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PANDORA'S BOX - Survival Of A Hundred Misfortunes - 1

Chapter 1

THE Fleeting tranquility before all hell breaks loose.
Bang!. The ball hit the edge of the bushel missing its imprint.

"Hello, how is it that you could miss such a shot" a beefy teen kid with earthy colored hair and eyes said as he spilled the ball, advancing toward the objective of his words.

"Hello, man, look at that ride," a teen kid with completely dark hair and ruddy earthy colored eyes shouted, endeavoring to pardon the shot he had missed.

The husky young kid, who had an irritated look all over turned toward the path his companion had motioned.

Stopped before the b-ball court was a two-seater Mercedes Benz exemplary, an uncommon sight nowadays.

The two of them halted the game as they were the only ones playing right now as they respected, what they felt was a verifiable craftsmanship piece.

Buzz! A slight buzz sounded in their ears, waking up them from their shock, the source; was a stud they wore to their left side ear.

"Leo, break is finished, we should go," the stout high school kid said as he advanced out of the ball court.

Leo took one final look at the vehicle prior to sticking to this same pattern.


" Deal with yourself my dear" A moderately aged man said as he went in for an embrace. The beneficiary of the embrace responded the motion as she gave the man a comforting grin.

The moderately aged man entered his two-situated Mercedes Benz Exemplary and with one long cherishing look, he drove off.

"How can the undertaking progress" he said apparently tending to nobody specifically as he was the only one in the vehicle.

"We have made a forward leap, we have interpreted it and will happen on with the arrangement. We are only hanging tight for your orders" a voice sounded in his ear, its source, the hoop to his left side ear.

"Stop movements of every kind, I will be there in around ten minutes"

Switching gears he accelerated towards his objective.


"Leo, it's noon. Did you bring any food?... Hello, my man's, right over your head." The stout teen kid pulled at his companion's shoulder when he saw where Leo was looking.

"Better believe it, I know... We should go"

He stood up from his seat advancing toward the school's cafeteria.

The young lady, who had detected his look the entire time, watched him as he strolled past her, laughing to herself.

> Kindly express your request <

A ladylike mechanical voice sounded as Leo remained before what seemed to be a candy machine with an assortment of food choices on it.

"Mark, what would it be advisable for me I get you" Leo turned as he tended to the brawny teen kid who found a spot at a table a couple of meters from him.

Mark made some hand signs attempting to depict what he needed. That appeared to have filled in as Leo expressed the food he needed.

A plate gradually rose up out of the machine he remained before, giving him his dinner.

"Man, you realize you get no opportunity with her, right... Eei, pause, you may," Imprint said as he professed to ponder his next words. He chomped into a succulent steak as he actually wore a look of consideration.

"Truly?" Leo said, shock and a slight hint of bliss in his tone.

"Better believe it, man, when the world closures." The two of them took a gander at one another with an off-kilter quiet prior to blasting into giggling. The spectators gave them abnormal gazes as they believed they were upsetting the harmony.


"What have you found?" the moderately aged man asked as he went into a sufficiently bright room. He encountered transitory visual deficiency as his eyes acclimated to the light.

"Boss, here," A delightful lady, who wore a perfect white sterile garment expressed motioning for the moderately aged man to draw nearer.

She sat before three huge level screens, each showing similar picture from various points.

Changing her glass she tended to the moderately aged man who was currently remaining next to her.

"It is by all accounts a mother lode, worth considerably more than the actual city"

" Be more unambiguous, Lia"

" Gracious, sorry boss, following quite a while of interpreting we have had the option to break it, and it peruses;

He who opens this case will acquire the right and ceremony to godhood yet be careful, gold is just refined in the wake of going through the fire"

Lia took a gander at the moderately aged lady with energetic eyes anticipating his considerations on the message.

" That definite sounds unfavorable" An older man decorated in a similar clothing as Lia said as he strolled in on their discussion.

" He's right, however there has never been a triumph without risk..." The moderately aged man stopped as he checked out at the screen before him.

" Let them know what they need to do, we are ready for anything that might emerge from it"

Lia smiled as she was thrilled, she gave the moderately aged man a salute as she began to make plans for their arrangements.

"Chief, are you certain" the older man inquired

"Definitely, the public authority is on the side of this activity, if anything somehow managed to occur, they will deal with it."


At 13,000 feet beneath ocean level lay the remains of a city. High rises that shouted the year 3000 littered the sea floor, distorted by more than water pressure.

Stationary contraptions looking like vehicles lay in the midst of the breakdown of high rises.

In spite of the staggering profundity of this lowered city's destruction, lights enlightened the sea depths, their source being the gigantic light shafts that had been raised on the sea floor.

"We have our orders; we should hurry up," individuals clad in pressure suits swam, following their chief who had quite recently spoken.

They swam to their objective: a high level colosseum that lay at the focal point of the remnants. Shockingly, it looked sound regardless of the state of the structures around it.

In the focal point of the Colosseum was an enormous black box enhanced with mind boggling, unrecognizable examples, giving it a creepy energy.

They moved around it, contacting explicit spots on it, as they were told to do.


" It's practically opened" Lia shouted as she saw the entire thing from the immense screens that remained before her.


The enormous black box opened from its sides and gradually uncovered its items.

A splendid light exuded from the crate, providing reason to feel ambiguous about its brilliance the whole sea floor, the spread of the sky above, and, surprisingly, the very planet they remained upon.


" Ah, that is excessively damn splendid"