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Wo Aawaj.. Part 2

When the doctor tells Nia that she has to keep Vivaan away from anything that could cause him to have a attack.Nia gets worried as to what to do now so that Vivaan gets cured.Nia leaves the doctor outside and then goes to Vivaan and asks him whether this thread is coming from his childhood.But Vivaan does not tell her anything.Vivaan only told Nia about staying away from his family but never told her the reason.Nia thought that maybe this is not the right time to know the reason, that's why she never asked Vivaan about it. Nia gives medicine to Vivaan and then leaves from there after he sleeps. While going to the house, she thinks all the way that what is the reason that Vivaan is hiding from her.She wants to know the reason but she cannot ask Vivaan until he tells her himself.Because she loves Vivaan very much, she does not want Vivaan to feel bad about her.Next morning Vivaan gets ready to go to office.Then Vivaan gets a call, he gets shocked and drives quickly to reach Nia's house.Nia faked a small accident to invite him to her home.Vivaan gets very scared and after seeing her closely, hugs her.He asks her why did she do this drama. Nia says that if she did not do this drama then he would not have come here so soon.Vivaan asks her the reason for calling him here.Nia tells him that she wants to go on a date with him as both of them have never done so.Vivaan says that you called me here sosoon for this matter, so you could have told me by calling me also, I don't mind, scared me for no reason.See, even in a day like this, I will trouble you.Then both of them start laughing and Nia laughingly talks about meeting his family.Suddenly Nia realizes what she said. She starts saying sorry to Vivaan.Vivaan asks her if this marriage cannot happen without his family. After all, you have a family, isn't it? Nia says that her family will not get her married to Vivaan until they meets his family. Nia says that my family suspects that you do not have any family, you are telling lies to everyone.Vivaan says are you also feeling the same. Nia says no, I trust you a lot, but if we have to get married then yes, I also want to meet your family. Please don't mind my words but if we get married then what will people say where is the boy's family. Then what will my family say to them that they have never met your family. I have full faith in you but please let my family meet your family please.I know you will never mind me. Vivaan leaves from there without saying anything.Nia feels that he is angry with her again.There is a place like Raj Mahal, there is someone there, someone's shadow.Somebody is looking for somebody. A boy is standing looking just like a prince. Suddenly he starts shouting. Save me save me mother this voice this voice will kill me mother. Shut up I say shut up Don't shout so loud I can't hear anymore.Stop it please stop it not now not at all, stop it.

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