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The First one year journey how to be completed succesfully i don’t know? But it’s great. The journey started one year ago. I think 15 January started to doing job. Not searching job but started the job. The job journey started before year ago.

My first dream was completing to do the job in ahmedabad. But my dream is not a ahemedabad, my dream is work out of the area, work at new places where number of struggules like eat, sleep, work etc. The first job i got in ahemedabad as ios developer. And it’s startup company and we two friends are pioneer i think. For me it’s great to work with startup company. It’s teaching all the things and thinks. But, i like to work there. But we could not comfort with eat and some other circumtance. Finally leave it and get back to my comfort zone rajkot and got also job in ios developer.
I got second job as ios developer.

This is the small journey of jobs. But now after one year completed, I come in some conclusion. Not all the days good for you. Sometime you are doing very hard work but still if time is not with you, then all the right decision being wrong. All the completed work being uncompleted. It’s very suffer…

It’s not a big deal, all kind of people has good days and bad days, some great achivement promotion and demotion too. But i always like to represent good days. Now what a good days and what achivement or offer i got in during this year?

This year is become very successful like this way… I had get more then 300 job offer from different different location…like rajkot, ahemdabad, bangluru, pune, delhi, chennai, chandigardh number from number of city and state. So you can think is not big achivement. Yes, its not a big achivement but more i like to say i also get the job offer from out of country Russia, germany, singapore, usa… It’s also big offer for me before complete one year. it’s great. But i am looking job but some of bigger way…

Now next successfull portion is i had get many of freelance work… in web development, web designing, uiux designing, logo and graphic design, ios development, android development, wordpress development, digital marketing etc. from different different location if i talk about india then i get work from delhi, ahemdabad, rajkot, bangluru, pune, japan, china… If i talk about out of country then australia, usa, iraq. Here i am not describing city of those country. But it’s great to work with them..

So are you asking me are do designing? Yes i am designing logo, graphic, banner, social media kit, uiux design. Are your doing marketing? yes i am working with seo marketing. and then you quetion me are your doing mobile development ? yes, i am working in ios development.

The journey is not stopped, it’s just started. My way is clear speak as much as little, just think and work one step ahead. Do not blame other one if their mistake…just handle it with silence, it’s give you more happyness. ya! this way is become very horrible. But it’s provide more happynes…

Be silent, If you are developer dont always try to specify it’s not my fault, is other one. Just be silent and be productive, create something different not program but create different product. So become productive not issue solver.

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