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Romance in Murder - 3

Than, Abhi told them that only one restaurant is left there we have to investigate about the knife but we cannot go there easily because it is a couple restaurant and only couples can enter that restaurant . So ,we have to find Some way to investigate. So , Raj said that ,tomorrow is a party in the restaurant and my neighbor get a invitation of that party. So I can get that invitation card from them but we have to decide, How we will go inside . After that Yash said that , Dr meera and veer will go there like a couple. So, we can investigate inside the restaurant. So , they make a plan and they decided to go there tomorrow. Than, veer told meera , please be ready at 9 o'clock and I will come to pick you up. So, don't be late . And Dr meera said, 'Yes' and they went to their houses. Tomorrow night veer went to meera 's house.

Meera open the door and after looking her , veer cannot get out his eyes from her. She was looking very beautiful in the black gown with white embroidery on it and with a simple makeup and tide pony tail. She was looking so adorable and beautiful that's why veer cannot stop himself for looking at her. Than meera told veer that, why are you staring at me than veer take off his eyes from her and said that, you are looking beautiful So meera also told veer that, he was also looking very handsome and both of them smiled . And went to the party. But at other side we see a man who was sitting in a dark room holding a bloody knife in his hand and was cutting some one's body into half and was laughing loudly and in the side of the chair some woods were burning and than the man was burning the body parts in the fire and it was looking so creepy.

Than we saw Dr meera and veer had arrived outside the restaurant and guards checked them. When they get inside the restaurant they went to meet the staffs and employees after that meera meets some guest and try to asked them about the restaurant and also about the cooks about that time they were working there and which chef is new here .And after sometime they find out that the missing chef of that restaurant also worked here and other side veer was silently finding some clue and he find a bloody knife in the flower plant and then he pick it with his hankerchef and put it in the evidence bag and then he went downward from the stairs and began to find meera in the party .

And after some time he find meera who was talking with some ladies and veer went to meera and bring her with him and then he show her the knife and asked her , Did she find any clue ? Than meera told him that ,the chef that was missing in that restaurant works here like a chef. When they were talking , announcement began at the party and they saw that a man was standing on the stage with mick in his hand and he was saying ,' Please everyone pay attention to me 'and than everyone was looking at him and than veer and meera also pay attention toward him. Then the man began to say , , please everyone pay your attention toward me and than he said that, ' thank you everyone for coming here 'and today we are going to play a game so everyone be ready and in this game all the couples will take part and the game is that, all the couple will drink vine and those couple will drink more vine will be the winner. So let's start the game and than meera and veer said to each other that if we will not play this game they will knew that we are not a real couple , so we have to play this game and they began to play the game with other couples.

After drinking some glass of wine meera and veer looses their control and they began to dance on the stage. And after dancing for some time veer hold meera 's hand and take her outside the restaurant and they began to walk on the foot path and began to talk with each other and at that time veer told to meera , , , thank you to you that you are helping me in the case. Than after walking for so long they stop in a place and than veer pull meera to itself and go close to her than slowly kiss her. When he kissed meera push him back and slapped him for this and than she went went back to her house. But veer was standing there putting his hand on her cheek.

In the morning when meera wake up in her house she remember what happened in the night between veer and her and she was very angry and after that she went to the bathroom for shower and then she went to the police station and when she enter the police station veer was standing there and after seeing him meera become more angry and went inside her office and there veer was also thinking that, Meera is angry because of yesterday night and than he think that, How I will apologize to meera for yesterday night? and will she forgive me for yesterday. When he was thinking this Abhi told to veer that, what are you thinking from so long.

And than veer said ,nothing I was not thinking anything let's work we have to find the killer and they began to work. After some time Yash told to veer that from morning we are seeing that meera is not talking to you did something happened between you two yesterday. Did you have done something wrong or did you tell something wrong to her and she is upset with that if you have done something wrong to her please firstly say "sorry" to her or she will never forgive you for that because you know how rude woman she is ?.

Will meera forgive veer for his mistake ? And Has veer started liking meer?