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IN Search Of The Broken key - 1

Chapter 1

Lost in Woods

It was a strange and unexpected day for me... I awoke on a mountain, not sure how I got there or what I did last night. Blood stains were all over the seats and doors of my car so I looked for my car key to go home but it was broken so I merely found one piece of my key. However, I can't remember how I got here as there is one more piece of my key in place and I've got no injury , so if blood is involved, it must not be mine , and I kept driving to my house and washed the stain in the car in the nearby lake…..

A shepherd who was rearing goats saw some blood stains on a mountain while he was rearing his herds, and tipped off the police that he'd seen some blood stains while rearing his goats .

Police got involved in that case and took samples of blood from that site. They sent the samples to forensics for analysis to find out whose blood this is. Based on the analysis of the blood sample, the forensic department made a statement about whose blood this is. According to the statement, the blood belongs to a woman, thereby triggering the investigation... ..

Investigation Begins…..

The site where police collect blood samples was the scene of a murder. They began a thorough investigation into how and who killed her, Police officers started to search the murder site for any evidence about the killer and the broken key of my car was found to police and they are In The Search Of The Broken Key owner , but police are unsure of one piece of the broken key, so it has been sent to forensics for fingerprints of the killer. Searching for more time , they found tyre prints of a car with blood and confirmed that the broken piece of the key and tyre prints belonged to the killer’s car .

It has been 15 days since the murder but the police still cannot identify the killer. All they have are broken keys and tyre prints for evidence.

Chapter 2
A Special Investigator

the police officers delayed in handling the case, So the murder investigation is being handled by a detective officer Named Nick .

With details about the murder obtained from police, Nick began his investigation with the villagers near the mountain where murder was commited , an old man reported seeing two mens and a woman in a car talking for some time, and then one got out, then the rest drove to the top of the mountain. Nick went to the murder site again, looking for any evidence of the crime; after a while searching, he found some blood on a glass piece and damaged cell phone and sent the blood sample to the forensics department , he found a SIM Card card in the mobile, he analysed the SIM card , he found the call history and noted that the last three calls from the mobile were from the same person ,

The caller's mobile number was given to Cybercrime and they found a Address of residence , I was shocked and nervous when the detective entered my home. I was arrested as a suspect, I went to the police station, police officers investigated me about the murder, i said “ i was a innocent , i dont know abou the murder and i was in my home when the murder was commited ’’ ...............

To Be Continued!

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