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Chamatkari Man - 3

The inner mind is more powerful than the outer mind. To make the mind powerful, we will discuss some meditations. In Tratak meditation, we can start with Bindu Tratak – Bindu Tratak – Make a black dot the size of a one rupee coin in the middle of a white paper, then make a round dot the size of yellow mustard seed in the black dot. Then place it on the wall of your room in solitude in such a way that the black dot in it is right in front of our eyes. There should be just enough light in the room so that we can see the yellow dot in it. Now sit in Sukhasana for meditation. Our spine should be straight and our distance from the black dot placed on the wall should be at least two feet. Now keep looking at the yellow dot in the black dot without blinking, neither should the eyelids blink, nor should the pupils move. In the beginning, keep looking at the dot continuously for one minute, if tears come in the eyes, clean them, then again keep looking by moving the eyelids, practice looking at it continuously for five minutes.
In the beginning we may face some problems like watery eyes, pain in eyes, redness, when the eyes get tired due to meditation then wash them with water or put a few drops of rose water. Dipping the eyes in clean water and opening and closing them can be done. On the first day, do the meditation for one minute, then gradually increase it to five minutes. When the meditation becomes 25 minutes, a lot of magnetism will be generated in our eyes. To know whether our sadhana is going on correctly, we can play some games. Like, without speaking, give orders to a sitting person to scratch his head or look behind. First, give small and easy orders. When they start happening correctly, give them some difficult orders. Like, if a person is going behind us, give him orders to turn back while meditating on his head. When such orders start happening correctly, then our sadhana is going on correctly. Believe me, all this starts happening in a week or 10 days when we meditate for just five minutes. The magnet produced in the eyes establishes a connection with the subconscious part of the person's brain. When the orders we send emotionally reach his brain through the waves of our eyes, he starts doing the same.
Our mind is a storehouse of immense powers; its power is scattered; it can be controlled through practice and detachment. Arjun had asked Lord Krishna, O Narayan! How can the mind be controlled? Then Shri Krishna told him about practice and detachment. Practice means sadhana and detachment means we should not have sense-borne lust, anger, greed. Keeping distance from those activities which give birth to evil and bad habits. All this should be done by living in the world and not by running away from it. Only then will it be proved whether detachment has happened or not. If someone says that I know how to swim, then swimming will be proved only when there is water.