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Missing Man - 1

Marrying Anita was biggest mistake of my life. She was short, she was skinny, she was unattractive but she was wealthy. She had billions of rupees stacked in various banks. I being a Casanova was enjoying my life with elite class girls of Will City, I came across Anita in a social event. I being a hunk of six feet plus height, attractive face, squire jaw was centre of attraction for all the married and unmarried females.

Anita was one of them, she was a young widow. Her husband Viki a professional climber, a mountaineer was found lost with a group of mountaineers while climbing K2.

Mili, one of my former female partners told me that billionaire Anita was also taking interest in me. I let her hang around me till she desperately came to say hello. And that was the beginning, I trapped her in my honey dipped words trap. All the other beautiful girls and women were envious of her but all of them knew that not her but her wealth was attracting me.

I went on courting her for weeks till she desperately asked me to merry her. It was a grand wedding all the big business houses owners were present in the wedding.

Within a week after the marriage, it was made clear that she was not going to let me touch her wealth at any rate. I was allowed to spend rupees ten thousand a week given by her on every weekend. No booze, no smoking, no woman was permitted. I had to be with her all the time and whenever I was alone a very tall and strong body guard was with me to look after me. It was simply an arrangement to keep me away from the women who were my weakness.

It was all unbearable from the very beginning; her wealth was the only attraction which could force me to stick with her but now no wealth no attraction formula was forcing me to break this wedlock. Result, quarrel everyday, each and every quarrel was making her more possessive, she even suggested that if I couldn't try to be a loyal and good husband, she'll donate all her wealth to needy people and send me to jail for domestic abuse and violence and make sure that I couldn't come out of the jail in a single piece.

Silly Escapade

After a few months of our marriage Anita's aunt Sumitra; who was not happy with our marriage, invited Anita at her USA house but forbidden me to bring with her. Anita told me about her one-month trip to the US. It was insulting for me but I was happy to be left alone. Within a week Anita left India for the US and I was free like a bird. The rupees 40000/- stipend for a whole month was not enough for me. First of all, I got rid of my body guard Dilip and started living life in my typical style, women, booze and gamble. Within a week all my money was gone and I was broke. I took loan from the clubs and bars and I was up to my eyeballs within a week. The loans were payable on alternate day but I had no money to pay my loans back. Now there was not a single place in the whole city where I could get more loans, instead the people from clubs and bars were getting impatient to recover their loans. Now they were even threatening me to send their men to recover their loans. All the women and girls around me had disappeared, tough looking people were all around me now a days. They were patient because I was the husband of a very wealthy woman but they did not want me to disappear without paying their loans back.

Ruthless Scavengers

Anita was still in the US and was likely to come back after two weeks. I had no money to go out, I was trapped in the Anita's ancestors big house, drinking tea and swallowing a lot of vegetable soup. I had no appetite to eat anything, all I wanted; money a lot of money to pay my loans back to get the club and bar people off my back. I started searching every room of that big house that I could find anything which could be sold for some money. There was nothing but wooden furniture and glass all over that big mansion. Finally, I decided to go into the basement of the mansion. The servant of the house forbade me to give the keys basement. There was a lot of junk down the basement according to them which could be dangerous to me.

I cursed the servants and came out of the mansion to breathe some outside air. As soon as I came out of the mansion, I saw a big car was parked outside the mansion and some tough looking men were smirking looking at me.

Soon two of them came out of that car and one of them said, "Greetings from Ponty, now he is looking at the recovery of Club Will City and Omega Bar's loans. You owe them rupees one million......"

"One million, what the hell, it was just a rupees two lakh loan......" said I with astonishment. "It was just the principal but after adding the interest on the money and commission of Ponty, it is simply one million. You have two days to pay it back otherwise. " said the man.

"Otherwise, you are threatening me?" asked I with anger.

"Not just a threat......." said he whistled.

Other two men came out of the car and started beating me without any warning. After five minutes good beating they stopped and the man said, "Not just threatening, return the asked money otherwise we'll beat the hell out of you, don't you dare try to leave this city, you are never out of our eyes."

I was creeping on the road, they laughed at me and left.

Now it was clear that I was dealing with dangerous people, I need money, I need one million to pay them back. And right now, there was no way to make this much money.

"Wanna earn money? Some good money?" a very heavy accent voice startled me.

I got up and saw there was a thin tall man standing near me.