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Draupadi Vastraharan

1) Draupadi Vastraharan

‘Pull! Duhshasan, Pull!’

Duryodhan yelled fiercely, pinpointing his vehemently quivering forefinger of right hand towards Draupadi.

‘Pull off all her clothes until the last thread and make that bloody arrogant queen totally nude in front of the entire Kuru Rajyasabha.

‘Let me see how the most beautiful lady on the earth actually looks without any cloth.’

Duryodhan, the Crown Prince of the great Hastinapur Empire, was trembling with anger, arrogance and hatred. His face had turned hard like a stone and eyes had become blood red like a fireball. His nostrils had enlarged in proportion to his anger and his long and thick moustaches were shivering like a dry leaf in turmoil. He was emanating deep and nasty grunting sounds like a roaring bull, making the scene more fearful.

Duryodhan had covered his towering giant body with a black dhoti having a shining golden border. A golden belt was tied tightly at his waist. His upper part of the body was covered by a shining red colored silk angavastra, which was revealing his eight-pack muscular body, rather than covering it. He had worn a finely carved golden crown with a symbol of the shining crescent shaped moon embedded in the center, indicating his descendance from the great Chandravansh. He had also worn ample gold and diamond pendants, rings, earrings and heavy armlets showing the wealth and power of his empire. 

However, at present he was neither the prince charming of mother Gandhari nor the popular Yuvraj of the Hastinapur Empire. At the first sight of Draupadi, brought forcibly by Duhshasan into Rajyasabha, he had got aggravated like an angry hunter keen to take revenge by snatching off the teeth of the deadly tigress which had wounded him badly. 

Draupadi, knowingly or unknowingly, had struck severe blows to the esteem of Duryodhan by her acts and curse words from time to time. So, at the glance of Draupadi all the episodes of tussles with her flashed back in his mind. 


At some point of time, Duryodhan was desirous to marry Draupadi, the most beautiful woman on the earth and effulgent princess of mighty king of Panchal, Drupad. But Duryodhan failed to achieve the tough archery standards of the swayamvar of Draupadi. Eventually Arjun, one of the best archers on the earth, cracked the stipulations of swayamvar successfully and became the rightful husband of Draupadi. 

This outcome added hot chilies in the wounds of Duryodhan, as he was considering his cousin Arjun and his four brothers as his most hated enemies. This enmity was aroused because of the dispute for succession of the throne of Hastinapur. 

Duryodhan was compelled to part with half of Hastinapur state to Pandavs, who transformed barren lands of Khandavprastha allotted to them into a beautiful and powerful Indraprastha state. With the memory of the name of Indraprasth, Duryodhan got sour remembrance of the last dreadful episode of tussle with Draupadi, which had given him many sleepless nights. 

When Duryodhan had visited Yudhishthir’s beautiful palace located in Indraprasth for the first time, he fell down in a water pond, which was covered and camouflaged by colours and flowers so beautifully that it was looking like an artistic rangoli made on a ground. 

When Draupadi saw Duryodhan falling in the pond, she could not stop her laughter. She laughed mischievously again and again at Duryodhan, who felt insulted badly. But worse was still to come. Draupadi pointing her finger at Duryodhan uttered blunt taunting words: ‘Blind son of a blind father.’ 

At that time, Draupadi didn’t know the grave consequences of these teasing words spoken in a crude manner. For the time being she had forgotten the advice of wise men: 

Words are invaluable and one should weigh them carefully before one speaks them out, because words spoken once cannot be taken back just like an arrow released from a bow. 

Draupadi didn’t know but these five blunt words were going to become the costliest words ever, not only for Draupadi and her family, but also for Hastinapur Empire, rather, the entire Aryavarta. These words were like a sparkle in loads of petrol and the resulting fire was going to burn Duryodhan badly. Humiliated Duryodhan then was going to take revenge by insulting Draupadi in a more blatant way. Eventually all these events were going to result in the greatest war of the time wherein lakhs of innocent people were to lose their lives and millions of children were to be orphaned.


The curse words by Draupadi had pierced Duryodhan like a thousand arrows simultaneously. He had felt so insulted and humiliated that he could not sleep for days thereafter. The laughing face of Draupadi and her curse words were buzzing in his mind continuously and reminding him to take revenge for his grave insult. 

He called upon his intimate friends, Shakuni, Karna and Duhshasan and requested them to suggest how to take revenge for his insult by Draupadi. He also revealed his desire to snatch away the beautiful Indraprasth state from Pandavs, as they have made their Indraprasth state more beautiful and more powerful than his Hastinapur.  

Valiant Karna immediately responded: ‘There is no need to find out a way, my friend. You are a brave warrior and the only alternative for any warrior is to fight out to get desired things. Our army is one of the strongest armies in the world and we have so many unconquerable warriors. Let’s march towards Indraprasth at once. I am confident that we will be able to crush the bloody Pandavs in no time.’

‘But Grandsire Bhishma, the Chief Commander of our army, would not permit to declare a war against Pandavs without proper reasons. Moreover, he is partial towards them,’ Duryodhan had his own doubts.

Now Shakuni entered into discussion: ‘Angaraj Karna, you are always talking for fights. My dear friend, I know that you are a brave warrior, however when a goal can be achieved by a needle, why should one use the sword? 

Duhshasan raised a doubt: ‘But Uncle, is there any other way to take revenge?

‘Definitely my son, I have a very good plan.’

Duryodhan: ‘Then tell me quickly, Uncle. I want to take revenge for my insult at the earliest.’      

‘My Son, my plan is very simple. Just invite Yudhisthir to play a Game of Dice with me. You know how expert dice player I am! I will definitely defeat Yudhisthir in this gambling game and make him lose his entire wealth. So that arrogant Draupadi will be a worthless lady and will surely regret the insult made to you.’

‘Gambling game? It isn’t the right way for brave people to defeat their opponents,’ Karna disagreed with the proposal of Shakuni.

But Duryodhan and Duhshasan liked the idea. 

Duhshasan raised doubts: ‘But Uncle, will Yudhisthir come to play the gamble game? And what if he wins instead of you?’

‘Surely, he will come. As per traditions, a kshatriya never refuses a call for a war or a dice game. Moreover, Yudhisthir is fond of this game like a mad man. So, he will definitely come. 

‘For your second question, I am confident that I will definitely win. Because I have designed and manufactured unique dice with a secret mechanism. I am able to get desired results every time by throwing these dice in a specific way. Do you want to see my skills?’

Shakuni took out two dice from his pocket, kissed them with due respect and after moving them in right hand for some time, threw them on the ground with words: ‘Eight.’

The dice displayed a total number of eight on their upper side. 

‘Well done, my army,’ Shakuni said delightfully.

He repeated the process now for number three and the dice displayed a total number of three.

Exclaimed Duryodhan: ‘Wow, Uncle you are great!’

Karna and Duhshasan were also staring at the dice with amazement, as they had seen something unbelievable. ‘How dice can be ordered to display only desired numbers?’ They thought.

Ultimately all of them agreed that this plan was full proof and there was no doubt for the success of Shakuni in the game of dice. 

Shakuni also cautioned Duryodhan: ‘Before the start of the game, you have to ensure two things. First get it clear with Yudhisthir that you will play the game, but dice will be thrown by me. I am sure that he will not object to it. During our recent visit to Indraprasth, I purposefully played a dice game with Yudhisthir and let him win the game. He is, therefore, considering him a better player than me. He would definitely like to defeat me again. He will, therefore, not object to this arrangement. 

Secondly, someone may object that I should not use my dice, as he might be knowing that my dice obeys my orders. So, keep these dice with you and hand it over to me at the time of playing the game. So, no one can allege that I have won with the help of my own dice.’

Duryodhan agreed to keep this strategy in mind.

Shakuni continued: ‘Now you will have to convince the emperor to invite King Yudhisthir to Hastinapur, but take care not to reveal our plan to him.’


Duryodhan, as per the advice of Uncle Shakuni, went to his father Dhritarashtra and represented lovingly, hiding his malice motive: ‘Dear father, elder brother Yudhisthir had invited us all to Indraprasth and gave us a grand welcome and excellent hospitality. I think now it is our turn to call them here. If you consider it appropriate, please invite them here for reciprocal courtesy. We all brothers will enjoy playing the game of dice.’ 

Dhritarashtra became happy to know that Duryodhan was eager to meet and greet Pandavs. He immediately sent a messenger to Indraprasth and invited King Yudhisthir to Hastinapur for recreation and to play a game of dice with Duryodhan.


As anticipated, Yudhisthir accepted the invitation innocently without any hesitation or second thought, as he didn’t suspect any mala fide intention behind this invitation. 

Innocence is a virtue for an ordinary man, but for a king it is a great weakness. The king needs not to become cunning, but he should always be vigilant and watchful. Otherwise, he becomes vulnerable and also puts his citizens in trouble. 

Yudhisthir was a noble, wise and learned king having vast knowledge of ancient scriptures. He was a good-hearted man committed to dharma, ethics and truth. However, he was too good a person to consider others equally good. He, therefore, could not judge the malice motive of Duryodhan behind the invitation. 

Moreover, he didn’t consult his able brothers or other advisors before accepting the invitation. His younger brothers had high regards for him and they were accepting all his decisions without a murmur. Family bonding among them was so strong that they were ready to sacrifice everything to protect the dignity of their eldest brother. So, they did not raise a voice.  

Yudhisthir, therefore happily came to Hastinapur along with his brothers and wife Draupadi to play the game of dice. Duryodhan gave them a grand welcome and arranged for their comfortable stay in luxurious palaces.

Next day Pandavs reached the Rajya Sabha of Hastinapur to play the Game of Dice. 

Grandsire Bhishma and Uncle Vidur were skeptical about the intentions of Duryodhan behind his plan of the game of dice. So, Bhishma tried to stop Yudhishthir from playing a dice game: ‘My Son, the dice game is not meant for wise men. It is a gamble game where players lose their balance of mind and act like mad men. Please don’t play such a game.’

Reckless Yudhishthir replied arrogantly: ‘Grandsire, I am true Kshatriya and cannot refuse an invitation for a dice game. Moreover, Duryodhan is my loving younger brother. What is the harm in playing a game with him?’

Vidur, the Prime Minister of the State, also tried to convince him: ‘Dear Yudhishthir, you are a person who always remains balanced, even in a war as your name suggests. I fail to understand why you are so tempted to play a gamble game! Wise people do not gamble and you are the wisest among all. So just forget the invitation, enjoy the hospitality of your loving brother for a few days and return to Indraprasth safely.’ 

In spite of such direct hints from Grandsire Bhishma and Uncle Vidur about the dire consequences of this wicked gambling game, Yudhisthir was determined to play it. Perhaps, he was considering himself as an expert player of dice game and was not ready to believe that he would be defeated by someone.

At this juncture Vikarna, the third eldest Kauravs, rose up from his seat and expressed his views: ‘Respected Elders, although I am too young to advise, still I wish to say that gambling between brothers is not a good sign. A gambler loses control over his mind, particularly when he starts losing the game. Then he commits such mistakes that he himself regrets afterwards. I have seen many families getting ruined by gambling. So, I earnestly request my elder brothers Yudhisthir and Duryodhan not to play a game of dice.’

Duryodhan became very angry with the interference by his younger brother Vikarna. He shouted angrily: ‘Vikarna, how dare you insult your elder brothers? When both of us are willing to play a dice game, who are you to intervene? Keep your wise advice with you only. We both understand how to take care of ourselves. Just sit down and keep mum.’

Vikarna was a wise man with a good heart. He loved his cousin Pandavs equally as his brothers. He was also a brave warrior and straightforward gentleman. He had expressed his views fearlessly, however, no one was ready to listen and to accept his advice. Yudhisthir was so crazy about the dice game that he didn’t take cognizance of any advice. 

As a last resort, Vidur urged Emperor Dhritarashtra directly and requested not to allow gamble game between brothers, as there were chances of ruining family relations. But Dhritarashtra was not aware of the mala fide intentions of Duryodhan and Shakuni. Moreover, he was not able to displease Duryodhan, so he instructed to start the game of dice, ignoring all the good advice.


Initially, the rules of the game were fixed. Then Duryodhan declared that he will play the game, but dice will be thrown by his uncle Shakuni. 

At this juncture Vidur objected as he was well aware of the expertise of Shakuni in playing dice game. He questioned: ‘When a game is to be played between Duryodhan and Yudhisthir, why should Shakuni throw the dice?’

Duryodhan replied with provocative words: ‘If elder brother Yudhisthir is afraid of uncle Shakuni, then...’

Straightforward Yudhisthir got trapped by these words and declared with arrogance: ‘I am not afraid of any one.’ 

He also boasted: ‘I have already defeated Uncle Shakuni just recently and will surely defeat him today also. I have no objection, if dice are thrown by Uncle Shakuni or by any other person.’

Over confident Yudhisthir also allowed Shakuni to throw dices first. When Shakuni took out a pair of dice from his pocket, Vidur again objected as he knew that Shakuni was having dices which were obeying his commands: ‘Shakuni should not use his own dices. Game is being played by Duryodhan, so Duryodhan’s dices should be used.’

But all his doubts were already thought of by shrewd Shakuni in advance. Duryodhan replied with a smile: ‘Agreed, Uncle Vidur. Uncle Shakuni will play with my dices. Now satisfied?’ 

He immediately took out a pair of dice from his pocket and handed it over to Shakuni. These were in fact the favourite dices of Shakuni only!

Now Vidur had exhausted all his points of objection. He sat down in his seat in great despair. The faces of all the four rogue cliques, Duryodhan, Shakuni, Karna and Duhshasan brightened with hidden smiles, as things were going on exactly as per their plan and path of Duryodhan towards winning the wealth and the kingdom of Yudhisthir was looking clear.


Game of dice started. Yudhisthir kept his precious diamond necklace as security in gamble game and Duryodhan kept one thousand gold coins. Shakuni threw the dice and achieved desired numbers instantly. Yudhisthir thus lost the first game and also pledged security of the diamond necklace to Duryodhan.

In the second game Yudhisthir kept his golden chariot with horses and Duryodhan kept one thousand cows. Shakuni again got the desired numbers and won that game too. With that Yudhisthir lost gambled security again.

One after another game played continuously and all the games were won by Shakuni, thanks to his skills and magical dice. Yudhisthir lost all the games and also lost his wealth and property one by one. 

Yudhisthir was such a great gambler that he became almost mad to win the next game anyhow. So, he continued to pledge his assets as gamble security one by one and finally he also kept his entire Indraprastha Empire as a gamble security and lost it too.

Now Yudhisthir realized that he had lost everything he was possessing. So, he tried to stand up saying: ‘Now I haven’t anything to keep as a security in game. So, I quit the game.’

But Duryodhan was still not satisfied with all the assets he had won. He wanted to humiliate Yudhisthir up to the extreme. He therefore, said politely: ‘Respected elder brother, you are still having many precious assets. You, therefore, have a good chance to get back everything you have lost so far in just one game.’


‘You may keep one of your brothers as a gamble security. Against that I am keeping everything I have won today. If you win the game, you will get everything back.’

Whole Rajya Sabha was shocked to hear such an unethical offer by Duryodhan. Never in history, had anyone kept his brother as a gamble security. 

Vidur was very upset to observe that Yudhisthir, even after losing everything, was still willing to play gamble game. He therefore urged the emperor Dhritarashtra with emotional words: ‘Please Sir, for the sake of the God, stop this game now. Otherwise, grave consequences of this game will drag Hastinapur towards total destruction. Please, stop the game anyhow.’

But Dhritarashtra was not in a mood to stop the game, rather he felt good that his son had won all the assets of Yudhisthir.

Yudhishthir’s eyes sparkled with joy after hearing the offer of Duryodhan. He liked the idea of getting everything back in just one game. He was confident to win the next game and to get back his entire wealth and the State. He was therefore tempted to take further risks.

To the utter disgust of all the present, he announced: ‘I am keeping my dear brother Nakul as gamble security.’

Next game was played and the result was the same. Yudhisthir lost and Nakul became a slave of Duryodhan.

Now Yudhisthir had become so desperate that he didn’t stop playing, even after losing his brother Nakul. He continued to play, keeping his other brothers and then himself also. He lost all the games and as a result all five brothers became slaves of Duryodhan.

Now Karna interfered: ‘You have still a precious asset left, respected Yudhisthir. You can keep your beautiful wife Draupadi as a gamble security and get back all the assets lost so far.’

Desperate, Yudhisthir had already lost balance of mind. He could not judge the consequences of keeping Draupadi as a gamble security. To the sheer shock and disgust of all the present, Yudhisthir unthoughtfully declared the most annoying words ever: ‘I keep my wife Draupadi as a gamble security.’

With these words Duryodhan and his clique overwhelmed as they had almost reached the verge of achieving their goal. However, these shrewd men continued to hide their emotions and waited for Yudhisthir to lose his last game.

Last game played and Yudhisthir anxiously stared at dice thrown by Shakuni, hoping to reverse the trend in his favour, as done by all the gamblers. But the result was pre-decided as in the case of all earlier games. Yudhisthir lost his last game too! Along with it, he lost not only his most precious asset, but also his credibility, honour and respectability too. 

As per the rules of the game decided mutually, now Yudhisthir along with his brothers and wife Draupadi had become slaves of Duryodhan. 



As soon as Yudhisthir lost his last game along with his most precious asset, queen Draupadi, Duryodhan felt that he had reached the seventh heaven. His dream of capturing Indraprasth State was fulfilled and additionally Pandavs along with their arrogant queen Draupadi had also become his servants. He therefore decided that first of all he will take revenge of his insult made by Draupadi by humiliating her to the extent never done to any woman in the history so far. He was not worried about powerful Pandavs anymore, as they had become his servants and cannot protect Draupadi against his commands.


He immediately called his messenger Pratikami and ordered him: 'Go to the palace of Draupadi at once and ask her to present herself here to serve her new master.'


Pratikami went to the palace of Draupadi and respectfully explained to her what had happened in Rajyasabha and requested her to come to Rajyasabha, as ordered by Duryodhan. 


Draupadi was deeply shocked to know that Emperor Yudhisthir had not only lost everything, but also all of them had become servants of Duryodhan. She immediately realized that it must be a pre-plan of Duryodhan to defeat Yudhisthir in a gamble game, so as to get his wealth and the throne of Indraprasth. She apprehended that now Duryodhan will surely try to insult her. She therefore decided not to go to Rajyasabha. 


Her sharp mind quickly found a logical reply to defend herself. She told the messenger: 'Ask your master that since Yudhisthir had lost himself first, he had no right to keep me as a gamble security. I am, therefore, not a servant of Duryodhan and not supposed to obey his orders.' 


Pratikami came back to Rajyasabha and advised Draupadi's reply to Duryodhan. Duryodhan got extremely annoyed and blasted in desperation: 'O foolish man, shame on you for not fulfilling your master's orders. Get lost from here before I punish you.'


Duryodhan then addressed Duhshasan: 'That arrogant woman has not obeyed my orders. Go at once and bring her here by dragging her forcibly.'


Duhshasan was a most obedient companion and supporter of all the malicious plans of Duryodhan. He was a mighty muscular man with bull power, comparable to his elder brother, rather having a heavier body and a bull-like mind too. He was not used to applying his mind to think, interpret and analyze, but was effective in carrying out the orders blindly. 

He immediately went to the palace of Draupadi and addressed her in a rough tone: 'O servant woman! You have been won by my brother. Now you are no more a queen but only his servant. So better you come with me as desired by my brother.'    

Draupadi knew that Duhshasan was like a deaf and dumb man, who will not understand logical arguments. She therefore tried to explain: 'Brother Duhshasan, I am in menstrual periods now. I have worn only a single cloth and have not tied my hairs as per the rituals. I am not supposed to come in public places for three days.'

'Nothing doing! I don't care about your periods nor your clothes or hair. I am ordered to present you in Rajyasabha and I will fulfil it under any circumstances. If you do not come willingly, I will take you there forcibly.' With these words Duhshasan tried to catch Draupadi's hand.

Vigilant Draupadi tried to escape through the back door, but how can a cow save itself from a mighty tiger? Duhshasan ran after her and got hold of her. He then caught Draupadi by her hair firmly and literally dragged her up to the Rajyasabha, ignoring all her requests.


Entry of the queen of Indraprasth in such a humiliating manner created loud uproar and anguish in the Rajyasabha. Irritated Bhim and Arjun got up to save Draupadi, but Yudhisthir calmed them down and urged them to accept the fact that they are no more princes of Indraprasth, but only servants of Duryodhan.   

Furious Draupadi managed to get herself freed from the hands of Duhshasan somehow and blasted towards Pandavs first: ‘What is this going on, Emperor Yudhisthir? How can you tolerate such an insult of your queen? Why is the unconquerable Gandiv of Arjun, the greatest archer on the earth, silent? Why is the lethal Rudramukh Mace of Bhim, the most powerful man of the world, not creating thunderstorms?’

However, none of the Pandavs had any answer to the questions of Draupadi. They were seated on the floor like servants without their crowns, ornaments and weapons. Upon hearing fierce words of Draupadi, they tilted down their eyes due to shame and helplessness. Yudhisthir had made such a blunder that all of them were taken aback by the nasty developments. Their pride and power had vanished and their minds were filled with grief and anger. They had been trapped in such a marsh that they were not able to find any option to come out of it. 

Draupadi realized the helplessness of her husbands. She therefore turned towards Bhishma, the eldest Kuru and Commander in Chief of Hastinapur. With folded hands she urged: ‘Grandsire Bhishma, how can you allow such an insult of your daughter-in-law in your presence? Please intervene to stop my humiliation.’ 

In spite of his old age, Bhishma was still a superpower of Hastinapur. He was also the most powerful and most respectable man of the Empire. However, he was abided by a promise given to his father, Emperor Shantanu, that he would never sit on the throne of Hastinapur and he would always protect and obey the orders of whoever sits on the throne of Hastinapur. 

Bhishma believed that as per this promise, he was supposed to carry out the orders of Dhritarashtra and Duryodhan, even if these orders were wrong or malice. He therefore was not able to protect Draupadi, even though he knew that his duty was to protect the dignity of a woman, particularly when she belongs to the Kuru family. Laxmanrekha, drawn by him with good intentions, had become a great hindrance in taking and implementing the right decisions.

Bhishma was full of grief and anger for the malice tactics of Duryodhan against Pandavs and humiliation of Draupadi. But simultaneously he was helpless to come forward to protect Draupadi. He nodded his head in grief and lowered his eyelids towards the ground in shame.

Draupadi then urged Guru Dron and Kulguru Krip, next stalwarts of Hastinapur State, to intervene. However, both of them were under payrolls of the State. So, they could not show courage to oppose Duryodhan openly.

Lastly, Draupadi requested Emperor Dhritarashtra himself to stop further insult to her dignity. But blind Dhritarashtra was also blind in love towards his son, Duryodhan. He had ignored and even supported the wrongdoings of Duryodhan since his childhood. He was therefore not able to control Duryodhan now. 

To save his skin, he replied bluntly: 'I never told Yudhisthir to keep you as gamble security. It was his own decision and only he is responsible for your insult.’  

At this point of time, Vidur again intervened with firm words: 'Honourable Emperor, this is not the time to decide someone's responsibility. This is the time to save the honour and fame of our Kuruvansh itself. I earnestly request you to stop the nuisance created so far, otherwise the tussle between Pandavs and Kauravs will reach a point of no return, which will shatter the entire Hastinapur Empire in pieces.'

Vikarna also could not control himself, as he was disturbed seeing harassment of Draupadi by Duhshasan. In spite of his insult by Duryodhan earlier, he thought fit to declare the voice of his soul again: ‘Respected father and respected brother Duryodhan, please forgive me for my unpleasant words, but what you are doing is clearly adharma. Draupadi is the wife of our cousins and we are supposed to protect her. Instead, we are humiliating her. This is not fair and just. We are heirs of Great Kurus, so let’s not be involved in any act, which reduces their pride. I request you with folded hands to stop these unethical acts at once.’

Duryodhan got aggravated upon interference by Vikarna again and said bluntly: ‘Vikarna, once I told you not to advise me, then why are you again interfering. Just sit down and keep mum, otherwise I will take stern action against you.’

Vikarna had no other alternative than to sit down, but he had shown abundant courage and raised his voice against adharma carried out by his elder brothers, when all other powerful courtiers had kept mum. So, his name is written in the history in golden letters. 


In spite of clear-cut warnings by Vidur and Vikarna, neither Dhritarashtra nor Duryodhan was ready to stop the humiliation of Draupadi. Instead, Duryodhan’s courage had increased, as no other courtier had come forward to help Draupadi. 

He addressed Draupadi in an insulting tone: ‘Enough, O maid, no one in the world can save you now. So be wise and be ready to serve and please me, your new master. Come here and sit on my thigh and make me happy.’ 

With these words he displaced his dhoti up to his thigh and tapped his hand on his open thigh. Entire Rajyasabha was shocked by this disgusting gesture on the part of Duryodhan, but it was Bhim who lost his temper instantly.

He blasted: ‘Duryodhan, you have hurt the dignity of Draupadi. I have forgiven you for your malicious efforts to kill me with poison. I have forgiven you for your crooked plan to burn us in the palace of lac. But I will never forgive you for your action of showing your thighs to Draupadi. In the name of my God Rudra, I swear, one day I will break your thighs into pieces by my powerful mace Rudramukh! You will surely repent for your misdeeds!’

Duryodhan turned to Bhim angrily and ordered loudly: ’Sit down, you big fellow! A servant has no right to speak against his master. Just sit down and keep your bloody mouth shut.’

Yudhisthir and Arjun intervened at this juncture to pacify Bhim and made him sit. 


Now it was the turn of friends of Duryodhan to come forward for support. Karna stood up and countered the words of Bhim: ‘Dignity? Whose dignity? A woman sleeping with five men is called a prostitute and a prostitute has no dignity. Even if such a woman is made to dance in nude, then also nothing is wrong.’

Karna was in fact a good hearted and noble person and he would not have uttered such blunt words normally. However, as in the case of Duryodhan, he was also insulted by Draupadi at the time of her swayamvar by saying curse words for his lower caste. Karna had not forgotten his insult. Therefore, as soon as got the chance, he reciprocated by uttering similar harsh words for Draupadi to take revenge. 

Arjun, his arch-rival, got irritated upon hearing foul words for Draupadi by Karna. He challenged Karna in angry words: ‘O Son of a damn charioteer! Don’t ever forget your caste before saying anything about queen Draupadi! And keep in mind, I will answer each of your words with my deadly arrows.’

However, Duryodhan got a hint from the words of Karna to humiliate Draupadi to the extreme. He interrupted with a crude smile on his face: ‘Be silent, O slave of mine! My friend Karna has said it correctly. There is no harm if this woman is made nude in public.’

He immediately turned towards Duhshasan and ordered: ‘Duhshasan, strip this maid of ours by pulling out her clothes and make her nude, as said by my friend. That would be an appropriate punishment to that silly woman for insulting me. She had called me a blind son of a blind father! Me! Duryodhan! The strongest man on the earth! The emperor to be of Hastinapur! Then let this blind man see that arrogant queen in a birthday suit!’ 

Whole Rajyasabha got stunned to hear this shocking order. No one was ready to believe that a daughter-in-law of the Kuru family would be humiliated in such a way in Kuru Rajyasabha itself! Powerful but helpless elders Bhishma, Dron, Krup and Vidur closed their eyes in grief and desperation and moved their heads in disgust. Blind Dhritarashtra, head of the Rajyasabha, remained inactive in spite of such an obnoxious order. Pandavs struggled hard to contain their anger. 

But Rogue Duhshasan was happy to get another chance of insulting Draupadi and that also of such an extreme type! He replied with a wicked smile on his face: ‘Yes, elder brother, I will happily do it for you.’

Duhshasan immediately rushed towards Draupadi and grabbed the loose end of the sari of Draupadi and started to pull it. Again, it was Bhim who lost his control: ‘Duhshasan, how dare you touch the dress of Draupadi? You will have to feel sorry for this wicked act. I swear, I will detach the hand from the body that has reached unto the dress of Draupadi.’

But Bhim was made to sit down again by his brothers. 

Duhshasan, ignoring the cautions of Bhim, continued to pull the sari of Draupadi. 

Fearful and frustrated, Draupadi tried to keep hold of her sari with both her hands to protect her modesty. But she was too weak against mighty Duhshasan. Hence, she was losing grip on her sari inch by inch against every thrust by Duhshasan.

Pandavs got aggravated like an erupting volcano seeing Draupadi in such a miserable condition. Their eyes turned blood red like fully grown tomatoes. To control their emotions, they closed and pressed their fists so heavily that their nails pierced their palms and blood started to flow out. But they were abided by the rules of the game and hence were not in a position to save their dear wife from misery.

Here, Duhshasan was not in a hurry, as he was enjoying the struggle of Draupadi to stop her stripping. Her bright and sharp eyes got filled with fear and tears started dropping out of them out of sheer helplessness. She still looked at various dignitaries of Rajyasabha one by one, hoping that perhaps someone would come forward to help her. But no one dared to oppose the dreadful Duryodhan. 

Duhshasan, laughing violently at Draupadi, continued to pull her sari slowly and steadily. Most of the persons present in Rajyasabha closed their eyes or lied down their eyelids in shame and embarrassment. However, a malicious clique of four rouges, Duryodhan, Duhshasan, Shakuni and Karna were keenly looking at Draupadi and getting ready to enjoy the final outcome. 

Duryodhan had become so impatient that he shouted at Duhshasan to continue the humiliation of Draupadi to the extreme: 

‘Pull! Duhshasan, Pull!’

‘Pull off all her clothes until the last thread and make that bloody arrogant queen totally nude in front of the entire Kuru Rajyasabha.

‘Let me see how the most beautiful lady on the earth actually looks without any cloth.’