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When We Met - EP - 51 (His Thoughts About His Past)

Emily's POV:

It was hard to reach Mia since she wasn't picking up my phone or replying to my texts and I was getting worried for her.

I contacted the mobile company to put her mobile number on surveillance using my late father's security business card and they wanted some time to tell me the exact location of Mia.

"So what did the two of you talk about?!"

Turning around, I saw Eric drinking water from the fridge and he placed food on the table, everything steaming hot and ready. I smelled the aroma of his handmade dishes, opening lid of the containers to admire his cooking.

"You know you didn't have to do all that! I mean you came just yesterday so it makes me a villain if you would continue to cook-"

"Oh shut up already! You and your stupid hero-villain things will never cease to eat my brains off! Now if you have talked enough already then how about you come and eat with your old friend!?"

I smiled at his words and he spread his arms in front of me. "Here! I think I really missed your hugs!"

Shaking my head at his immaturity, I hugged him tightly, my arms wrapped around his waist and my head resting on his chest.

"You married without telling me, Emily!?"

He broke the hug to look at me properly. I grinned at him, his fingers lifted my hand and he ran his index finger over my wedding ring which shone brightly and as beautifully as ever.

"Well. Look, look who's talking! I mean you were the one who left me and Edward to study abroad so I am not the only one at fault actually!"

"But still! I never knew Edward would realise his feelings for you this early! I always thought he would act all oblivious jerk towards you until the end but he proved to be the wiser one in the end after all!"

I sighed softly, taking my seat and serving myself a plate. I started to feed myself, eating with pure delicacy.

I didn't find it necessary to explain to Eric how much fake our wedding was and how much of a stupid best friend I was to marry Edward just because he wanted to keep his five year long relationship with Eric's girlfriend Lisa Williams!

We just had to keep our marriage for two years, so why go and stuff this truth on every other person's face that we weren't married for real!

Besides, everyone was happy this way, like the way Edward explained everything to me the day he prosposed me for this marriage!

And from now on, I would also try to be happy, just like Edward wanted me to be!

"Mmm.. This fried omurice is the best I have ever eaten I am telling you!" I moaned in my mouth, taking some ketchup in my spoon and swirling my fork in the heaps of baked tortillas stuffed with chicken pasta.

I took another bite of my bread, chewing it with my utmost attention, my mind going frenzy thinking where Mia was and why she wasn't responding to my calls.

"By the way, I didn't mean to be nosy you know but is that Lara girl really your friend!?"

I snapped out of my reverie, looking at Eric and blinked twice, registering his question some seconds late.

"Yeah! Yeah! You mean Lara? We are college friends! We know each other very well, and she came here to congratulate me on my wedding as she coudn't attend it due to her professional reasons!"

"Then why did she run after seeing me on the door?"

Oh crap!

"Oh right! She didn't mean to run but you know, she is extremely shy when it comes to men, the reason she is a celibate! A total celibate I am telling you!"

Seriously Emily, celibate? Have you lost all your fucking common sense in a lottery or have you been pretending to be some intelligent potato all this time!?

Eric coughed violently. "Lara's a celibate!?"

I nodded my head quickly, not daring to look him in the eyes. Eric sighed believed in my lie, as he continued to eat his share.

"Who is this Lisa, Eric!?"

Eric stopped eating and looked at me, bearing a surprised expression.

"And don't you dare to play all ignorant with me otherwise I will cut you like celery and cabbage and make your spicy stew right now!"

Eric chuckled. "No I wasn't going to ignore your question but still" He briefly glanced at me, and I crossed my arms across my chest to show him my determination "Are you really not going to let me get away with this question, Emily!?"

"No! Never! Now answer fast! Audience here wants to hear who is this Lisa girl anyway!?"

Eric sighed in disappointment, drinking a glass of water before wiping his face with a napkin.

"Lisa was my first girlfriend"

I tried to fake gasp but ended up choking on my glass of water instead.


Eric observed my reaction carefully. "And she was my last one too"

This time I genuinely gasped loudly, my mouth open ajar to stare at him.

"Really!? But why didn't you ever tell me that you used to have a girlfriend!!?"

"Emily, I didn't want to make her my girlfriend in the first place! She seemed too innocent and fragile for someone hard, tough and bad boy like me but..."


"But I ended up proposing to her and to my utter surprise, she accepted-"

"Wait! Why did you propose to her!? Did you like Lisa back then?

"No, Emily I didn't like Lisa. I just proposed to her for my own reasons-"

"What were your stupid fucking immature reasons, you dirty lizard sitting on a toilet seat-

"which, unfortunately, I can't tell you!"

"Don't you "unfortunately" me!"

Eric ignored my protests. "And then we started dating, we used to hang out almost everyday, at first she wasn't willing to accept me but then she grew habitual to my presence."

I glared at him. "So did you find her beautiful that's why you proposed to her? You were just attracted-"

"Yes, Emily she was beautiful, much beautiful in her own way but I took advantage of her innocence and did wrong to her that's why that guilt of justice keeps eating me from inside. I tried to find her whereabouts many times with the help of my associates and sources but never found a single thing about her, in fact I came here two days ago only to go and search for her myself but she changed her house and the landlord couldn't give me much information about her current address."

That's because Lisa isn't Lisa anymore! She is Lara Williams now!

"But why do you want to find her so badly? I meant to say that if you were the one who did something wrong to her then don't you think you should stay away from her... I mean she might press charges against you..." I trailed off, trying to extract my answers in a most vague way as possible.

"I don't care! I am ready to face any punishment she might give me because I know I am the one at absolute fault here! But I couldn't find her until now and I just want to meet and apologize to her properly-"

Just then, his phone vibrated soundly on the glass of dining table. Eric glanced over his phone before looking at me.

"I need to take this call"

I nodded. Eric returned few minutes later, grabbing his coat quickly and putting on his shoes.

"I am sorry Emliy but I would'nt be able to do dishes with you now! I really wanted to spend some time with you but I had this urgent work to do soon-"

I stood up from my chair abruptly,"Oh no. I don't mind a bit, Eric. Besides you are here for permanent now so we can talk like old days whenever you want!"

"But I missed you and Edward so much!"

"And I missed you too, my boy!"

My cell vibrated in my jeans and I took my phone out to see Edward calling me. Instantly my cheeks flushed red to remember that heated encounter against the wall which we shared this morning.

I didn't take the call though, accompanying Eric outside the house
towards his car.

My phone vibrated yet again and this time I needed to take the call otherwise I had no doubt Edward would come here hurriedly, leaving his company or any of his important meetings whatsoever only to see why the hell I wasn't taking his calls.

"Yes, Ed..ward!?" I stuttered, my mind calculating some good words to say to Edward without making it too uncomfortable for both of us.

"Have you eaten, Lily!?"

"Yes, I finished my lunch. Eric made it and it was so delicious, he still had his chef skills left in his blood! And you!? Did you eat!?"

Man, this was really awkward! Since when do we start to have this 'food' conversation in our calls!

Since today, you dumb bamboo!

"Oh yes, I called you to inform you I'll be late today as I need to attend this company dinner urgently!"

"Okay, I understand very well! Take your time and I'll be fine here-"

"Were you with Eric all this time!?"

"No! Actually Jake also came today so I talked to him about his stuff-"

"So you were with Jake all this time then!?"

"No! He left many hours ago and then I had my lunch with Eric so-"

"So you were, after all, with Eric, right?"

"Yes, Edward I was! Eric made both of us lunch and we hanged out for some hours and we also talked a lot about old days but seriously what's with you these days? You get worked up for nothing, Edward! Eric is my friend just as you are! I don't discriminate between you two! You two are same to me and I try my best to treat you all equally!"

"Equally Huh? I understand then-"

"I didn't mean it that way, of course you are first-"

"I told you I understand very well, enjoy your time to the fullest with him! Bye Emily!"

Edward hanged up while I stared at my phone in annoyance.

What's with him and his stupid "I understand shit!" Trying to sound so authoritative, you bull!

"What happened!? Bubbly Hubby-chubby called!?" Eric said, chuckling to himself.

I waved my hand, "Yes. He said he'd be late!"

"Well I'll be late too, Emily! I want my bear hug too!" Eric slurred, making puppy face.

"I didn't hug Edward though for being late!"

"I don't mind being the first one to be hugged by you, Lily!" Eric tried to mimick Edward, failing to do so miserably.

I laughed at his choice of words. We shared a quick hug before Eric started his car and drove frantically between the streets, leaving me behind to wonder what was the reason of his sudden exit, just after a few days of his arrival.


Clock ticked to 12'O clock and still there were no calls or texts from Edward. It had been raining continously for two hours now and I couldn't help but get worried for Edward as each second of my restless night passed one by one. I paced my living room in anxiety, calling Edward once again but he didn't pick up.

Atleast pickup my phone you idiot! In nervousness, I started to chew my nails quickly while starting TV to distract my mind somewhere else but no series, programs or TV show was able to stop me from glancing anxiously at the wall clock and then towards the window.

Rose had returned this afternoon, fully tired and exhausted but still she had the decency left to slap my words on my own face cleverly.


"Where were you all night, Rose!?"I asked Rose, who was striding towards her room without looking at me.

She stretched her arms in some unwomanly fashion, ignoring my question.

"Don't do Yoga and answer my bloody question fast, Rose! You didn't call me whole night and what's with you and your sudden arrogant attitude!? Where were you yesterday night!?"

"Searching" Rose answered, popping fresh black grapes in her mouth.

"Searching for what, exactly!?" I asked, putting my hands on table in orderly fashion.

"For my common sense, just like you told me earlier to find it!"

"What's that supposed-"

"I hope you don't mind me borrowing your fruits for some time! I need to have my share of nutrients as well!"

Rose picked up whole basket of fruits from dining table and started to climb stairs. "And, by the way, I coudn't find my common sense today. It seems too much of a mysterious object to me so maybe I need to go search for it tomorrow again!"

She left for her room before I could even ask her where Michael was who went after her in such a hurry, yesterday night.

What the hell is going on in her mind!? Why doesn't she tell me anything!?

I hope she didn't kill anyone and fled here from New York in hurry to hide her crimes, right!?

But where is that rotten corpse anyway?

Oh no, my Rose would never kill anyone! She isn't like that!

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