonished as if this is not a disaster!

When Vanya said hello to me again, I used to bring formal smile on my face, I was thinking that we should really grow old, consider anyone else.

'Brother, will you eat puris or make bread!' When asked by Kitchen from the meeting, Titiksha asked him like Kishor da Hamesha - 'I will eat anything, make that, which can be made quickly and you don't have problems. If you cannot make it alone, then it will be prepared.

Removed the curtain of the kitchen and peeked at the meeting, she said, 'He hurts them, I make them in five minutes.'

For the first time I came to know that Titiksha also knows how to cook and serve in five minutes. Both of them were very hungry, as soon as they put one mouth in their mouth, they started making another mouthful quickly and the third one started tucking it in….

'Bomm ...', when Kishor Bhai ducked, I stood up and said, 'Vanyaji will sleep inside Titika, I am here on the bench and on the Diwan like you every time.'

'Don't be disturbed. They will sleep on the bench in this meeting, and you sleep in your place. It is too much at night. He was habitually explaining to me like an elder brother.

I looked at the clock, it was two o'clock. I went inside.

While lying in bed, my mind was not calm.

The last time I went to his town five-six years ago, I went to his house. The night stayed there. It was summer and we spent the whole night putting cots under neem. I realized why Kishorda was very worried in those days. He had lost his faith in writing. They were very angry with the times, they used to say, 'The era has gone bad brother, this television ruined our children! There are four such serials being shown in the week, in which every woman besides her husband is also blessed with two or two lovers, just like everyone in the world has only one job - love. People believe that love is sex. All other work is finished in the world…. And what more did they say that night.

They are like this from the beginning, they believe the same right to the locality besides their family. Very sensitive to the surrounding environment and concerned about society. Whenever I meet two or four new gospel

Where would Kishorda come from now? I started guessing ... maybe in Lucknow or Allahabad, in connection with an exam or interview, this one who is there will definitely be a talented young girl from a weak family in the neighborhood, who wants to do an exam and with No one would have got to go, so Kishorda would be ready with him. Once again I felt pity for them, forcibly carrying the responsibilities of a locality on my forehead. Dada is a waste of birth, and he has not given up his habits till now. On asking me, how did I say with ease - 'Everyone will tell!'

At three o'clock in the morning, the eye must have felt that Titiksha made me shudder and wake me up.

I woke up, for a few moments trying to understand the meaning of his saying, then went to remove the curtain of the kitchen and saw it in the meeting, I was suddenly shocked - indeed Vanya was on the diwan, instead of her bed on the bench, and an enchanted Like girlfriend, she was sleeping with Kishorda. I looked again with my eyes closed. With complete restlessness on her face, the young woman put her cheek on Dada's chest, and Dada was in a deep sleep, wrapped in her circle.

Turned, a stare of titiksha stared at my face. I grinned, showing my sense of incomprehensibility and lying on my bed.

When I reached the meeting, he said 'Good morning' at six o'clock in the morning, they both met sitting already fresh. Both of them were wearing new clothes and were in their beds at this time.

While drinking tea, Kishorda said, 'We will leave from here at eight o'clock!'

'so early ?' I shudder.

'Yes brother, we must go.' The compulsion was visible in Vanyaji's voice.

After eating two or two paranthas pickles, both of them started to move quickly and went out of the house so fast that they did not even give me a chance to walk with them, making a plan to leave the bus.

In a section of the radio's recording room, standing with the program exec, I was listening to poems that were recorded by the bald head sitting across the glass and the big lip dyed with a flowing peak of betel, the poet Mahashya Ras Vibhor. -

You are the cloud of juice, the cloud of juice, the ocean of juice,

I am thirsty, you are a lover of juice.

From these nectar urns of yours, drink two to four sips

Seal sealed this work, drink it, let it be alive.

What will happen to you

You are like a luster of gold, like a man with a strong body.

Why ruthless, ruthless, hide wealth like this,

Nature has not shown any leniency to Ashish.

Do not worry about the ill-fated era, come open today

How long have I been longing, shower me today.

You have not heard that phrase, love is heavy on the world,

There is neither age limit nor helplessness of birth.

When the poem was completed, I along with the Program Officer falsely congratulated the poetic and jaded poet who had come across the glass and went to Voiceproof Studio to record his story. Taking out the pages, I scattered the paper of the manuscript of the story across the table and started waiting for the infatuation of the recording officer.

My story was woven into the narrative of a teacher struggling against exploitation, with far-reaching possibilities of adornment, but I saw from the ears that the same poets with adornment were listening to my story diligently.

When I came out, he almost addressed me with a household name instead of a literary name, with his heavy body, he said, 'Your dream of revolution-revolution is still not broken. You are truly a partner of passion. My red salute to you! '

When I accepted his salute as a blush, the radio officer asked both of us to walk outside the studio. Kaviraj wrapped me with his heavy right hand and grabbed me and left the same posture.

Suddenly, the poet whispered in my ear, 'Your teenager da is feeding me a lot!'

I got cautious, 'How Gul?'

'Since when have you not met him!'

'It must have been some month!'

'Oh dear, you are a wonderful man! You did not know, ... They have absconded with a girl. '

Seeing me silent, he expanded the matter, 'They must be knowing where Ash is and there we are going through the town. I was not ashamed that in this age, I started to act in such a way that if I could not speak more on this unfavorable theme, then I got drowned in the sound of the word "Thatkaram". I was unable to understand whether Kaviraj's love for Thakkaram was due to the rituals done with chic or from the shaktharam which brought him to Thathari about which this Shringari poet himself is more popular. I remember that many times in solitude and many times in public, the fathers of some girls have greeted them, due to the exile in the crime, they left the city due to the fear of those accolades and today cut their old age in that town. Stay where Kishorda lives.

I felt that these gentlemen are whispering in the ear right now, when they reach the room and openly start talking all-around, then it will be difficult to silence them. I immediately saw Kaviraj with my finger and raised my finger. He smiled and loosened his arrest and, rolling like a ball, caught him behind the radio officer.

While searching the room in the corridors of the radio station, while searching the room, suddenly I felt that it would be okay for me to walk out of this campus for some time to get rid of this makeup loving poet, so I moved out.

... But Kaviraj was thwarted by my efforts, even after two hours, I was found in the room of the radio officer and was trying to record an article of a young girl who came with me under the talk program. .

Well, because of this I easily managed to get rid of myself. I took my check and without looking at its amount, while handing it to my pocket, I quickly signed mine and immediately measured the way out of the room.

However, the antics of Kishorda put me into conflict again.

After returning home, I told Titiksha that she was sad to remember Damayanti's sister-in-law. Not only did he have a deep affection for Damayanti's sister-in-law, strong body of Hatti-katti and rough-tough Damayanti sister-in-law used to pinch every problem. It happened that I was posted in the same town in those days and the first batch of Tittiksha was on the head. The house was very far away, and by the way, there was no other woman besides the old mother-in-law, whom I would bring to get married. In such a situation, when one of the pictures of Damayanti's sister told us this confusion, Damayanti sister-in-law got filled up in tears, 'Allieu, it is a matter of surprise. Hey Sirran, are we sitting here, and what do we need? Had we lost our love, we would not have done it! Say Lalla, get upset. We'll handle it all. '

... and he really took care of it. They would stay in my house day and night, and the girls would take care of the house and send it to Harila with the water of dry gourd and azbine at the given time. She used to drink Kara with a lot after refusing Tittiksha, who used to drink medicine kara.

With such a naive woman, Kishorda did such a big treachery.

It was cold, but the sound of the scooter's 'FUCK FUCK' in my yard made me sleep even within the quilt. Who will be the one who brought the hiskooter straight away…!

Laga that the fares will be there, they sometimes return from outside tour. I became restless and lay down blindly. His wife or Titiksha will open the door.

But the knock was at the door of the meeting. I asked from the quilt itself - 'Who?'

'Aapla Manush'

Hey this is the voice of Kishorda. I left the quilt and sat up and opened the door without thinking. At the door, he was standing alone smiling. He was in the same habit - the same bag hanging on his shoulder like Hamesha, Khadi kurta pajamas on his body. The same heavy number on the face and the dark black eyes staring out of poppy heads.

We hug. He turned around and closed Irvaja and threw the shoes aside and sat in my quilt, 'And tell me what is happening?'

I always said, 'Just getting the job done is simple. Where are you coming from now?

'He did not talk to the religious leaders to write a novel, I am going to work in the monasteries. His eyes were always bold and innocent without laughing from within the chasm.

He spoke openly in the morning, 'What was Titiksha saying that day?'

'She was very angry. They used to say, because of this we will become more infamous. Someday the police will pick you up as a partner in the crime of kidnapping or extorting a girl! -

'Why the police?' They were mismatched.

'A soldier came after you left to inquire about you. We hit him! '

'You didn't write me about this!'

' What do you do ? I used to get worried.

'Oh man, what Apun had to do, Vanya herself made a request in the High Court directly and finished the job of that policeman. From there, Vanya has got protection against his tyrannical father.

'Against the Father!'

'Yes, he had locked Vanya in his house. I used to think that if the police is in jail, then his passer-by will go everywhere. He made the house a lockup. When a habeas corpus petition was filed, he appeared before the court himself.

When I was surprised, the matter had reached here.

Ask them further, I could not understand, so I kept quiet.

He himself said, 'He who had brought a project of Dellitotthan, neither I, the Central Government, this Vanya was the director in that. We did a lot of work in those days ……

'And you too ...'

'Love proposals do not get rejected. This is a different chemist, which you will never understand.

'Is this how a man of love's chemistry left his wife and married wife and got impatient to trap a new-born'.

He laughed, 'Even with loving wife, no one can be loved!'

'Love many people at once ...'

'How do you make the sublime shabad like love so narrow? ... Did Krishna only love Radha? He also loved every gopi of Braj like Radha. Man's mind is the third source of love.

Do you consider love as water flowing in a waterfall? I was laughing at them.

'More extensive than water! Much more transparent than that! Love never binds, no vessel can be full of love like water. 'I felt that these days the brothers are either studying Osho or a loving Western thinker. Where could I overcome a simple housekeeper?

I quickly put on arms, 'Damayanti sister-in-law could not manage the velocity of love that was bursting in your mind.'

'You can also say this, but this is not completely true, I love him too and Vanya too ...'

Now I was surprised.

Our conversation did not happen much that night.

Titixa prepared food, ate it praising and slept with long bursts.

He left early in the morning, like the last time.

I was anxious to know more about him after he left.

... And for months this sequence went on, whoever got a friend, he would have a new information about Kishor da-

... Kishore is not able to live properly in his town right now, like thieves come by night, and meet his friend and leave for a new destination in the dark.

... Kishore has taken Vanya as his wife and has provided her a separate house with all the comforts.

... Kishorda spends her entire salary on herself and her new fledgling, while Damayanti's sister-in-law and child are the consorts of each other.

… Both the people keep wandering in the town without any thought, and Laj’s Mari Damayanti sister-in-law has stopped leaving the house.

... The girl for whom they have put everything at stake, her father and brother have vowed that they will soon deliver both of them, including Kishorada.

... Damayanti Bhabhi's daughters have started giving tuition and naive girls are facing the crisis at home with great courage.

... Kishore Da's job is in danger, because his officer has given him a notice due to having a second wife while being a married wife.

... Kishor da had woven a deep net to trap Vanya. By making a project of informal education for the rugged poor children, he used to stay out of the house for many days and roam in the ravines and Vanya wandered in Khadi kurta-pajamas eager to pursue a career in social service and NGO. Used to do In those emotional moments in those days, that girl was seduced by Kishorda, due to which Vanya broke her match.

Kishorada's name became so common to me that I could not hate him and did not even want to go in front of him ... The image of a bluffed, selfish, Aiyyash and a raised man had become his image in my mind.

In connection with an old episode of my deployment days, when I got a chance to go to the town of Kishorda on the court paper, I started praying in my heart that even though the chances of their being in the town are slim, Still I do not find Kishorada there, I do not know what I will do in anger.

My paper was settled at twelve in the afternoon, so I had a problem of cutting time, thought where to go?

Suddenly came to see, let me meet Damayanti's sister-in-law, poor people are having a bad time these days. The householder has left and his brother is bound to have two daughters and two milk-bound boys who are young. Know how the day will be spent. They will know from somewhere that what would I think if I came to the town? Will say that like others I am a companion for good days, when bad time has come, I have not even refused to meet.

Seeing me standing at the door without any notice, sitting in the courtyard, the big girl of Kishorda was shouting in awe, in which she suddenly screamed, "Hey Chacha you suddenly!" Then inside, she said, 'Aunt, look who has come?'

The very next moment, her aunt was at the door making her jump like a deer, whom I was stunned to see, because she was nobody else. Those Vanya whom I had known and heard and thought about for so many days.

Vanya was in the same fashion - in a salwar-suit of plain cotton clothes and hair-bound hair, she fell and flew here.

The whole house was assembled in a moment - including Damayanti's sister-in-law. I looked at the sister-in-law's face more intently - with a penetrating eye.

Surprise ! That I did not see any sadness in the mind of Damayanti Bhabhi, but there was a gaiety there. ... was bliss. ... was happy. ... there was peace.

... and then Kishorda came running out, 'I am my dear, after a few days you have learned!'

I saw that every member of the house was saying what they were saying.

I stayed at his house for two days. During those two days, the detective mind sitting inside me constantly kept reciting, checking, the thirsty mind is my mind, whether it is natural or artificial, that there is a synergy between all the people. To show me ... Rather it would be appropriate to say that Damayanti Bhabhi, who is not looking happy to show the world, or to save her children's future and her own eviction, did not have the upper happiness. I even asked him if he got a chance, but he used to make me laugh, he was making me believe that I should not be worried, he is completely happy and satisfied.

In those two days, I showed love from every corner of the house. Bitterness and hate were not there. The girls were very happy and outspoken this time! And Vanya ........ they were in their original nature in those days. Like a friend and elder sister with the girls, she used to jump around all day long, so she looked like a little sister, from the wear and wear of sister-in-law to her. The most delighted was Kishor da. They changed a lot from outside to inside and from different ones. Vanya was her friend, companion, hostess, and her sister-in-law was also a friend. She was also the first reader of each of Kishorada's works. He was made like a sensible child by lazy and stubborn Kishor da. The poppy beard that was part of his face was missing from Tarun Bye, and his poor eye had improved since then.

In exchange for my two stories in two days, I heard the full five stories from Kishore Da. These five stories of Kishor da were love stories. Oddly enough, the language, style, and tone of these stories were strikingly different, compared to their earlier stories. I felt like Kishorda was reborn. The pleasant information was that he had developed a deep faith in writing again.

While returning home, I was rushing from the house of Kishorda, immersed in love, from side to side.

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