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New Start of Lovestory - Episode 1

Ahana young cute and beautiful girl, Ahana join as nurse at Pinka hospital.Vikram a rich businessman and a successful doctor at Pinka Hospital.
Dr.Vikram with Diya at her home having talk, Diya and Vikram was dating her. But he suddenly wakes up from his dream due his phone rings. Dr.Vikram was sitting on chair and eyes were closed, it was night time and he was taking a short nap. Dr.Vikram sees its Ahana calling to him. Dr.Vikram remembers he has to pick up Ahana from pub because she was on date with a guy.
Ahana was in pub and with guy was dancing on dance floor. Ahana was enjoying the date. But he takes her to a side and asked Ahana to come close. Ahana was drunk and she was in her own world. But she feels seeing him that it’s Vikram. Ahana comes close to him and she hugs him.
That guy try to take advantage of her, he kisses her on her neck then slowly remove her sleeves of dress but then Ahana release that it was not Vikram. She tries to push him away and that guy forcefully tries to kiss her on her lips, but Vikram reach on time. Vikram hits that Guy and says, “How dare you to kiss her with her permission?” That guy runs away, Ahana hugs Vikram and says, “Vicky…My Doc my friend…thanks for saving me. I love you…” Ahana kiss on his lips and cheeks. Vikram was shock with her confession and he thought to drop her safely.
Vikram says, “Ahana we have to leave…come with me!” Ahana was then go in deep sleep in his arms. Vikram pick her up and make her sit in car. Vikram drop her home safely and her mother was tensed with her behavior.
Vikram reach her home and take her to house and make her sleep in her room. Vikram see Ahana’s mother and says, “Anuty she was on date with guy but he was not safe. So I thought of drop her safely home. She was drunk also so…”
Ahana’s mother smile and says, “Think about my prospsal of marrying to Ahana. You know that she is love in with you. Vikram somewhere you also Diya has already married to your brother. So, its clear.”
Vikram says, “I don’t want to get marry but for Ahana is by best childhood friend thai it. Ahana have to understand my feeling.”
Vikram with anger to his house, Kamini Vikram’s Sister was with her Boyfriend and having intimate romance in her room. Kamini says, “Don’t worry baby my bro never disturb me as we are married couple only my bro don’t know. But I will tell him, continue your kiss and mad for you as you are so busy in your duty.” Kamini was kissing her boyfriend.
Vikram was in anger and tensed with Ahana. Vikram reach to house and he was in his room. Vikram stands in front of mirror and remember that how Diya chested him and marry to his elder brother Raskesh.
Next morning, in hospital,
“Ahana, I put a new patient in room four for you,” Meena Verma, the Pinka Hospital ER charge nurse, called out.
“Okay.” Ahana bhal finished documenting on her recent discharge and then pushed away from the computer. The hour was well past midnight, but the ER remained incredibly busy on this Memorial Day Friday night. Or rather, Saturday morning.
She crossed over to room four but then stopped abruptly in the doorway as she saw the familiar face of her patient. Aisha Sha, a fifty-year-old woman looking a decade older than she should, was seated on the gurney cradling her right arm against her chest.
No. Not again. The tiny hairs lifted on the back of her neck in alarm. This was the second time Aisha had been here over the past month. The last time was for a black eye that she swore was not caused by her husband, Kumar’s, fist.
What would be her story this time? Lalavati took a deep breath and let it out slowly before entering the room. “Hello, Aisha.”
“Hi.” Aisha’s gaze barely met hers before skittering away.
“What did you do to your arm?” Ahana asked, keeping her voice gentle as she approached. She had the distinct impression the woman was on the edge and wouldn’t hesitate to flee if cornered.