The Vikramaditya Secret - Chapter 7







All the characters, places, incidents and adventures narrated in this novel are totally fictions. It has been totally imaginative of the author.

There is no any resemblance of anything of this novel to the history.

This has been created for entertainment of readers only.

Summary of the last chapter

Yuvraj Sinh Khuman and his deputy reached at Imperial Heights and saw a strange man running out of complex. Professor Dev Raval’s bike collides with a man on his run. Due to collision a pouch fell from the man’s pocket. He was unaware about it. Professor took the pouch. Poorva and professor entered in the office and saw a dead body of Mahaveer Shah.

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The strange man has been come far away from of the Imperial Heights.

He found a calm street. There was a grocery store. He bought a water bottle. He opened it and drank an entire bottle with constant gulps.

His breaths soon became lighter. He sat on the roadside bench. He closed his eyes. The recent events went on his mind like a film strips.

He was confronting the Mahaveer Shah for the secret. He knew he would not easily reveal the same to anyone. 

He was very tough person that he knew. He also knows, not only he has accepted the tragic death of his son and daughter in law but even after that he became more and more strong. He also joined the office again took the charge.

The killings of Mahaveer Shah's son and daughter in law were much easy task for him. He remembered that he was driving that truck with whom the car of Mahaveer Shah's son met with an accident. He did his job perfectly at that time and without raising many eyebrows.

Though his that assignment was successful, he did not get much credit.

But at this time, would his job have been acclaimed? He was not sure about the result. But he was sure that this time his efforts would be rewarded.

His thought process was interrupted by his cell phones ring. He saw the name appeared on his phone screen. It was displayed “Papa”

He picks up the call and said “I have done it Papa. We got the success. I am coming with our prize in half an hour” 


“Dadu ...uuuuuuu “Poorva cried very loudly.

Professor Dev Raval was also dumb stuck by seeing the corpse of Mahaveer Shah.

His body was lying on the table. 

An entire table cloth was shocked with the blood which was coming from stomach of the corpse.

It was very painful scenario. He must have suffered a lot till his death. His eyes and his mouth were open.

“No Poorva stop. It's crime scene. Your actions might contaminate it" Professor shouted.

Poorva was going to touch her Dadu's hand but she Professor asked her to not do so.

But it seemed that Poorva has loose all her nerves and senses. She was not in any position of listening anything. 

She was in such state of sorrow that she has forgotten about her surroundings. Her current situations and the scene of this office she was not in the mood of noticing any thing. Nothing was mattered her other than her loving Dadu who was sleeping on the table.

Despite of Professor Dev Raval's advice, she touched the forehead of dead Mahaveer Shah.

It was cold and hard.

“Come on Dadu wake up please.” She requested the corpse between the sobs.

“Please Dadu wake up and look it’s me Poorva. Yours Poorva. Please say something, who did this to you?" 


“Come on Bapu. Leave this place as soon as possible before it’s too late." 

Yuvraj Sinh Khuman's deputy was dragging him on the stairs.

They have been on the stairs of the Imperial Heights descending towards the ground floor.

The series of incidents happened so fast that there was not the time left for the any further reviews and actions.

All the events have been happened in the quick successions and neither of them has anticipated the sudden incidents.

It was really unfortunate that all these things passed in the no time and they forced to do what they should not have been done at any point of time.

Yuvraj Sinh Khuman did not believe his luck. He has waited for years for this moment and once it arrived, this thing happens. All his efforts went in vain.

He was in such mental shock that his mind could not think ahead. He was being dragged by his deputy on the stairs.

His deputy put him in the back side of his car. He fell on the back seat.

His deputy drove the car to the out of the Imperial Heights.


“Poorva please control you. Keep away from him" Professor Dev Raval again advised her.

Professor has called for the ambulance first and then he dialed the call to the police station.

Poorva again went near to the body of Mahaveer Shah. 

She saw something was there in his fist of his right hand. She tried to open the fist she find difficult to open it.

Professor Dev Raval came and took Poorva by her hand “Poorva please Stop” 

“There is something is in his fist “Poorva indicated to him.

Professor gently and slowly opening the fist of his right hand and took out what was there in his fist. 

It was his handkerchief. It was wrinkled as it was inside the fist for the longer time.

Professor looked at Poorva and slowly opened it and placed on the table.

On the handkerchief, one sentence was written

 ”My Dear Daughter, seek the help from the Goddess”



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