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    A Book to my Friend
    by Nandini K
    • (1)
    • 86

    One day on my friend birthday I had given a book to my Friend in gift and then she asked me , why you always give me book on ...

    by Abhijit Chakraborty
    • (8)
    • 219

    This is the second part of my crime thriller story "POSTMORTEM." The readers are recommended to finish the first part before reading it.

    by Abhijit Chakraborty
    • (16)
    • 418

    What comes into our mind when we hear the word "Postmortem”? It's an examination of a dead body. But it's the misconception. We read the newspaper daily. There we ...

    The Story of Kali An Ugly Girl
    by Abhijit Chakraborty
    • (32)
    • 506

    This is the story of an ugly girl, Bidisha. She was so ugly that everyone called her Kali because of her black complexion. Her father hated her. Only her ...

    UNCONDITIONAL LOVE - Unconditional Happiness
    by Arjun Bisht
    • (9)
    • 247

    Its too night and still I'm unable to get sleep, I thought reason behind of this is that I am thinking about her... Why, I am thinking about her.. ...

    7 Roses A Kill
    by Prashant Vyawhare
    • (8)
    • 164

        Dedicated to My Family &Friends who always supports me         Dear Readers, Greetings of New year,   Hear I am with a new Thriller ...

    Nearby Me
    by Badheka Avani
    • (7)
    • 206

    A silent evening it was. The window of hotel room was witness of empty heart of Aanshi and dry waves in air. Aanshi fed up with thousands of thoughts ...

    The Moment
    by Parag Baxi
    • (5)
    • 208

                           The cool breeze was blowing and there was a sudden dip in the temperature. The effect of snow ...

    Nights that followed
    by SayedAhmad Sadat
    • (8)
    • 91

    I was waiting behind the door. There were voices of laughing and clapping that I heard from behind the door. The door knocked twice. It was the signal of inviting ...