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My Son Isn’t Mine - 1

                                                 My Son Isn’t Mine 

Part -1  This is a story about two young lovers who couldn’t get married . 

A new patient came in Cabin number 5 of the City hospital in the steel city . The cabin had two beds , one was already occupied by a patient . As it  was midnight the former patient Eleen was sleeping . When she woke up in the morning she found a new patient on the other bed who was looking at her .

She said ‘ Hi , good morning , myself Eleen . When did you come here ? What has happened to you ? “

“ Hi, good morning . I am Sumeet . My case is suspected  jaundice , and you ? “ 

“ Me too, same Jaundice but my Serum Bilirubin is on decline . Doctor said I may be discharged in a couple of days or utmost this weekend . How about you ?”

“ Good to hear you have almost recovered . They may be coming to collect my blood sample . Only after that will they decide what to do ? “

In the meantime the nurse entered the room saying “ Good morning Sweetie , this is your breakfast  . “  

Then turning to Sumeet she said “ Good morning young man  . I am Angelina ,your nurse in this shift . First let me have your blood sample . I hope you are fasting .”

“ Good morning sister , yes I am fasting . “ 

After taking a blood sample the nurse reminded Eleen to take breakfast . Eleen said “  Sumeet is also  from NIT ,second year. “ 

She said  “ Good, have nice company .”  and left the room to attend to other patients. 

After she left , Sumeet asked “ This nurse is very nice. She is taking special care of you very well .”

“ She is my mom , but she didn’t do anything special for me except give me homemade food. She is not a biased nurse , she takes care of all her patients. “ 

“ Sorry I didn’t mean anything negative about her .  What are you doing ? “  

“ I am in first year engineering at NIT , how about you ? “

“ Hey , I am also in my second year . How come we didn’t meet earlier ? Seems you are from Kerala .”

“ No, I am Christian but from Khunti , Ranchi . And you ? “

“ I am from a village just near Allahabad .  Nice meeting , have your breakfast , then we will talk further .“ 

After a few hours the doctor and Angelina came with blood reports . The doctor said “ Good news Eleen . Your S.B. is less than 5 , it will go down further . After observing you for 2 more days , if it’s not rising you will go home . Is that right sister ? “

The nurse nodded , then turning to Sumeet the doctor said “ Well young man , your S.B. is 9.1 . You will remain in the hospital . “  

“ How long , doctor ? “ 

“ Well it depends on your S.B trend . If it starts declining you may be free in a week . If it rises further it may take longer but rest assured we will cure you sooner . “ 

Then turning to the nurse the doctor gave some instructions about his medicines and drip and left . After that a lady brought lunch for Eleen . She was Angelina’s domestic help . The nurse asked Sumeet “ Who will bring lunch for you ? “

“ One of my friends will come shortly with lunch from the hostel mess .” 

“ Oh , that’s not good for you . You will need a special diet . “ 

“ I know , I have asked them and expect a suitable diet .”

“ No , hostel mess food is not good for you till you recover fully . I will get  your food from my home .”   After this she called her home and asked the lady to bring another special diet for Sumeet .

“ Thanks , sister . “ 

“ God bless you . I live in staff quarters and your lunch will arrive soon . “ 

After she left Eleen said “ Look , I told you my mom takes care of her patients. “ 

“ Yes , I do agree . “

After some time Sumeet got his lunch from Eleen’s home . Both took their lunch together . After that they became more frank and started talking on different matters including academic and personal . 

Eleen told him that she  belonged to a tribe  and lost her dad in her childhood . They lived in a village near the forest and agriculture was their main livelihood . But her father died due to a snake bite . There was no source of income. Missionary people helped them but only after they switched to christianity . Her mother had studied till grade 8th , she did her matriculation and got trained as a nurse . Only then their life was back on track. Eleen was pursuing  Biotechnology . 

Sumeet said he belonged to a Kayastha family of U.P and lived in suburban Allahabad ( now Prayagraj ). He too lost his dad while he was in tenth grade . . His father was a headmaster in a high school established by Sumeet’s grandfather . He was a respected person of the town and many of his pupils were in civil services and other good jobs. 

Before finishing her shift Eleen’s mother came and said “ I will send dinner for both of you . Sumeet you shouldn’t take food from your general mess . It might take a longer time to recover . So forget the mess food , your food is my responsibility .” 

“ Thanks sister . “ 

Eleen was discharged after two days but Sumeet’s condition was showing no improvement . Eleen was also advised to rest for a week . She used to bring lunch and dinner for Sumeet and  they ate together . Her mother used to bring breakfast in the morning . 

After a week Sumeet's condition started improving  . His college was very near the hospital. Eleen joined her classes so she couldn’t come in the morning or for lunch but she never forgot to bring dinner . She said to him “ My mom likes you very much . She says both of us have lost our dads . At least I am with my mom but you have none here to look after . “ 

Angelina used to take care of Sumeet’s needs . Sumeet was discharged after 10 days. After giving his accent for discharge the doctor said to him “ You are going home , it doesn’t mean you have no further risk . You have to follow the advised diet at least for a month . You have to give your blood sample for a test every two weeks till your reports are within normal range . If you ignore our advice , you are at a risk . So take care .You can join your college after a week .  I haven't see anyone from your family yet.”

“ No doctor . I have my mummy as the lone family member .She is old and living in Allahabad . I didn’t even inform her . I will honestly follow your advice. “ 

Interrupting them Angelina said “ I assure you doctor , I will see that he follows your advice.” 

“ That’s good . “ 

By that time two of Sumeet’s classmates came to take him to the hostel . Then he said  to the nurse . “  Sister , here comes my local family .”

Angelina said “ Good to see your friends . But it’s better if you stay with us for a few days so that you feel better . “ 

“ You mean your home ? “ 

“ Yes , do you have any problem with us or our religion ? “

“ Absolutely not . Neither with you nor your religion . But I don’t to  be an extra burden for you . You have to do hospital duty then to look after Eleen and if I join you  …. “

“ No ifs and no buts . We will enjoy hosting you . Rest assured I can afford this comfortably . ” 

Sumeet went to  Angelina’s home , her staff quarters . When Eleen returned from college she was pleased to see Sumeet and said “ Hi Sumeet , welcome at my home. Mom had already told me she is getting you here . “ 

‘ It’s too much from you people .I don’t know how to repay these obligations . “ 

Angelina said “ No obligation . To help someone in need will please God. So I will earn some blessings from Him . “

“ You are a great sister . “ 

“ No more sister while at home . You can call me aunty or even Angelina , remember it .” 


This story is only a fiction