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Romance in Murder - 2

But veer said that, in this murder the man was not half burned only his hands were burned. So, I think that this is a normal accident happened accidentally or a murder done for robbery or other things. But Dr meera told him that it is not a normal murder because it was also the killer because this time the criminal don't burn his half but he used to burn new body parts . The killer didn't burned him half but burn him full. In this both veer and meera began to argue with each other and than seeing them fight Abhi try to stop them and he said that, both of you are right in your explanation but we have to solved this case together. So ,both of them stop their argument and start to investigate. And then they went to the victim house to investigate. There they find that victim mother was not his real mother. She adopted him from the orphan and loved him as his real son. But they also find that the victim was very rude with all the people around him and he also went to the Same restaurant for breakfast.

Dr Meera ,veer and his teammates again went to the restaurant to investigate about the man but they did not find anything there. So, they went to the station and than Dr meera told them that both murder case are joined with each other. Because both victims were very rude and there behaviour were also very bad. Common point is that they both went to the restaurant. First victim has gone there at lunch and dinner but second victim went there at breakfast time. So, both victims have gone to the restaurant and the person who killed them, I think he /she also worked there.

So, the serial killer also worked there as an employee or as a customer he always go there. Than the teammates appreciate her for the explanation and they also think that it was a serial killer murder and they told veer to apologize to Dr meera for morning argument and for this veer apologize to meera but he was very angry and jealous from Dr meera and was not happy that they only appreciate Dr meera and they didn't appreciate veer for his hard work. After that, at night Dr meera was thinking that there teammates should not only appreciate me but also veer for his hard work.

And Dr meera feel bad for veer and then she start thinking about veer and went to sleep. But, In morning veer totally ignore Dr meera and don't talk to her and from this we know that veer is upset with meera and that's why he is not talking to her. But Dr meera was feeling bad because veer was not talking to her and than other teammates also noticed it. So, after that they start the investigation about the murder. Veer told everyone to bring all detail of the customers and they went there houses to investigate about the killer. But they , did not find anything about the killer . Than they went to the restaurant and they asked the manager to bring all the employee in the sitting room. They all find nothing so , they asked manager that any of their employee is missing or not. Manager told them, that our one cook has resigned tomorrow and he was our best cook of this restaurant. Than veer asked the manager that, How was the behavior of the cook who left tomorrow? "than he said that, 'he was very nice person every one here love him and his behavior was very good '. Than veer asked him that why did he left the restaurant? than he said that, he has gone from here to his new job because he got a new job offer from a very big restaurant and he was working her for money so, he was getting more money from the restaurant that's why he left this restaurant. Than veer said, Thank you to the manager and come back to police station. Than they start to investigate the missing cook.

And the killer start to work in another restaurant as a cook. There we saw that the cook was going to his house after finishing his work in the restaurant and after reaching home he went to a secret dark room, who was behind his mirror and than there we saw the man was watching a photo of a girl and was smiling and laughing and the man burn the photo in his hand. And in the police station the teammates find the cook house. Then veer and meera went there and asked the cook about the restaurant but they don't find anything but Dr meera noticed that the hand of the cook was burned. So, she share her thoughts with his teammates that the cook hands were burned but they think that he cooked food everyday. So , he must be hurt by the fire in the kitchen. After then, they all were going to their houses. But Dr meera went to veer and she said sorry to him. And she said him that she know that because of your hard work we find the clue. And veer feel sorry for not understanding Dr meera. So , he also said sorry to her. They clear there misunderstanding and become friends . Next Morning , in the police station one parcel came and when they open it they find a burned head which was totally burned but in the box there was only a head not other part and it was head of a girl because the burned head has long hair .

So then Dr meera went to her forensic lab to examine the fully burn head Then Dr meera told her teammates that the head was cut by a different type of knife. Which we can't find easily so the knife is really rare. And also I find some sticky particle of chicken in the knife. So the victim was killed by a kitchen knife. So because it is a rare knife. And it usually used in luxury restaurants. So we will find it in a restaurant in which famous chefs work. So you have to find it in restaurant. Then they all went to find the knife. Then they all went to all the luxuries restaurants but they didn't find anything about the knife.

Will police be able to find the killer ?