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It was the first day of my 11th science . Me , Shayan and Sofiya took admission in another school , as our school didn’t provided the science branch . Zara also wanted to be there with me ,but her name was in the waiting list for admission . I really wanted her to be with me .

We all selected group A , which included subject Maths , Physics , Chemistry and in language, we had English and Computer as extra subjects . There were six division for Maths students and three for Biology .

Sofiya and Shayan were in the same class and I was in other division . When I knew that , I was fucked up !!

“Again that bloody Sofiya with Shayan”, I thought.

Whenever I saw both of them together , unwantedly the flash back of that night would come infront of my eyes , the way they both were sleeping together – “Bloody fuckers !!” ,I murmured .

After that night, I had stopped being in contact with Shayan , even I had my own new cell phone now– Nokia 500 . He had found my contact from Zara and he used to text me daily . Sometimes, he even called me but I ignored . It was our vacation ,so our meeting up was not possible .

Once in my notification, I saw his message , poking me saying that night, he was coming at my place , as I didn’t responded to his calls or messages . I didn’t care as I was out of Gujarat .My papa was going Bombay for his business work and I was free, so he took me with him . My Aunty lived there so we were supposed to be at her place . I was too comfortable there with my siblings .

Shayan didn’t knew this ,so when he visited my place ,my mumma informed him that I was out of town .He immediately texted me saying , “What the hell are you up to Aariyana ? Can’t you get a simple thing that I am missing you badly ? and you just left without informing me!”

Having a look over his message , I felt like I was convinced .It seemed so painful , but again that night ruined everything . So I just ignored . He also stopped texting me after that last message. It was – “See you , when you will be back here. ”

So ,on the first day of our school, he made efforts to come and talk to me . We had eye-contact many times but I still was not able to forget that night , so I left without talking to him . I didn’t had many friends there as Shayan was always with Sofiya and all other were unknown to me .Being lonely , I was missing Zara . I wished if she could get admission here soon .

It was break time . We all went towards the canteen . Soon my eyes were stuck on a guy who came with a black Honda city that made everybody notice him . He parked his Honda city with a short drift and he stepped out.

Oh my goodness ! How can a guy be this perfect ? He was so handsome . Looking at him, I found Shayan no were inside or even near me . He was not in uniform , may be because it was our first day to our new school . He was in a black shirt that fitted him well . He had a hard muscular body , his sleeves half folded which looked damn attractive , brown woodland shoes !! In short, he was extra perfect . By his appearance, it seemed as if he belonged to a rich-royal family .

He passed by my side , then I moved to the canteen alone , Shayan and Sofiya coming behind me . Shayan was busy talking to Sofiya and that new guy was about to cross them , but as Shayan didn’t noticed him, they both whopped . Shayan ,with his negative attitude, walked without being sorry . It made that guy hyper - even in fault , Shayan showed his wrong attitude. That guy grabbed Shayan by his collar and slapped him ! Everyone came running from the canteen and soon there was a crowd gathered there .Shayan slapped him back. They both started fighting as hell . I was worried for Shayan as that guy was hitting him badly .Shayan’s nose was bleeding . I was not able to control myself and I ran towards Shayan .But, in no time, Sofiya was there , so I back stepped as now Shayan didn’t need me . I left from there and sat on my bench in our class .

Soon the break was over and everyone was coming back to the class . I sat alone as I had no company . Everyone already had their partners to sit with . This made me so gloomy . I was not at all comfortable . I saw Shayan and Sofiya entering in their class , so I sensed that everything was fine . Lecture was going to start and that new guy entered the class. Every girl stared him ,even the boys seemed jealous of him . I was sure that he would come and seat beside me as there was no other seat left . Girls were on fire ….

But because of his fight with Shayan I was in no mood to flirt with him or even talk to him . It was Maths lecture. Anoop sir entered the class . He asked him to introduce himself as we had already completed our introduction before.

He stood up and spoke “Myself, Danny Robinson.” and took his seat again . Sir didn’t like his behavior as he just spoke his name . He didn’t mentioned from where he was ? From where he completed his 10th ? But sir ignored him and continued with his teaching .

When he spoke his name , I heard him for the first time , his utterance was spellbinding . He was empty handed, neither had a note book nor a pen to make notes . He asked me if I could help him . I had an extra pen and a note so I handed him those without a word . He was thankful , but I didn’t reacted back .

Lecture time was over but sir had to finish a sum ,so he took 5 minutes extra . I and Danny had our seat on 1st bench which was on the window side . At the window, I saw Shayan , he was staring at me. I had an eye-contact and it was clear from his facial expression that he was on fire as I sat there with Danny .

But I was happy that he felt the pain which I daily feel when I see him with Sofiya .The lecture got over and we were out for a short break . Shayan came, grabbed my hand and took me upstairs .

I tried to free my hand but i was not able to as he had grabbed it with all his strength . He asked me about my weird behavior . I kept mum ,so he was frustrated by my silence . He pulled me toward him too close that our lips would have met ,but I pushed him and with all my anger, I spoke up:

“Shayan ,just stop pretending infront of me. Don’t act like an innocent boy . You know yourself better .”

He ,with loud voice spoke:

“Aariyana ,what the hell you are talking about ?Be clear , else I will lose my patience .”

“Shayan ,what the fuck do you think I am (with high pitch) – A slut ?!”

“Shut-up ! Aariyana ..”

“What do you think ? Am I a moron ? You will keep cheating me and I would believe you ? I am not that blind or an idiot ! I saw you and Sofiya sleeping together the night when I planned to come at your place and surprise you . But you better know how to surprise someone . You surprised ME ! To be honest, I don’t even like to look at your bloody face , just get lost .”

For a while, Shayan was quite . He had nothing to explain , neither Aariyana would understand nor she would trust him .

“Atleast ,you would have cleared the matter, Aari .”

“Don’t call me Aari!” I spoke with anger … “What is left to be cleared ? Is anything cheaper than this left to be done ?”

“Just shut up, Aariyana. Don’t speak whatever comes to your stupid mind . There was nothing cheap . The matter is that you have a cheap mentality .”

“Oh !! Fine I agree with that , so you better go with that bloody bitch ,What the hell are you doing here ? Just leave .”

“Aariyana, don’t dare to speak anything wrong about Sofiya . Atleast she understands me . She is my “best part” , so shut-up you hussy ! And what’s wrong if I slept with her ? You are not my partner , you are just my girlfriend . I don’t need to ask you everything . And mind it , I have never told that “I love you” so better you be in your limits and stop harassing Sofiya , you bullshit !”

“Fuck off ! you and your sofiya ..Shayan ,you might be knowing Danny Robinson . The guy with whom you fought today morning . Just wait and watch , he will be with me soon , you better go with Sofiya , good bye !! And one more thing , Danny is much more better option for me so fuck off dear .”I spoke with a fake smile .

I pushed him and left , he kept staring at me until I moved down and turned towards the class room . * * * * *

I was late in class ,so I took permission from sir and entered .took my seat next to Danny . Looking at me, Danny smiled .I too ,in return, smiled forgetting the shit that happened with Shayan .

Sir continued teaching . I gazed a Danny as he looked at me with cross eyes and smiled .

“What’s your name ,my bench partner ?” he murmured.

“Is it necessary to answer now ?You can ask me after school time .” I winked.

He chuckled , “Fine then, see you at the parking.”

“Ok ,” I spoke with a nasty smile .

Soon, lectures got over . We had only one last lecture left . Each lecture was of one hour . During the last lecture, we both tattled and continued ogling .

“Oh ! partner listen .. don’t you think this one hour is being too long ?”he spoke with fatigued face .

Lecture got over and,as per the plan I was waiting at the parking for Danny .He was soon there and his first sentence after arriving there was :

“You look beautiful partner!”

I laughed and told him that there was no need to impress me , I was already impressed .

Shayan and Sofiya passed by . Shayan noticed me with Danny, his face red . I didn’t give a fuck , I continued talking to Danny .

“I am Aariyana Arora .”

“Ohh ! you have got a good name .”

“Thank you”, I replied and added, “you too !”

He asked me to join him for coffee . I was nostalgic .

How I and Shayan had our first date at Café Soho , it was so perfect and now, things are so different. My jaw curve was down .

“Hey what happened ? Are you joining me?” Danny asked.

“No ,Danny .My mom would be waiting for me so I have to go , else she will be tensed .See you , tomorrow at same bench ..bye .. bye”

“Ok bye Ms.Arora !”

I was on the main gate of the school waiting for the taxi when suddenly a heavy hand was on my shoulder . I hastily turned ..

“Aryamaan leave me !” , I stepped back.

He asked me if I had opened that envelope he handed me .

I, without replying left as the taxi was there and I didn’t wanted to be much late .

As Shayan had a fight with me , his mood was off . Sofiya could read his face easily so she asked if any thing was troubling him . Shayan took her to the canteen where they sat and Shayan narrated the whole scene infront of her . Because there was not a single deed or talk which Shayan would not share with Sofiya .

“How can Aariyana blame me without knowing the complete matter ? Yes, we slept that night but that doesn’t mean we had sex !” shayan spoke .

Sofiya told shayan to be calm agreeing with his statement. She also added that , “The situation was such that I had to be with you . You had severe fever and your family was out of town . So I can’t just leave you alone in such pain and how can I even think of doing that ? You are my best part .Aariyana shouldn’t have reacted like this without knowing the matter .”

Sofiya cuddled Shayan, as she saw Shayan’s eyes getting wet.

Shayan also told her about Aariyana’s defy to win Danny .

“Aariyana doesn’t know that she is on the wrong path . Her misunderstanding is making her do the worst things ,” Shayan exclaimed with a worried voice .

“Shayan ,you stupid ! Just stop caring for her . Still you are worried for her, that bloody bitch ! And let me see how she wins Danny ? Now my eyes will be on Danny and I promise you now, I am going to win him at any cost and show that bloody Aariyana how it feels when suddenly someone walks away . For few days ,let her have fun and then I will ruin everything .”

* * * * *

Days passed and I and Danny came close . It made all the girls jealous of me . I had no contact with Shayan too . I and Danny used to meet for coffee . He made me introduce to his parents. His mumma had a good nature . We used to go for lunch, bunking our class . He used to drop me home after school .

The next day morning, it was Saturday and we had Maths lecture .I and Danny were in the parking as we had 10 minutes left in starting our lecture .. soon after that as we both were entering the class ,I felt as if everyone was staring at us . I felt too weird. I told this to Danny but he ignored saying that - “it’s because I look sexy …”

We entered the class ,took our seats as Sir was late.. Suddenly I saw the green board , it showed . . .

“Friday after school, Danny and Aariyana were caught in the washroom ,kissing each other !”

Danny stood up and cleaned the board .Everyone laughed. Soon later, sir came . . .

I remembered the same scene of my 10th grade . I didn’t remembered the handwriting that clear but I sensed it too similar. The writing pattern was also same .. my mind was really out of state .

* * * * *

“Again green board came in picture . Who was that who used green board so wrongly ?

Danny and Aariyana , were they really caught ? or was it merely a rumour ?

Will Sofiya get success in winning Danny from Aariyana ?

And that envelope… what did it had ?”

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