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Stay With Me - 2 - Prologue


Somewhere on a deserted island....


The island is deserted but beautiful,it has its own flora and fauna.. the place is really peaceful, the only sound one can hear is the sound of waves and chirping of the birds.

It looks like this place is really untouched by humans...well that's what anyone thinks if the island is viewed from a distance, but amidst that thicket there stands a palace, well a small but marvellous marble palace.

Just a Palace is enough to tell the grandeur of the people who are living in it, as it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes with gardens and big fountain in the middle. Strong boundary walls protects the whole place from water and sand.

The exterior of that palace is so beautifully designed with decorative details and proper lighting that no one can live without entering.

Entrance itself is a unique example of leads to the beautiful hall with grand marble stairs leading both ways, decorated with carpets and bronze railings of flower and leaf design.

As for the living room, it is very big rounded area with natural stone floor and velvety carpet on it, large picture windows draped with silk fabrics, ceiling is gleaming with dazzling baccarat crystal chandelier. The room is furnished with big royal sofas and arm chairs.

But it is said that sometimes the richest people are the unhappiest.. It is true for the people living in this place.. or one should say people hiding in here.

Cause it's 4:05am, the palace is gleaming like a big jewel in moon light, quietness pervades the whole atmosphere, but there is whirlwind of thoughts in Vishesh's mind, the person sitting on a royal arm chair in a living room.

He lifts his head in between to check, if anyone's there on a staircase, then try to listen to the voices coming out from upstairs. Then again with a heaving sigh he got busy in thinking..

Today he is boiling from inside, and cursing himself for the condition they are in today, here, in this remote area his wife is trying to give a birth, he couldn't provide his wife with proper medical treatment...

If he wasn't have been that dumb then their lives would have been much better...but his one mistake, changed their future and future of his baby to be born....

The loud cry of pain wakes him up from his thoughts and he gets up with jolt....


First floor
Bed room.

The bed room is as comfy as it should be, large king size bed with silk canopy, walls are decorated with artistic paintings, for lighting there is a big glass chandelier on ceiling in addition to side table lamps.

On the bed a beautiful young woman is lying, who is currently going through labor pains.

"Ahhhh.. no..... aai..... I can't do it.. I can't do it.." a women bathing in a sweat whimpers with pain. She rubs her feet on the bed and squeezes the bedsheet in her fists in pain.

but another aged woman, caresses her sweaty forehead and utters as sweetly as she can, "one more push.. and it's over.. dear.. please try it.. for the sake of your child.."

that middle aged woman, whose name is Hanita might not be the gynaecologist but she has the experience that makes her equivalent to it.

And that lying woman,whose name is Grishma still in labor pains, clutches Hanita's hand tightly, closes her eyes, purses her lips and pushes as hard as she can.. and almost passes out...

At the next moment whole room is filled with a loud cry of a new born baby.. And Grishma forgets all her pains, smiles brightly, just with one look of her baby...

Hanita, after completing her work of cutting the chord and cleaning the mess, sleeps the little one besides Grishma and dash to the man, Vishesh, who is pacing back and forth in the living room now.. in these tension too his handsome face can melt anyone's heart!!!

As he notices the old lady approaching, he looks at her with so many questions in his eyes and slowly asks, "yes...aai?"

To that Hanita answers enthusiastically, "congratulations son.. it's a girl.. both mother and child are fine.."

That old woman stares her owner for a moment, she is astonished by looking him such a calm, cause she knows that a big storm is waiting for destroy the sweetest nest she has worked for!!!

That brings tears to her old eyes...she wipes them off and see that....Her owner with a lightning speed dashes towards the bed room.

In the bed room, Vishesh tiptoes to the bed and glance at the baby, who is in a deep sleep now, lifts her in his hands, place a gentle kiss on her forehead.. then smiles to her wife, "oh.. Grishma... we are parents now.. congratulations dear... and thank you for giving me such a beautiful princess.."

To that the lady gives a brightest smile to her husband with a worn out face of course, and utters in a low voice, "congratulations to you too dear... "Vishesh places the baby besides her mom.. and looks at their faces but this time worried..!!

His wife is busy looking at the new born with smile on her face.. after a while that man comes to the hall, takes a satellite phone and dial to someone asking, "so how is the situation?"

And by listening to the reply, his face becomes pale.. after a while he again goes to the bed room, glance at the sleeping mom and daughter..

Grishma, the love of his life, is in this condition today, despite of her pale face, messy hairs and weak body, she is looking beautiful like a pink rose.

"I will take care of your daughter by giving my" that man remembers his promise that he had made to his father in law.

His eyes become moist as he utters, "I am sorry my dear, but I have made up my mind I can't let you suffer and I can't let you die, so there is only one way to end this, you know I am not coward but I love you more than anything.." and that man decides to end his life. He caresses his wife's forehead perhaps for the last time...

But to his surprise, Grishma opens her swollen eyelids, as if she was listening to her husband.

observes that the strongest man she has ever known.. is crying and she knows that what's his next step would be..

So she utters slowly but firmly, "no.. Vishu.. you can't do that.. you have to live for me.. for our daughter.."

To that Vishesh annoyingly replies, "you are not getting it.. we are not safe anywhere, they will come and get us, try to harm you both.. what will I do then?"

To his annoyance that smart woman calmly answers , "but you can do one thing.. you can make us disappear, before they can reach here.. then you just go to them, accept their demands.. they won't bother us then.."

That man observes his wife with wide eyes and almost shouts, "what does that mean.. ?"

Grishma puts her finger to the nose saying, "sshhh...our baby is sleeping..." then adds inhaling deeply, "I meant to say.. declare that I have lost my life as I have had a miscarriage"

That man almost gets up with anger, "do you know, what are you babbling? Oh.. Grishma.. how can I lie about you both, how can I pretend that you are dead? How can I hold myself without meeting you? can you imagine how hard will it be for me..? I am not gonna do that " that man declares his decision.

but Grishma adds, " please think about it calmly, in that way..atleast we will be alive.. still I will be with our baby... so she will be safe.. it's better to live apart than to die in vain.. don't you think so..? we should give a chance to our little angel to live her life, We'll live in disguise so that no one can find the truth about us.. I promise you that.."

That man's lips twitch in annoyance as he utters, "do you think.. it will be good to give a life of prisoners to our daughter..? Will she forgive me? And what about you.. you know I only love you.. you will be fine looking me with another woman, and don't you feel death would be better option for me than to accept their demands.."

That woman interrupts him, "and Vishu do you think if you will be gone then will they leave us alone..?? Why did you think that I'll give our daughter a prisoner's life, believe me I'll raise her well and for me I will be fine as far as you'll love me!!" Grishma utters the last sentence with sinking heart, but today she is not just a lover or wife she is a mother, and when it comes to her child's safety, she is ready to sacrifice her love...

That man turns his head unbelievably to look at his wife, heaves a sigh of sorrow and says, "please help me.. what do I do?.. let's leave this country then.."

Grishma slowly gets up and sits on the bed with the support of her hand, her forehead gets furrowed because of the pain she is feeling. Her midnight black hairs flowed over her shoulders.

She adds after a short pause, "We both know, it's not a good idea, we will be all alone there, here.. atleast I have my people to protect me."

She is instantly interrupted by her husband, "no.. you can't go to them, I don't want to risk their lives too." Grishma's angel white teeth appear as she fake a smile, "I know dear.. but to live abroad is not a good idea either, so you just do as I have said.. I have a plan, so believe me we'll be safe.."

She holds Vishesh's hand affectionately, "you leave this place before they can find out about us.. I'll meet you after one year.. just make sure to let me know everything you do there with them"

That man apologises sadly, " I will never forgive myself for whatever I am going to do.. I am sorry dear.. I am really sorry.. I love you" Grishma replies with a smile on her lips but sorrow in her large and solemn black eyes, "apologies accepted.. and I love you too.."

As the man gets up to leave, the baby wakes up and starts crying, the man last time lifts her in his lap and says, "hey.. no need to cry.. my baby.. daddy's gonna be fine... daddy's gonna meet you.. daddy loves you.. I am sorry my baby.. I hope you'll have a very bright future..." then pauses for a while, and utters looking at her face.., "we'll call her..Tulika..."

To that Grishma chuckles, "okay... I like the name... 'Tulika..'..." then takes baby back in her lap..

That man holds his wife's face for a moment and passionately kisses her and then utters, "promise me one thing.. you will raise our daughter in a way that she will be strongest, and please always tell her that I love her more than anything and I love you too.. " and again desperately kisses her for the last time.. then leaves the room, without glancing back to them.. perhaps to hide his tears, to hide his guilt...

Then Grishma utters to herself, "I promise you Vishesh.. I'll raise our daughter in a way that she will write her destiny with her hands.. and I'll make sure that those rascals will get punished, who made our life a hell.." and she bites her lower lip to stop the tear fall from her eyes.. cause she can't be weak at this moment.

"Hanita aai.." Grishma calls her out loud. That middle aged woman hurriedly enters in the room worried.. Grishma orders her, "aai.. pack our bags.. we are going to leave this palace"

To that aai replies with trembling voice, "but... 'beta' your condition.."

"aai.. we have bigger issues to take care of than my condition so do as I say.. we don't have much time.." Grishma speaks as gently as she can..

cause her mind is totally busy in executing the plan she has already made. She wants to make sure that no one knows about birth of her daughter..

And after around three hours they leave the island in a private jet..

Her baby is in deep sleep in her lap, she caresses her gently saying, "my dear.. you are my life.. I will do anything for you.. anything. "

Hanita aai is watching this mature woman, and slowly asks, "so are you going to leave this country?"

Grishma replies firmly, thinking deeply, "no aai, I think it won't be good idea, so I want to live in here with my people but I am gonna need your help."

Hanita aai's lips stretched to give a smile, "of course 'beti'.. I am ready to do anything for you..."

"Ok.. so here is the plan.. " utters Grishma and explains her thoughts. Then mumble to herself, "I just need one year, after that I know where to live...."

Then looks outside of jet window to drink in vastness of an ocean and prays to the rising sun, "oh.. lord please give me courage so that I can give my daughter a life, she deserves....!!!"

Then boom... the loud noise shake all of them even inside the jet, but Grishma gives a deceitful smile to herself.

As it was her idea that the palace of her dreams should be shattered into pieces so that every evidence of their existence has been destroyed from the earth..

Cause from this day onwards she will have a new name, new identity..!!!


This story is purely work of fiction. names, characters, events, incidents in the book are imaginary. Any resemblance to actual person living or dead, actual events or incidents is purely coincidental..

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