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Chamatkari Man - 4

Experience in Bindu Tratak – When we are doing Bindu Tratak, how do we know that we are doing Bindu Tratak correctly? In the beginning, we do face difficulty in practicing, but gradually as the practice increases, Tratak starts happening correctly, that Bindu starts appearing golden in colour. Sometimes it will appear blue from golden, then it will appear green from blue and later that Bindu will appear white in colour, shining like the Sun. Sometimes it will disappear, sometimes the Bindu will appear shining with many colours. In this way, it may also appear different from the order mentioned above. When this happens, understand that we are on the right path. If sometimes we see the point moving, we should understand that the pupil of our eyes is not stable, that is why the point is moving. We have to practice to see the point as stable. If our eyes get tired, we have to wash them with water. We have to stop the practice. We should not practice Bindu Tratak more than five times in the whole day. Because our eyes will not be able to do more sadhna than this. If we want to get success quickly, then it is a good thing, but our eyes no longer have the capacity to gain power, believing this, we will not increase the burden of sadhna on the eyes just out of curiosity, otherwise we will only harm the eyes. Slowly, everything happens slowly. The gardener waters a hundred pots and the fruit comes when the season arrives. Keeping this saying in mind, it is not right to hurry in sadhna.
Different experiences in Bindu Tratak – Some people see the Bindu getting bigger and smaller in Bindu Tratak. Some people also see such scenes in the Bindu which they may have seen before. There may be some such scenes which they may have never seen before. After a few months of practice, some people start seeing figures in the Bindu, some even start seeing images of gods and goddesses. All this is not wrong, the picture in his memory, the feeling, the devotion he has in his mind, that only starts getting reflected.
We can also see our friends and family members in the Bindu. Gradually, that ability can be developed that whatever we see in the Bindu actually happens. We can see the event of the past or the present situation through Bindu Tratak, if we keep practicing Antar Tratak along with it. Antar Tratak – While doing Bindu Tratak in Antar Tratak, when the Bindu starts shining like the Sun, then close your eyes and see it in the middle of the eyebrows, see that point with closed eyes. With a little practice, this Antar Tratak becomes visible in the middle of the eyebrows. One has to practice doing Antar Tratak for 32 minutes…
Mind's control over the entire body - After God, the mind can be considered the most powerful because the mind controls the entire body. It is the mind that enjoys through the sense organs and motor organs.