The Vikramaditya Secret - Chapter 6







All the characters, places, incidents and adventures narrated in this novel are totally fictions. It has been totally imaginative of the author.

There is no any resemblance of anything of this novel to the history.

This has been created for entertainment of readers only.

Summary of the last chapter

Mahaveer Shah has managed to save himself from the gun shot of an intruder. Still he was demanding to handover the secret. Yuvraj Sinh Khuman and his deputy were on their way to Mahaveer Shah’s office. Poorva was very tense because Mahaveer Shah was not answering her calls. Professor Dev Raval called her to discuss about the project report and in reply she asked his help. They both decided to reach at the Mahaveer Shah’s office…

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Yuvraj Sinh Khuman's car reached at the Imperial Heights. 

At this time of the night most of the people who have offices on this complex have left for their respective homes so parking area was almost deserted.

They quickly parked the car and started to run towards the lift.

“Bapu, if he does not cooperates with us than what we will do?” His deputy was still in the doubts.

“He has to obey our commands on this time, he has to give us what we seek from him else...” Yuvraj Sinh paused

His deputy wanted to ask about further to the else... statement but he could found the courage to ask his master.

“Let’s hope he would be alone with him so we could easily complete our task" Yuvraj Sinh said.

“Yes Bapu “His deputy answered.

"Why the hell this lift is not coming?” Yuvraj Sinh was now losing his passions.

Next moment lift arrived. They both entered in the empty lift. The automatic doors of the lift started to close. 

From the some gape of the closing doors of the lift, they saw a strange man was descending on the stairs. He was running very fast. 

When the doors of the lift were closed, He was out of the complex.


“Watch your steps Man. You might hurt yourself “Professor Dev Raval said loudly.

While his Royal Enfield bullet 350 was entering in entrance of the Imperial Heights, a strange man came from nowhere and hit with his bullet very hard.

As two fast moving objects collide, they both lose their balance.

A man hit the ground very hard. He falls on the hard soil on his left side. His left knee hit on the hard and firm soil. In the result he felt an extreme pain on his hand and for the moment the darkness came on his eyes due to heavy pain.

He did not know that something has slipped from his jacket's pocket.

At the same time Professor Dev Raval also lost his balance and he too fall on the road along with his bike.

In the next moment the man rose from the ground. He even did not bother to look at to whom he has met with an accident. He started to run again.

“Hey wait. Are you OK? “Professor shouted.

It seems that, he has not heard the shouts from the behind. He ran and went away in the next turn.

Professor shook his head in disgust. Professor ignited his bike. The engine came in to the life. The head light lit on.

In the glow of the light Professor saw a something is lying on the road.

He put his bike on side stand. He walked towards the object. He bent and picked up the same.

It was medium size ordinary zipper pouch normally used to carry the routine usual stuffs.

He was about to unzip the same but at the same time he saw the Poorva has arrived in the complex.

He put the pouch in his pocket and went towards the Poorva's car.


Yuvraj Sinh Khuman and his deputy have reached on the floor where ' Shah Exim Pvt. Ltd. ' was situated.

A ' Shah Exim ' has taken up an entire floor. It has two entrances; one bigger main entrance consists of two doors and one small door for the housekeeping and maintains staff which leads to inside the office via storage area.

The entire floor was deserted. The main doors of the office were closed.

Yuvraj Sinh indicated his deputy to open the door. He obeyed his master's command.

He pause the door and it swung open. They both slowly entered in the office. 

The front office and reception was not in the good condition. The furniture was damaged. The chairs were also scattered.

They saw a security guard was lying on the floor. He was motion less. They ignore the body of the guard and went further towards the main chamber of Mahaveer Shah.

The condition of the office was very critical. They saw few damaged racks; files were lying on the table. There were damaged computers screens also.

Finally they reached at the entrance of the main chamber of Mahaveer Shah.

His deputy looked at him for his approval which he approved with his eyes.

He opened the door of the main chamber. The lights were on. They went inside the chamber.


“Thanks Sir. You have come for me at this time" Poorva genuinely thanked him.

“Oh please don’t. I am here for the help you needed. Now let’s go to the office premises" Professor Dev Raval petted on her shoulder.

They were climbing the stairs.

“I have tried to connect Dadu's cell many times on my way but result was the same" Poorva updated him.

“Don’t worry, now we are almost there" Professor gave her hope.

They went through main entrance of the office.

“My God he is Kishan Bhaiya, what happened to him?” Poorva looked at the body of security man.

Professor Dev Raval was also looked worried after seeing the body of security guard. He sensed something worse is about to come.

“Where is Dadu?” Poorva was really tense.

They both reached at the door of the main chamber of Mahaveer Shah. Professor opened the door. 

Poorva cried loudly. Professor Dev was also taken aback by what they were seeing ahead.

There was the Mahaveer Shah was lying on the table. He was motion less. His eyes were wide open. He was dead…



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