Vasantvilla - A Haunted House - 2 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Vasantvilla - A Haunted House - 2

Chapter 2
Vishal looks at the girl at the end of the room and proceeds saying that Manali has come. Then Siddhidevi stops him by holding his hand. and says. Thus proceeding towards Manali is dangerous. Because there is no telling when a spirit attacks someone. First let me talk to him and make sure that it is good for you to go to Manali. Then I stay there till you move towards Manali. Hearing Siddhidevi's talk, Vishal stops there. Siddhidevi points to Bharat, understanding Siddhidevi's signal, Bharat gives one amulet to Vishal and Sandhya and tells them both to wear this protective shield so that even if Manali's spirit becomes uncontrollable, it will not harm them. Vishal takes both the shields from Bharath's hand. himself wears one. And another one lets Sandhya wear it. Siddhidevi starts asking questions to Manali who are you? And why is this going back to the bungalow? In response, Manali says loudly that she is the daughter of the owner of this house. This house belonged to her. He used to spend holidays in this villa with his parents. Two years ago, during one such vacation, she was making breakfast for herself in the home kitchen. Then suddenly the gas cylinder bursts. And the entire kitchen goes up in flames. He cries out for help. Hearing my voice, my mom, dad and the caretaker of our house Ramji Kaka come running. But by then it is too late. Ramjikaka and mom try to put out the fire by sprinkling water. And Papa jumps from the fire and enters the kitchen. And take me out of the fire. But by then ninety percent of my body was burned by fire. My father brings me out of the fire. But as soon as I come out of the fire, my life is gone. Even after my last rites were performed, the memory of this house still does not leave me. My moksha is possible only if someone gives me moksha through scriptural ritual. That's why I used to come in my father's dreams and ask him to give me salvation. But he could not understand me. They came to you today. So let me talk to him and pave the way for my salvation. Saying this Manali's soul starts crying. Seeing this, Vishal moves towards Manali. So Manali stops her and says papa you won't come forward you can't see your Manali's plighted face please don't come forward she starts moving back. Seeing Vishal coming towards her, Manali gets scared in her eyes. Sandhya also gets up behind Vishal and moves towards Manali. Seeing this, Manali screams. Please don't come forward, if you see my disfigured face closely, you will be shocked. Saying this she starts to move back but Vishal jumps and catches her. And the mask on Manali's mouth is pulled out, along with the make-up on her mouth, a gel-burnt skin is made. As the mask comes off. So the person who has become Manali. Vishal and Sandhya are shocked to see him. When Siddhidevi and Bharat's faces are covered with panic.
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