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Honted stories ( Chapter - 1)

Hello, my friend how are you I am come back with a Thrill and Scarry story for you. I am said that these is my last story but thses was an joke so please Ignore it and let's start our 1st chapter of Honted House. Please enjoy.....

There was an man who lived in jagadhpur. The name of man was Ramotar. Ramotar was so helpful and kind in village. The sarpuch of the village were proud for Ramotar bravness. So this is the introduction to are main character in the story let's read the story...

The Ramotar was shift to another place in Jagadhpur. The name of these place was near the silent road and the road was so scarey in jagadhpur. No one go to this road but Ramotar was new in village so he don't know so he shift his house near to the Honted road . The road was also know as Honted road.

When he shifted his thing into An new house that near by road. He hear very scarey sound in his house. He was don't know where was this sound was coming from. Then he found the place where the sound was coming? He was not found these place and Ignore the voice . And again shift his thing one place to another. When he shift his thing he see an women who dress in white dress in his house. He was said to women " haaa.. who were you and why are you coming here" Then the women turned his face. The face was not seem because of his long hair and then women said " Go back otherwise you were kill" .Then the man was run from these House and run towords the road the he see an man and run towords and said " sir.. sir there was gho.. Ghost in house. " When the person turned his face then what he see there was an ghost in the form of a man. And then men was run opposite side from the road when he running. The women was see again when he running. And then he stop and the women was come near the men and the women was killed the person.

O my god so these was an road who killed a men. Then the other person was come who was a rich men. He was come for his bussenes to remove the house and make building. The person was lived in same house wher Ramotar killed.

... In the house.....

The man was said " o....very nice house but the house was so dirty. The man was clean the house. The house was clean and seem very nice. In night the was read story on Thrill and adventure. When he was reading the story he hear so voice from hall. He stand and go through the hall. And then he reach the hall he see that.....

To be continued......


Hello, are story are continued. And these is the time for quize. So, are second quistion are for quize are.....

Question 2. Where are Rahul and his family was Live ??

Please answer the questions in comment box.

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