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Unrequited Love - 1

      Unrequited Love     

Part - 1


I remember It was a special day for us in our school . There  was a  farewell party for twelfth graders  hosted by a class junior to us .That was a beautiful evening and  a get together cum party was going on in the school hall . All the boys and girls of twelfth grade had come in their best party attire drenched with their favorite perfumes . I too was dressed in a black skirt and pink half sleeve top . We were enjoying snacks and soft drinks . Music and some dance on bollywood hit tunes were in full swing . 

I too had a glass of coke in my hand and was quietly dancing with a girl , Tanya ,  from my section . We touched our glasses with each other and said cheers alongwith all other students . Some fluid spilled down on the floor from my glass . In the meantime a boy who held  a mike in his hand slipped and fell over me . Both were almost sure to be on the floor but he held me tight and helped in getting up . I said “ Sorry . I accidentally spilled some drink on the floor which caused your fall .” 

“ It’s Okay Kavya . It was just a slip . Hope you are fine . “ 

“ Yes , I am good . But I know you by face only but not by your name . How could you know my name ? I am sure you aren’t in my section .  “ 

“  I will answer your last question first . Firstly, usually you are within the top three students of  all the four sections . Secondly you are so beautiful and attractive that no boy can resist the temptation of having a glimpse of yours  . Also whenever you performed on our stage I never missed the golden  opportunity of constantly looking at your face .“ 

 I was blushing at his reply .  “ But what about my first question? I mean your name .”


“  Well  I am Kamlesh , usually guys call me Kamal  . I am lucky to have a close encounter with you , though on the last days . I will cherish these beautiful unforgettable memories of meeting the prettiest girl of my school . “ 

“ That’s it . no more ,  please stop . “  I blushed again but it was hilarious to hear such words from a male voice. So far only my mom used to tell me .

After a few weeks we had our board examinations . Both I and Kamal having names starting with the same alphabet , we were seated on the same bench but at opposite  ends .Both looked at each other and exchanged smiles and good luck . After our papers we discussed and compared our answers just to guess our estimated marks. 

Gradually both were a bit closer and acquainted with each other . Both of us belonged to upper middle class families but from different castes .  Fathers of both were in government transferable jobs . Sometimes when  I caught him looking  at me I just looked in different directions and ignored . But once when I asked him why he was doing so he used to smile and say “ Please let me see this beauty for a few days more. After 12th I don’t know where we would go and whether we might be able to meet again or not . “ 

I laughed at his reply and let it go . But what he said was correct . Both joined different colleges after schooling . Both joined National Institute of Technology but while I was in northern India he joined an institute in southern India . But I knew from some other sources that he was also doing a B.Tech in Computer Science . Otherwise  there was no contact between us . 

 Five years passed by and I didn't know where Kamal was posted or where his father was transferred . I graduated a year back and got a job in a multinational with a good package while on campus itself . I was never involved in any love affair  that was well known to my parents . They were looking for a match for me . I got married to Deependra who was  in a multinational company in Mumbai . My company also transferred me to Mumbai . 

Deep as we used to call Deependra was a man of different nature, He spent very little time with me except in those moments at nights when he felt the urge to love me .  I knew he was  a Manager and had more responsibilities but that didn’t grant him permission to ignore me. I used to call him Khadus in my friend circle. He never humiliated me or insulted me. One year passed by with Deep . He was caring so far as my materialistic needs were concerned but I wanted him to spend some time with me. We were working in the same company but in different offices located at a distant campus . So we had our lunch together only at home on weekends . He used to come late in the night and sometimes he had his dinner in the office with his project team . On those nights I could not hide my anger and slept in another room . I thought Kamal would come and persuade me but in vain . 

One day a new guy joined my company . He was quite young with beards and was given a cabin just opposite to mine . While going towards his cabin he stopped near my cabin and smiled at me saying ‘  Hi ‘ . I too said Hi then turned away my face. I noticed he was still standing near my cabin . He smiled and said “ Hi Kavya , it’s me Kamal, your schoolmate  . “ 

I jumped off my chair and said “ O my God , it’s you. Sorry I didn’t recognize you due to your beards . How are you doing ? “ 

“ You might forget me but I can’t forget the beauty princess of my school . You look prettier now . Anyway  I am good , how about you ? “ 

“ Me too good . “ I said 

Though we were working in the same unit and sitting in opposite cabins we had little time to talk or gossip as both were too busy with our projects. Sometimes we met in the office cafeteria during lunch but rarely we had the opportunity to share the same table. But we exchanged smiles . Even when we sat at the same table, we had to hurry to finish our lunch and return to our cables. 

Even in the office  I noticed Kamal frequently  looking at me constantly for a few minutes  . It seems his eyes were asking something . Sometimes he smiled and waved, sometimes  I ignored and sometimes I smiled and reciprocated with him . Though both Kamal and I were busy with our projects , he stole some time to look at me or waive at me . Sometimes other people also noticed what was going on between Kamal and me . Often  he reminded me of my school days , sometimes he praised my beauty . But truly speaking I was never uncomfortable with him rather I enjoyed thinking that at least one guy  was there who  appreciated me. My husband had no time to look at me carefully and say how good or bad I was .  

A few months passed by like this. That day both Kamal and I were sitting on the same table in the cafeteria . He said “ You still look damn pretty. “ 

“ You don’t have anything else to talk about . “ 

“ Yes , I have . All these years I have been remembering you and was imagining if we would ever meet . And see , we are here , I feel lucky to be close to the pretty girl of my school . “ 

Once I had an opportunity to sit with Kamal  at the same table at an office party . He asked “ Would you like to have some drinks ? “

“ No , I don’t drink . “ 

“ I too don’t drink . But sometimes I do have beer . Would you like some ? “ 

“ Not at all . “

That day he brought diet coke in two glasses and we cheered with coke. That evening he requested  me to dance and some of our  colleagues  encouraged us . We danced together for a few minutes then sat back. He said “ Your dance was as  beautiful as you. “ 

I blushed  and  looked  down . He said, " Honestly you danced so well .  Where did you learn ? I don’t know how to dance,  I just take a few steps forward and backwards .” 

“ Why are you trying to flirt everytime. There is nothing like that in me. See others how beautifully they are dancing . “  Pointing towards some couples I said 


To be Continued .