That One Day..1

                part -1  A Lazy day                         
Hi guys . I'm Shiva and first of all tq for selecting my writing for reading.
 This is my first writing . I have picked up a topic which generally happend to us in some or the other time . This is one such a story in which a lazy , introvert boy finds That One Day by which his life gets transformed. written in 1st person singular form.
                        Its .....10:45pm. Im exhausted after wasting the whole day with my daily routine, in which,
                                  I woke up late around 10am. Arrived collage by 11:45 and I missed my class by 35minutes, which starts at 11:10am. I passed the time in the canteen with some of my name sake friends and that was worst.

                                                            I  had lunch at 2pm in the canteen.This time I had some fun. After this everybody is ready to attend their next class but I'm not at all interested in attending the class .I somehow managed my friend, Rahul to waste time with me. We sat at a place where there is good crowd. We are busy in  pretending to be smart  in the crowd .I was bored.
Started thinking in my mind and I felt that, Im an introvert and I don't have many friends to spend some time. And Rahul is also looked angrily at me for not making him to use the time . He got a call and he was busy with that .
                   I just can't bare the situation and started my bike.I don't know where to go.  I didn't attend the class, didn't spent good time with friends, nothing has improved rather things gone wrost. I  felt Idon't have any purpose to come to collage . At some corner of my thinking I knew about my upcoming exams .Turned my thinking's towards library. But I knew that  if I sit for study my mind roams outside the library. My thoughts will be into such a great extent that I will forget where I'm . So I cancelled it and started to home. 
                  After reaching home Mom was asking me something . But, I went to my room without responding to her .I just lyed on the bed and started playing bloody games in the phone.
I knew that I'm wasting time but I can't go out of that. Later Mom called me many times but I didn't responded positively. I know I became lazy ...later on she started shouting at me and in between she mentioned that she called me for dinner and I didn't respond.then immediately I looked at watch and I'm shocked that it was 9pm already .I can't believe that .I started playing at 4pm and came out of it at 9pm.
Even after knowing that I'm late for dinner .I'm not at all willing to leave my bed .After a great struggle I went out from  my room .Mom was very angry at me.she was still shouting at me while serving food .I also shouted at her .I showed all my frustration of my worst day at her.
                                           After dinner, I felt it's better, if I make a phone call to my childhood friend and share my worst day. But to my bad he did not receive my call .I sat on the varanda and having good air. I felt it would be good if I start reading for my exams....I'm thinking yes that is good idea. But I'm not moving from the place where I sat...I again started playing games in the phone.and I lost myself in it...Mom again started shouting at me. And after knowing that it's already 10:30pm I felt like I was very tired and my eyes were I washed my face and switched off lights.....lyed on the bed . And it's 10:45pm...
                        I covered my whole body with blanket and looked at my whole day .. I can't digest the way I spent the day . I don't know how, but I got some confidence that why can't I frame my day a beautiful one. I may waste 22hrs 45min but I will use this 1hr 15min to  dominate the whole day ..  People generally say "Learn from failures". My whole day is a failure . So this 1hr is the best time to start analysing my mistakes . 


                   Part 2----Resolution he took at that night and the way he have managed to implement them in the next day .
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