Vasantvilla - A Haunted House - 1 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Vasantvilla - A Haunted House - 1

Chapter 1

It was drizzling rain, there was lightning, and the wind was blowing strongly. In such an environment, a car was moving from Pithoragarh towards the hill of Balkot. This car was being driven by Vishal Thakur. He was accompanied by his assistant Sandhya Singh. Both were moving towards Vasantvilla, a bungalow situated on a hill 5 kms ahead of Pithoragarh and before Balkot. Vishal suddenly thought of Vasantvilla. Vasantvilla was a haunted house. Vasantvilla is an old bungalow spread over about one bigha of land on the hill of Balkot. was Which was no less than a mansion. As soon as you enter Vasantvilla, there is a huge garden inside the main door. And the path leading from the middle led to the porch of the Vasantavila bungalow. The temple was built in the garden on the right side. In which there were idols of Kuldevi of Pandit family and Lord Shiva. Whom the Pandit family used to worship with devotion. But it was without worship for many years. Because no one lived in that bungalow for the last twenty years, the bungalow like a haveli feel vacant. Sukesh Acharya, the owner of that bungalow wanted to sell it for many years. But Vasantavila was not sold. Because seven murders and robberies took place twenty years ago in Vasantavila. It is said that after that the souls of seven people were wandering there and no one could live in that house. At the time of the murder and robbery, Sukesh was in Dehradun, 500 km from Vasantvilla. So he survived. Sukesh was the only member of the family. The one who survived the carnage and got sad and sold this villa because he considered this villa to be inauspicious. This villa was taken away from him by his family. But till today no buyer was found. But today Vishal Thakur was ready to buy from Sukesh. Vishal wanted to buy this villa and build a small resort there. But Vishal's wife Vinita was against buying this property. He was afraid of the ghost present there. Vinita said that seven lost souls live there and she does not allow anyone to stay there. So one should not buy a huge property. Even if the price is only twenty five percent of the market price. Vishal is a YouTuber. And he runs a channel called Haunted House. In his channel, he used to cover the stories of the houses, havelis, bungalows, palaces, etc. listed in the haunted house and create as much scary atmosphere as possible. His channel Haunted House had five million followers. But his personal belief was that there is no such thing as ghost or soul in this world. He believed that he was only taking advantage of people's superstition and gullibility and taking advantage of people's fear mentality. Vishal always chose haunted houses which are not very famous and added spice to his story and created more scary story and edited it by shooting ordinary houses on his channel and made scary story and earned name and the views of his channel kept increasing.. Vishal himself was a resident of Dehradun. And started shooting in small villages of Uttarakhand as far as possible and started showing fictional stories along with real houses in Haunted House channel. And his channel's views are increasing and so are his earnings. During one such story shooting, he met Sukesh Acharya and Sukesh told him about his Vasantvilla near Balkot. He himself wants to give the villa seventy-five percent lower than the market rate only at twenty-five percent of the market rate. And he says that the story will be found there. After listening to Sukesh, Vishal himself gets ready to buy that villa. But Vishal's wife Vinita refuses to buy this villa. Because she spent her childhood in Pithoragarh, Vasantvilla is inhabited by seven ghosts and no one can live in that villa for more than four or five days. The ghost in it torments and kills those who live in the villa. She has heard and seen that since childhood. So Vishal wants to prove it to his wife. That what he has heard and seen is wrong. For that, he is currently going to Vasantvilla with his assistant Sandhya. Vishal has called Siddhidevi from Dehradun. Through which he wanted to prove that there is nothing like a ghost in the world. Also Siddhidevi is unfamiliar with this area so she does not know any details about Vasantavila. Vishal and Sandhya meet Siddhidevi as husband and wife and say that their twelve-year-old daughter Manali died in a house fire. And his house is located near Balkot. My daughter comes to me in dreams. and requests. Nor is my soul redeemed. So if you come to my house and help me get my daughter released, I will be indebted to you for life. I am ready to give you whatever you say. Siddhidevi gets details about Manali from Vishal. How is it? Siddhidevi tells Vishal and Sandhya how she looks like at the time of death etc. She herself will come to Balkot next week and make efforts for the release of Manali's soul before calling Manali's soul to know her wish and help her release. She has to go to Vasantavila in Balkot a day earlier to speak to Manali's spirit and prepare for the ritual of liberation. So he will give Siddhidevi the key of Vasantavila so that she can arrive a day earlier and prepare for the ceremony. Thus, Siddhidevi along with her brother Bharat arrived at Vasantavila yesterday. She had prepared a ritual to summon Manali. And were waiting for Vishal and Sandhya to reach Vasantvilla. Vishal and Sandhya reach Vasantavila and are welcomed by Siddhidevi. And she says she has made all the preparations for the ceremony. So we will start the ritual. Siddhidevi and her brother Bharata light the fire in the altar and begin chanting to invoke the soul. Vishal and Sandhya do not understand this mantra. As the ritual progresses, the sound of chanting increases and the barley seeds are roasted in the fire. And the smoke in the room increases. And soon a figure of a girl appears at the end of the room. Her face is burned and the skin over her eye is burnt, with the skin between one eye and nose stretched. Seeing her, Vishal gets up saying that Manali has come. In fact it is a little far from Manali. Vishal moves towards Manali but Siddhidevi stops him.