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The manju ghoshal murder mystery kalighat case no. 186 dated 12.03.2019, U/S 302/34/394 OF the indian penal code (IPC) MURDER act done by several persons in furtherance of common intention, voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery.
1, Nepal bhattacharya street is two or three minutes from kalighat thana by car. A few steps westward from the rashbihari crossing takes one to sadananda road, a short walk along which bring one to nepal bhattacharya street to the left. the spot is 10 to 20 metres from the annual badam tala ashadh sangha puja pandal one of the city`s famed pujas.
the address accommodates two building both four-storeyed home to thirty-two tenant families. one large gate acts as the entrance to both building.
manju ghoshal was a tenant in a first-floor flat of one of the building. both manju and her husband, narayan Chandra ghoshal were former employees of the posts & telegraph department . Narayan chandra retired from service in the late 1980s. prompted by ill health, manju opted for voluntary retirement in 2005.
the couples~ only child , manasi or bula was married to dipankar mitra of sinthi in 1999. narayan passing away had been living alone in the first-floor flat where, in the middle of the morning, one or more people have the sixty-year- old to death.
Once the police have cleared the flat of curious neighbours, this is what they find. turning manju~ s bloodied body over, they see an abrasion on her cheek and two wounds inflicted with sharp weapons. her throat has been slit the bleeding profuse the second wound is in her stomach caused by the forceful entry of a knife or similar weapon. her entrails have spilled out her inght dress so red with blood that finding a speck of white will require a magnifying glass. On the floor is a pair of plastic sandals, evidently for her daily use. On the bed next to the pillow are her spectacles. The landline receiver lies on the floor too, it's cables torn out. Both bedrooms have been ransacked. Bed clothes and pillows, the clothes rack, small plastic bags__the killer or killers have been through everything.
Next to the bed on which the body is lying is a steel cupboard which is locked, but the keyhole bears several tool marks the kind cause by equipment used to try and force the lock. With no help from feluda or byomkesh, even a glance is enough to indicate a desperate attempt to find money and valuables in the flat following the murder.
The room where the body is found also accommodate a medium sized dining table,on which are two teacups, one made of steel, the other of porcelain. Both contain remnants of tea , and a larger cup, it's handle broken, lies on the floor.
To bee soon suspens of story
By artist vishal saxena
He was born in india and was educated at Delhi's .He was a highly minded and finely moulded nature. He was a great lover of honesty desire and justice
He worked as a Art Teacher of Art studio he is more know as a suggestive literary critics and as a lecturer on Art painting and some of quote.
He is a artist writer who has written on first simple story theme "LOVED AND LOST " is his simple story which is full of humour
His styles is very interesting The famous artist of india This is Artist vishal saxena but first be a good human be real be gone
¶if you are searching for a that person who will change your life take a look in the mirror¶®
By Artist vishal saxena

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