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Because of her need to go to New York every now and then, Selina Nanda had bought a house there where she lived along with some of her local staff. Even when she worked in shows or projects of other countries, the people liked to talk or deal here only. Whether the shooting was in Bulgaria, Azerbaijan or Uzbekistan, the projects got a thumbs up here only. The person who talked here, used to find himself in the largest theatre in the world. Los Angeles and Miami were connected from here.

That evening Selina was feeling half-hearted. She was suffering from fever and fatigue. She wanted to take a break and take some rest. Her body was revolting after so many back to back rounds of parties and meetings with VVIPs.

She did not feel the need to call her staff as she had already told them to take rest in the evening. She knew that the others must also be feeling the same which she was, after so much work.

After a light dinner, she was in her room now. After some thought, she called a salon on 56th Street where she had been one or two times.

"But I won’t be able to come today," Selina said in a soft voice.

"No issues ma’am, no problem..." someone said in a calming voice from the other side. "I will send someone..." he said.

Selina called her watchman, "Someone will come." The watchman did not utter anything except ‘okay’ and cut the line. After some time, the door knocked.

The visitor glanced at the room and put his helmet on a stool which was kept aside.

Selina had carelessly tied her hair into a bun and a scarf was over her head. Wearing spectacles and in a half-lying position on her bed, she had a magazine in his hands. With a gown that she was wearing, her body was covered from neck to feet.

The guest took off his goggles and put them beside his helmet. He had a rectangular bag in his hands like the one that doctors carry, which he put near the wall. He opened the bag and started taking off his shoes while still standing. Though his white shoes were not tied, it still took him some time to take them off. Then he took off his socks as well.

Selina’s attention was still in the magazine. The young boy greeted her and pulled a chair kept far away towards him to put his jacket on it. His greetings were responded back. Selina didn’t look towards him but she had nodded her head which he had seen. He felt a little confident now. With some hesitation, he opened his lower’s drawstring and slowly taking it off, he put it over his jacket on the chair.

Now the young man was in his t-shirt and designer shorts. He bent and started taking out some items from his bag to put them on the floor. He took out some tissue paper, napkins and two-three bottles. There were small boxes as well. With these things coming out, an intoxicating smell filled the room. He sat on his knees and poured some substance from a few bottles in a plate and started mixing them to make a thick liquid. Then he took out an artistic jug made of glass and looked all around. He got up slowly and went into the washroom in front of him and came back with some water. He placed the water-filled jug beside the plate and took out a big towel from the bag to place on his knees. He wiped his hands dry and spread the towel over the bag.

Now Selina had kept the magazine aside and her spectacles were in her hands. She would grab them with her teeth and then she would spin them in her hands.

The young boy got up courteously and asked Selina, "Ma’am, would you like to drink some water?"

Selina shook her head and put her spectacles on a small table. She also put her magazine there. She pressed a switch of a lamp nearby and the light near the bed increased a bit. Along with a white bulb, a small silver one had also lit up.

In the increased intensity of light, Selina saw that the boy is very smart and fair-skinned, aged 18-19. His jet black hair was attractive as well and was highlighting his fairness. He looked from Japan or from some other Asian country.

The boy bent to pick up a colourful napkin and put it on his shoulder, then he stopped to look here and there. It looked as if he wanted to ask something. Light music could be heard in the room and he was listening to this with amazement and curiosity on his face. Selina quickly understood that he wants to enquire about its source. With a little smile, she gestured towards a corner. He was assured.

He was hesitant and with a few words that he had uttered, Selina understood that his English was not good. He wasn’t able to talk. But with just one smile of Selina, his limbs became agile. Now he was mixing the liquid in the plate with more skill with the help of a spoonlike wood. Selina remembered her helper’s coffee-making moments. But she knew that she might be sleeping so she abandoned the thought of drinking coffee. Anyway, she had declined for even water when the young boy had asked for it. She kept lying there silently. The room’s smell had become very tempting now.

After mixing the liquid, he put the plate down and sprinkled some foamy substance on it. Then he blew on it one to two times and got up.

Now the boy turned towards the head of the bed and slowly removed the scarf that Selina was wearing over her bun. She slid down a bit so that her head could rest on the pillow completely. The boy again came towards his bag and picked up the liquid carrying plate to go back near her head and opened her bun while applying some of its drops with his soft fingers in her hair. Her long hair was spread over the pillow. The boy glanced at her hair with sparkling eyes and came near his bag to put the plate back down. After putting it, he wiped his fingers with a napkin and came to stand near Selina’s feet.

Selina had twisted one of her feet and the other was in a straight position. Her makeup lady had removed the nail polish from her feet’s nails that morning. For a shoot, she was wearing that eye-catching dark purple coloured polish on her feet since last three days. Her helper had removed it in the morning before her bath.

When the boy picked her foot slowly in his hands, she straightened her other foot. He sat gently on one corner of the bed and picked up her foot to keep it in his lap. Selina became a little uncomfortable and turned to her side to turn that light off which she had turned on earlier. Now the room was dimly lit again. The light was in one corner but its brightness was spread in the whole room. It was still very bright near her head.

Selina’s legs were very long. When the young man started from slowly cracking her feet’s fingers and then moved towards her knees while patting, it took him a long time. He remembered that Murphy ma’am from Quetta told him during his training, "If you are going upwards from feet and miss any part of the skin then it will prick the customer and his comfort will go down by fifteen per cent."

The young man knew that nobody gets customers like Selina Nanda easily and with a deduction of just one per cent, let alone fifteen, your chances to get repeated become nil. Even the employers get chances like these with a combination of luck and great ability. Such a chance could change a man’s life.

While moving his fingers in a circular fashion on Selina’s knees, Tanishk remembered those moments when Uncle taught him welding. "This is not an easy job, you have to be careful every time to save yourselves from sparks," Uncle had said.

"Try to make sure that the customer is wearing cotton. Silk slips away easily and you don’t get a chance to handle it." Tanishk was recalling his training lessons again and again.

When Tanishk came inside the room, Selina was half lying and so he could not estimate her height but after covering a long distance from knees to the corners of the gown, he understood that she is even longer than she appears on TV.

Selina's gown was silky only. With a little movement, its drawstrings started opening.

Some of the drops of the liquid which Tanishk had applied on Selina’s hair, started coming down forming a line towards her pillow which Tanishk wiped off with a napkin as soon as he saw them, before they could reach down. After some thought, Tanishk took off his t-shirt as well and put it on the chair. Now he was wearing only his shorts. While putting the napkin down, he noticed that the drawstring of his shorts was swinging and coming down on his thigh. He bent down a bit to hold it but then after a thought, he let it be. He suddenly recalled what one of his seniors had said during training in moments of fun. He laughed up his sleeve while remembering it, "If a website’s link shows up easily, then nobody tries to open it and you remain safe. If there is no link, then people do try to find it." His colleague had said that.

When Tanishk saw that Selina had not shown any discomfort, he sat on the bed comfortably again.

Tanishk had spread Seina’s gown on both sides softly and his fingers were now moving from her thighs to the stomach. Her light blue coloured bra could be seen now after the silky curtain from her stomach’s upper side had moved here and there. But if there were matching panties then they must have shown through the thin yellow gown. There was no sign of them underneath the flowery designer gown. It meant that either the customer wasn’t wearing matching inners or there was nothing beneath the gown. Even if there were panties then they were white or cream-coloured. With this combination, it was getting difficult for Tanishk to predict the customer’s mentality. But in a way, it was good for him as this doubt was stopping his body’s tension. It was absolutely necessary for him to control his body’s tension and temperature because Tanishk was topless, wearing only shorts. Just a little bit of foolhardy or haste could have denied him access to a big client. In his invaluable lessons, he was taught this nicely.

This time he was not taking care of white and black horses in a rural farmhouse of an Asian country where he could pat anywhere and twist anything. He was in a great country’s posh locality and in front of a customer who could change his life. Who could take him anywhere...with a small mistake he could have been left in the dark forests of repentance, where there were no lights or air…! The millionaire celebrity lying in front of him was not just a female body which could be won over by a young male body. She was a task for Tanishk’s skills.

When carefully moving Tanishk revolved his finger in her navel, Selina’s face lit up. It was a tough road ahead. But then he saw Selina’s blooming face like the red Sun rising up from between the mountains. His confidence started building up.

Tanishk’s fingers moved downwards. Even after much of the slope was covered, there was no sign of any fibre-filament or thread. There was only one layer of clothing. There were no panties.

Tanishk remembered that usually before the start of the session, a customer goes at least once to the bathroom and drinks water. He asked for water as well. But the answer was in negative. Now there were two possibilities. Some customers go naked and let the work get finished; they don’t leave any clothes on their body. But these second type of customers makes them work deeply. Tanishk was perspiring now.

Here it was possible that the customer had drunk water before his arrival and also loosened her clothing. Maybe the panties were removed then.

It is taught during the training that if the customer belongs to your country or a familiar culture, then on such occasions, different mechanisms of friendly dispositions of greeting and culture work. Like, folding your hands in front of them, bending your head after a kiss. It is just like when you reconnaissance in front of an unknown dog. Whether the dog belongs to any country or breed, it can show its innocuous nature by wagging its tail or grunting. Even its barking is not related to its desire to bite you. It can show its happiness by barking and anger by silence. Here, an instant decision is required but you have got choices. That is, you remain trained.

When Tanishk was loosening Selina’s bra hooks while standing at one side near her stomach, she was playing with his shorts’ drawstring which was hanging on his thighs. Sometimes she would try to separate the threads on its top with her nails and sometimes she would try to make it sharp by twisting it between her fingers like the thread which goes inside the needle hole.

And when Selina changed her position to pick up her mobile from the stool nearby, Tanishk’s drawstring opened up completely because of the push. As the shorts loosened, Tanishk’s small Korean underwear could be seen beneath it. He paid no attention to it.

Selina dialled a number on her mobile carelessly and started talking with the same carelessness. Tanishk moved his hand on her back to open her bra hook and with a soft hand, he pulled it to take it off and put it aside. Her silk gown was still covering some parts of her chest but a large part was open in front of Tanishk. When Tanishk put his hand on one of her breasts to slowly stroke her nipple over the gown with two of her fingers, Selina felt as if her mobile had vibrated.

But she composed herself quickly and got busy in talking again. Now Tanishk had got complete freedom to take decisions comfortably. He took his shorts off and tossed them over the pile of his jacket, t-shirt and lower to sit comfortably while stroking his underwear’s waistband.

Now both of his hands were comfortably rubbing Selina’s upper body. The gown was barely covering the upper portion of her thighs and below the stomach but it was apparent that there were no panties. The skill of Tanishk’s fingers, because of which he was famous not only among his peers but was also the first choice of the salon’s reputed customers, was now at its peak.

This skill did not reach this height in a single day. He had worked for it since his childhood days and coincidentally, he had received many big chances and support in his world. Meanwhile, he had lost much as well.

Since childhood, he saw his father caring for the animals in the farmhouse. His mother Asanika tried very hard to make his body strong. She taught him various types of massages for pleasure. And Gomang Lama taught him the mysteries of starting a family by grabbing a penis and making and breaking relationships by grabbing breasts, which were engraved in his subconscious but still he remembered them. Today he was sweating while playing with the breasts of a reputed and rich customer. Though the meeting with the Sheikh was a coincidence of his life but it was his skill which had earned the Sheikh’s trust to make him reach this level of prosperity. His life had taught him to grow the trees of pain and these trees bore him the fruits of hope.

Though he got advice and training from many people but he mastered this skill with his experience and experiments. Selina was intoxicated in the coldness of the thick liquid that he had applied on her, she was lost in the agile heat of his fingers and was relaxing with her priceless body in his care. Now he was assured that neither there was any curtain between them nor there was going to be any. His last covering, that three coloured small underwear was now squirming. Like the water of a dam whose waves want to break out of it by hitting its walls. But he was keen on stopping them.

Tanishk had also given relief to Selina’s hair with his magical fingers. And now Tanishk had wrapped them in a big towel. The gown was also folded and kept aside. Selina was talking to only God knew whom at this time of the night. It was such a long conversation but still, it wasn’t ending. Tanishk’s magic was dissolving alcohol in her voice, it was getting intoxicated one word at a time. But who knows, who was present at the other side of the conversation, with whom neither the talks were ending nor the excitement of the speakers was.

The thick liquid in Tanishk’s plate had ended now. It had energized Selina’s body and Tanishk had woven magic with his palms and fingers to make that liquid one with her skin. Her body was feeling greatly refreshed.

Tanishk was now sitting very close to Selina and both of his hands were rubbing her body so that her skin could absorb the liquid.

He knew that if the liquid is wiped off the body due to lack of time or some other reason, the customer feels restlessness because of which he does not get satisfied and wants closeness of someone else. Still Tanishk was trying very hard to let the skin absorb it.

He was feeling relief now because of Selina’s carelessness and his confidence was at its peak. He kept doing his work, forgetting all the stress. Now he was not trying to conceal his arousal from Selina. He felt like a labourer.

He did not know why he was recollecting his home and family. He was remembering his mother who tried to make him laugh while massaging him when he was a kid. Suddenly his fingers started moving on Selina’s body in exactly the same way as his mother’s did on his body. His mother was not a labourer, she did it because she wanted to see him happy with all her heart. She did that to make his future bright. She did it to make his penis strong.

This was the only way to not consider himself a labourer. This was the only way to make his customer happy with all his heart. Selina had also not kept any kind of boundary, obstruction or hesitation from him. He had to return this generosity, he had to give this gift to his mother, he had to make her mother’s feelings reach new heights. He thought something and bent over her stomach to put his hands on her armpits and tickle her, just like his mother did to him.

Suddenly Selina jumped startlingly and her mobile almost left her grasp. She laughed so hard in her own crispy way, that Tanishk became aware of his mistake. He shockingly grabbed the naked breasts of Selina as if he was taking back his mischievous indecency of tickling her. Selina kept looking at Tanishk, smiling and trying to hide her body, in case he tickled her again.

Tanishk was scared. Unknowingly, he had made a joke to such a big celebrity who could send him back if she wanted to...but she did nothing like that. She tolerated Tanishk’s mischief by laughing. When she continued talking on the phone, Tanishk felt relaxed. But he still considered himself to be a criminal and had now come to Selina’s feet from her stomach’s side. His work was almost done anyway,

Now, this depended on the customer’s mood and desire that what other services does he/she demand.

Tanishk had started gathering his belongings now after getting up from the bed. He went to the washroom to wash his hands but when he came back, his arousal was gone. Though he hadn’t worn his clothes yet. He was packing the bottles and boxes carefully which he had taken out from his bag. The paper napkins that he had used were now being collected by him in a small polythene bag to be thrown into a dustbin. He was cleaning and folding the napkins. Those one or two spots where drops of liquid had fallen on the ground, were cleaned by rubbing some cotton over them. He had urinated in the washroom but was now a little thirsty. Then he saw a jug of water and two-three glasses on the table in the same corner where a laptop was kept to play music and where Selina had pointed to in the beginning. He went to that corner to fill a glass with water and courteously, put it in a tray and went towards Selina. Selina took it from his hand and put it aside after drinking it. Tanishk drank the water as well and came towards his belongings.

At that moment, Selina finished her conversation and cut the phone. She glanced towards the clock and sat on the bed after wearing the gown again. Her feet on the floor were shining and were amazingly relaxed. It could be seen in Selina’s eyes that she was happy with Tanishk’s work and was thanking him silently.

Tanishk started putting the bottles and other things back in the bag. In the midst of this, a small colourful packet got out of a napkin to fall on the floor. Selina saw that.

"What is that?" Selina asked, emphasising intentionally.

"These...condoms..." Tanishk had to reply truthfully as she had seen it. As if Selina was in a joyous mood, she asked, "Didn’t use them?"

Tanishk started looking at Selina deeply. He looked so innocent and jittery that Selina could not stop her laughter. Tanishk could not understand for a second whether Selina was joking or really she was finding mistakes in his intimate services. If this conversation had happened only a few minutes ago then Tanishk would have considered it a big prize and would have been ready to do anything, but since his washroom trip, he had lost his arousal, though he was still not wearing his clothes. After a moment, he understood that Selina was just kidding. He grabbed the opportunity and said, "Ma’am, once I met a monk. He said that by using this one can make a family..." he gestured towards his underwear.

Selina laughed heartily, then asked, "Where did he come from?"

"From India...I am from Japan..." Tanishk said hesitantly.

Selina’s voice had a serious tone now, "He was right. You know where have I come from?"

"Where from?" Tanishk asked naively.

"From India..." Selina laughed heartily. Now Tanishk was ready and picking up his helmet.