Fishes are one of the most popular pets in the whole world. Their beauty and vibrant colour are so relaxing to watch that it doesn’t come up as a surprise that in the US alone, over 12.5 million freshwater fishes are kept as pet. If you choose the species right, they are not as difficult to care for and can be very low maintenance. In this article, we will look at some of the most popular freshwater species that you can keep in your home aquarium that are easy to care for.

Guppies: They are tropical aquarium fishes most widely found in aquariums worldwide. They can survive for two to three years if proper care is taken and tank conditions are appropriate.

Goldfish: Seasoned aquarium enthusiasts love it and so do the new ones. The goldfish is one of the most popular fishes for aquarium purposes. They get along with other common aquarium fishes such as guppies and rainbow fishes.

Angelfish: Carnivorous by nature, they can grow up to ten inches in big tanks. They are community fish and get along very well with other tropical freshwater species.

Zebra Danios: These fishes live for a long time; up to five years in many cases and more. They are peace loving and do well in small schools. They are native to eastern India.

Kilifish: Kilifishes are vibrantly patterned and extremely beautiful. They have a lifespan of three months to five years. They are good community fish.

Swordtails: Swordtails are available in various colours and can survive not so normal circumstances well. This makes them a good fish for beginner aquarists.

Betta: Betta or The Siamese Fighting fish appropriate to its nature is very aggressive. They are vibrantly coloured. Male bettas are extremely aggressive to other male bettas. However, they are surprisingly easy to care for and therefore are loved by every aquarium enthusiast.

Discus: Discus fish are seasoned but can be taken care of nicely if you understand their requirements and the kind of atmosphere they want. They are very graceful and interacts a lot with you.

Neon Tetra: They are extremely energetic and are available in dazzling colours. They can be taken care off easily and are considered best for beginner aquarists. They are native to South America.

Kuhli Loach: The small fish is akin to snakes and are very close to the loach family. The fish is not harmful at all and are quite enduring. They are more active at night.

Rainbow fish: They are native to Australia and Papua New Guinea. They are peaceful and can be kept with tetras. Males have vibrant colour and vie for female attention. However, breeding them is quite difficult. Otherwise, they are very easy to take care of.

Cherry barb: They swim mostly in the bottom of the tank and are quite peaceful by behaviour. They are community fishes and are usually found in brown red hues or their variations.

Fishes are the best relaxing pet to the home, because their colours brighten up our lives too !

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