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Romance in Murder - 4

Than veer went inside the office for apologizing to meera and he said to meera that, 'I am sorry meera for yesterday night at that time I was drunk so I was not in my conscious and I made that mistake'. So please forgive me for yesterday and forgot everything but when he still didn't get any response he went outside the office. But at that time meera was very angry and she didn't said anything to veer. After some time meera came outside her office with a report in her hand and she said to them that, The knife blood and burned head DNA is same. So this knife is the murder weapon and then veer told everyone about the chef and to find him because we have searched his old house but he was not there so, find him fast and let's go to the restaurant with the search warrant and investigate about the girl, If any girl is missing from the restaurant or not.

Than they went there to investigate and they asked the employees and customers and they said that, A girl was working here as a manager but from two days she is missing than veer asked them that, 'How was the behavior of the manager 'so they said to veer that the girl was very rude and arrogant and always scold people in the restaurant and no one can say anything to her because she was the manager of the restaurant. Than veer went back to police station there he said to everyone that, l think the killer is only killing those people who talk rudely and their behaviours are bad and he is only killing them. So all of them agreed and began to find the cook. But they didn't find the cook and after some days , A letter came in the police station for Dr meera and when meera read the letter there it was written that, " please stay away from this case or you will also die" but she didn't care about it and went out with yash, Raj , Abhi and veer but she was not talking with veer and she didn't told her teammates about the letter which was send by the killer and went out to find the cook and they went to the restaurant to find some clue about the missing girl and then went to ask about the cook who was working here and from when he was missing but they said that, from the day the girl was missing , the cook was also missing .

So after getting this information they all went back to police station and meera went to her house and veer and his friend went to the police station and than veer went inside meera 's office to find some files and their he find the letter and saw that and told about it to the teammates .Than they ask veer that, did someone threaten meera, but why she didn't told us about it. If someone try to attract her so what will we do? So please call meera and told her to be careful from the killer. And let's go to her house to protect her because she live alone at her house and they start to call her put she was not picking up her phone .

So everyone was very worried and went to her house and knock her house door but she was not opening it than veer and yash together start to break the door but in some time meera open the door and they went inside the house and asked her that , why you are not picking our phone call. So she told him that, I was taking shower that's why I was not picking your phone calls. Than they asked her that, why didn't you tell us about the letter ? Because I knew that you all will take tension so l didn't tell you all about it .So why you all came her at night than yash said that, when you were not picking our phone so we think that the killer had attacked you so we came fast to protect you because you live alone that's why.

Than meera told them to sit and gave them water to drink . Than Raj said that, it's very late so we stay here for one night. And meera told them to stay here for one night because it very late and You can sleep here because my house is very big and you can also protect me for one time because I don't need your help and I can protect myself. Than meera told them , go and wash your hands and face and sit here . Because I am going to make dinner or you can watch TV also.

Than she went inside the kitchen to make dinner and here yash, Raj, Abhi and veer began to see meera 's house and after some time meera called them to, come and eat dinner and they went to the dinning table for dinner. And they start to eat the dinner and praised her food . And after dinner ther all went to sleep but in all the time meera was not talking with veer and was staying away from veer. He try to talk with her but she didn't talk with him. That's why he was very upset and was thinking about her. In the morning, they all wake up and get ready for going to police station and in some time meera's door knock and when she opens the door there were no one outside the door but a parcel was kept in front of the door and then meera take the parcel and went inside the house and when she opened it .

She was shocked and called veer and yash . And they also saw that parcel they was also shocked because in the parcel there was a burned doll and on it meera 's name was written . And than they all said meera , to not go to the police station because it is dangerous for you and you should stay in the house . But Dr meera refuses to stay in the house and went to get ready for her work. But they were little tensed because of the killer and than they went to police station and meera went to her office. She start to investigate the parcel and first examine the parcel and she find some treseses of oil on the parcel box.

Will meera forgive veer and catch the killer?